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9.27: SF/MIN Postgame: Allen Rossum



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Wed, 20 Jan 2010|

49ers' new Special Teams Coach Kurt Schottenheimer talks about his new job with Greg Papa on Chronicle Live.


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Welcome at the new special teams coach of the San Francisco 49ers Kurt Schottenheimer joins as the of the chronic a lot of hot like first of all coach at thanks for your time and what are doing and Orlando I I have read that you are running the defense and -- one side of the ball off of the shrine game this -- -- is that accurate. Yeah sort coach in the other western am -- the yes -- -- game that are Orlando. And we're broke we're roach had about a opportunity to work with the German. General student there it right for the draft that sort of thing just get some information on the players you know how to react to coaching me and there's those kind of things. And you have been a very well well respected defensive coordinators throughout your years. And many years in the NFL the first time you are taking a special teams coordinator jobs issue work trigger a brother Marty Kansas City going back to 1994 so how different is that coach to go from a running the defense subsided now running the special change for NFL team. Well you know the thing about special teams having you have to have a game plan just like to do on offense and defense and you win football games by. You know excel -- on offense defense special teams have made so there's very very similar obviously. Special teams are a lot closer to. The defense. But again I usually -- you put all those things together but it comes down to execution victims of the technique because he felt the passion and effort and those kind of things. So I look toward constructive opinion people out there and in the outfield put together an outstanding special teams victory it was a chance to win football games. And you've obviously got some great specialist Joe -- one of the best kickers in pro football and Andy Lee right behind Shane -- here in the Bay Area arguably the next best punter. In pro football but Baghdad doesn't have once that the fans look to is kick off return numbers and punt return numbers. And the niners just -- not very good last year after they decided released Allen Rossum that he got hurt in Dallas but four and a half yards a punt return coach or less than 22 yards. -- yeah I kick off return -- I'm gonna ask you the question -- I think US Mike Singletary before or during your interview on Friday. Do the niners on the roster right now have a return man. Well I think you know that the morning I need to do -- come up there and actually get to the Senior Bowl without and evaluate the players that are there obviously are coming out of college. Which some -- right now in the you know they are trying game. But you don't have the opportunity. Just start to breakdown the film but look at all the that the different aspects summit but you know return to you have to go with eleven people working in concert together. And you know that's to keep things they're getting you know to return -- certainly. -- a part of it obviously but again you know put a couple of people up get my body young body and and and finish a block connect everything used good judgement make sure we don't have penalties and that sort of thing. There are all critical but it really takes eleven people committed to -- executed a particular play and then couldn't -- -- -- -- successful on the. Our coach we thank you so much for your -- wish you the best of luck this weekend trying to and look forward to meeting you and get back to the -- welcome -- out to San Francisco coach. I appreciate very much developed for being there. As Kurt Schottenheimer joining us from Orlando he was announced yesterday as the -- new special teams coach.

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