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6.6: Alex Smith leads unoffical 49ers workouts in San Jose



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Wed, 16 Oct 2013|

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Cornerback on capita has been on the 49ers injury report this year a couple times with a foot injury. Unspecified as it is I ask happening what the exact diagnosis is he says -- nail on the pinkie toes of both the OK so maybe the mystery isn't solved another mystery that's out there though is why -- cap predicting more yards with his legs. Jim Harbaugh says that he doesn't have any other orders. From a year ago when capita average seventy yards per game rushing this year he's below thirty yards he ranks fifth among quarterbacks in the league in rushing behind the then. Alex Smith. It's even Delanie Walker has no idea how the 49ers -- to defamed him on Sunday. Walker now in his first year with the Tennessee Titans figures that Patrick Willis could cover him but Patrick Willis is nursing a groin injury. The rookie. Eric -- the free safety for the 48 -- has played very well he might get a lot of responsibility. In covering Delanie Walker Reid has played very well some would say he's even been an upgrade over all pro to Sean Colson. The forty has had some depth issues on the defensive line starting nose tackle Glenn Dorsey might not play because my hamstring injury. Ray McDonald and Justin Smith did not practice Wednesday because of other ailments. But the good news for the forty and two rookies team Carradine and quick to dial started practicing with the team. As far as wind they'll be able to contribute on the field look for them to have an opportunity after the bye week.

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  9. Bought it and that's on it was its turning point for What made it to be strong. Start on the It right now. That we're battling injury and three at bats. But nothing. Here on that three. Guys that you block it. when it really what's on what acts up and air in the same support and help me out.

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  17. The 49ers did not make any trades before Tuesday's trade deadline, with players returning from injury. In fact, only one trade was made, which made for a completely boring deadline, as per NFL usual.

  18. Let's talk some more 49ers where San Jose Mercury is Tim cal 221 rushing yards against Jacksonville ..... efficient quarterback Tim cal last thing your Achilles heel for the 49ers what do they need to work on the most what's the problem area I think

  19. felony obstruction conviction. Bonds is legal team filed the request Monday with the ninety US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco . Three judge panel of the ninth circuit upheld bonds' conviction in September and the jury found him guilty in April of

  20. but we got a lot of guys that are pretty good football players. And later today we'll have a special presentation of the 49ers press conference like Jim Harbaugh has to say about his team successful trip to London. went ahead in the violated it all begins