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Texans-49ers matchup No. 2: Tramaine brock vs. Andre Johnson


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Thu, 3 Oct 2013|

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What sort of jumps at you about him. -- balanced number one these guys are committed to run the ball and they have a play action passing game. That works. Directly in conjunction with their run game so they make their runs and play action passes look exactly the same. So they're tough tough offense to defend in that regard. You know they have really good passing quarterback and really good receivers to throw to you know highlighted by Andre Johnson. Who probably be the Texans first hall of fame guy once he retires five years later he's still. Very big very strong and fast and runs an excellent routes and -- -- really good player to go too hard player to play against. They got really good tight ends that they are both very good receiving tight ends that they're very comfortable throw the ball to him. They throw the ball the short intermediate you know they got really good balance in their -- And murder here mean. Well. Well it's a test for Erica and all of our guys you know it's. They have a very tough offense to defend there. They marry everything together in the running game in the passing game off the play action. And -- one of the few teams do that still has a very good drop back passing game I'm there early downs too so it's not all play action. I'll write don't. They don't do it to that same extent and now I'm. It's it's it's legal as we stand right now so we just got to play. As the emergence of the rookie wide receiver. Mean you guys. He tees up on us defensively as far as approaching Johnson. Well yeah they've got them their whole receiving corps when that. They like to play a lot of two tight ends into wide receivers and those two tight ends are good receivers. And then that's with. Andre and happens out there those two really good receivers so the other skill. With and they got the really good back they got two good backs so. If these guys are really good their toughest time because they're balanced and they'll stay balanced throughout the game. Even you know as long as they can. Well they really are you know they've been they've won a lot of games their last two years and scored a lot of points and got a lot of yards and a lot of people. I think it's because they have a commitment to a balanced offense you know they they try hard not to become one dimensional. And with their defense playing the way it is you know. They can do that for a long time. The reason it is taking. There is anything that changed offenses. And we're asking me and bruises and teamwork team. Well I've always said you know and -- -- finding these people for these sets they should be finding the quarterback for throwing these guys into those big hits. You know weren't there however but we just gotta learn and we have. To hit correctly don't lead with the helmet stay off their head. The part that's hard about it all is the league has instructed the officials to err on the side of caution so they're gonna throw the flag no matter what so. Ultimately what. Does have great play by the defender but it looks so because it's such a great hit. And it but it's a plane hit a lot of times the flags being -- has just looks that way. And I -- I would wish they would do a better job in that. Review and make that revealed my. I don't know -- -- after review that I don't know that the officials need to there they need there on the correct side. That is safe side because. If it is an illegal hit. The guy would get fine on Monday or Tuesday. So it's not if you miss it as an official that doesn't mean that it's over done with.

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