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8.26: Jeff Tedford on his post Alex Mack O-Line



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Wed, 5 Oct 2011|

Morgan talks about eliminating the small mistakes the 49ers have been making.


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I have against the Bucs fans have some very good cornerbacks what is going to be either the key for this offense as a whole to get off to a quick start something that's really alluded to soften the past two games. Just cut down on turnovers and penalties and just execute this really execute you know. Mental mistakes and smaller areas that we've been making them as the weekend because the same line. Less -- against -- made a lot of mistakes in the first half and then. Now you come on with my doctors back in the -- you know through the -- it's very religious guy at that now especially on the young team like this life. I mean it kind of very similar slowed him things. Playing good right now we've got a lot of Korea have been so constable. So and used his ankle about a night when He was -- and so -- how would you. How would you be yourself and then you just focus when you take me to cut -- no turnovers and everything. I mis is gone there and execute everything demanded of him some cute passes season defensive backs what sticks out for you among those TV. It's quite thing for me I mean they've -- they've -- quarterback you know I think. I think I learned a has been through to live on this swinging a totem of that from Dallas secondary and that's just -- -- secondary and I mean that's that's really -- beyond my focus is just. My message is to execute do everything we do you know -- on you know running game. Everything we -- in this offense because when I execute. I mean -- dog and take advantage presumably when you play great corners and Catholic. We don't play this weekend. He's just on about technique you know I mean. They might that you know I am you know the big names that you -- and that's being -- I think these corners and just as good if not better than those. For me Alex Mack has really cut down his turnovers a series of last -- trying to do too much. This is he's much more comfortable He says sounds strange he's not doing as much as He was -- the biggest difference he's seen from Alex deceased first four games. I think is what I grew to be fair I think He was trying to do too much nation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So often he's a lot more comfortable -- and easiest on you know he's his plan -- -- You know as a quarterback you know on line jobs like this tomorrow waived by you know you got so much and in my as a quarterback. Don't McCain he's gonna want to pick in the Maurice is on the -- from one reacted and He fugitive days. Yeah. Lined up on that for your touchdown. You saw that they're blitzing and -- -- did you did you know is gonna happen at that point. But for my touchstone and not really do because there was this thing from my side and then there was when and if He -- me. So He could -- -- -- -- -- it's you know it's I mean basically judges and not worry about like you were to devote the time. He and implement in my my. This -- to -- -- -- -- -- was it the right ball at his head. Have you seen as well is a better job taking advantage that we can be. Did most definitely and I think that's the big that's not the big difference from the -- with. As -- you know we had so much from London so much that they put on my own and pieces. Incentive issue I. We don't have to cut down routes shorter -- -- -- not good enough who just. And we like you know with -- attempted that would have reitsma and the did everything better than last year -- breaking off routes you know. You know it's so many people China. Resemblance to land you know sometimes we give -- fans were delighted -- When you get other people trying to do the quarterback job you've done miscommunication. Mean he's -- -- walk through in the will be -- -- vice -- but this year everything is everything you've just when you round six figured out. Do it. It was taken into this ball you know. Yeah. In the second quarter and has been down you've seen a different guy in the huddle courses. Unknown he's He always concerned about -- now the -- and Canas who won't. You overcome every obstacle -- of the phone so I mean He always been that type -- -- I dislike us -- -- -- Alex and I'm more comfortable He you know like okay the stuff going happen in the football game like no one's going to perfect game. I mean my guess age is a wooden. And more comfortable enough to just make a play. That's really going to.

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