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Allen: 'In the NFL there are no days off'



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Tue, 30 Jul 2013|

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Start off updates on injuries. Obviously the -- -- didn't practice today. Conner Vernon and Alex Parsons and Stacy -- were injured during practice obviously. Symbols start to mount a little bit. That's. I think the day off tomorrow will be good. For our guys have worked extremely hard grounder battle on the plane physical they're doing the things -- asking -- do. It. Can't concern ourselves with the injury that he did he move for him yet team did to get ready to play -- and now and coaching accurately guys around here. We'll go from there with -- and some guys healthy. Well I think for overall its been a good week mean I think you know when you start training camp what you try to do is trying to develop the cultures team. You're trying to develop foundation of what you wanna be as a football team and I think we're playing. Physical brand of football and work in that way and oh and continue to do that. Well hopefully I hope they rest and recover their bodies. But I hope they stay in the play -- you pay attention to what we're doing because. You know I know we get a day off from practice but really in the National Football League there are no days off. I expect him to be ready to come out practice and an excuse we come back on Thursday. Well I mean I think I think it's it's kind of planned out about like I expected and they've met plans and then pretty consistent you know Terrelle Pryor doesn't really nice things to think he's improved. As a football player and as a passer. You know as well as. As well as Tyler Wilson and -- and -- -- and made -- -- so I think those guys are doing exactly what -- -- -- competing. They keep playing and don't worry about the depth chart just worry about yourself that. -- Well I mean I think I think I'm pleased with the defensive back. Group overall as a whole I think good thing we have in that group got a mixture of some young talented players as wheels and some veteran leadership. Back there so I think it's an improved group. And you know I'm anxious to see. You know when we get some young guys in pre season games and see how they respond. We will -- for -- and the receiving corps. Do you have a position or possession receiver our go to guy at this point. Well I don't think we have to get yet that's what we're trying to develop and said this before. I'm waiting for somebody to really -- bouncing they're going to be. We've got a talented group we've got young group. And they're working hard. It's it's it's going to be it's a work in progress. But we've we've got till September 3 of that out. It. Well I think I think quarries. I think -- worked for him or put himself in position to make some plays you know he's he's he's kind of been. -- Your -- quarries -- and its safety. And had and that type of versatility always helps players as well as his ability what special teams so. You know he like a lot of guys that are in his position fight and battle and find a spot on the roster you know the more you can do that the better it's going to be you. -- -- do about it. The quarterback behind made more plays today where it's. Well that's that's what I've seen me I think I think that's one of the things that we. We looked at him in the draft that was one of the things that we saw as a little -- pastor and so. That's something that we can count on. He's got to continue to improve in one game. And continue to improve. You know just understand how plated the NFL game you know and comes from a small school. So there's a lot there's -- there's a big learning curve for -- But but he's got some he's got some athletic ability as a -- the. We're thinking version -- -- -- and how much of the pluses for him. Sort of it you know but strangely him into the -- -- Well listen you know. You gotta look for your opportunities and you know. Hit him in in Knicks have been rotating in and out and when -- is down we need somebody else that -- and so this is an opportunity for him to step up and -- and you know try to take advantage of that opportunity.

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