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Top QB recruit Keller Chryst draws comparisons to Jim Harbaugh



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Sat, 26 Oct 2013|

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Palo -- as quarterback Keller Chris is on his way to Stanford next year the far. As of right across the street from his current school where he has thrown 72 touchdowns in over 6000 yards. If you want to play you might notice is like -- -- is Jersey most people. Might get upset by this but Stanford's future signal caller embraces it Dave Feldman has more on crisp pedigree it's our last -- high school height. So funny to tell experienced quarterback follow up to high school. -- to do -- go. Keller Chris is ranked by many as the top high school quarterback in the country. He's having this -- for next year. And the reasons why are simple its kind of hard not to its credit history with weather like this and -- -- a great education and the last few years the -- heard -- -- pretty creative Crist has always had football in his blood. His father Jeep is the quarterback coach for the forty -- and his uncle Paul is the head coach in Pittsburgh. -- hope to land the coveted -- and telling your local thanks but no thanks and no fun. I know some I really -- really wanted to do it kind of awkward. And is on the head and he -- you -- was in the process and heroes he would his. And that was probably hard for my brother. Shoot them that recruiting speech every now and then but at the end of the day were proud of our success that -- seven fifths he's proud of success that I was having. Since Keller has been around football his entire life gives a high football IQ. That's allowed him to accelerate this learning curve. For years girl has always run a version of the West Coast offense. And the terminology that they use is the same terminology that folks there for them a lot of them. Kind of felt seems like we've been using over the years so I was ability. Talk the talk. Really -- -- what helped his transition I think it has. -- -- -- -- -- You're going in makes it you know even if his name is spelled wrong standing nearly 64. And over 215 pounds. There's no way you can miss this five star recruit. Big east intimidating as Spurs. Just coming for us is -- vigilant. What makes him -- competitive. Love to compete. He's worked -- this game -- loved the game so much that we've been pretty much a self starter but he's going to give them so well. -- from lifting or running or go all the stuff that's required. Strong with the teammates who. -- got to -- earlier wide open. Palo Alto high coach Earl Hansen has seen this will win and competitive nature before the year was 1981. The quarterback. Jim Harbaugh they're both extremely competitive. Okay. -- probably a little bit bigger. Jim was probably the more little more athletic little quicker at that stage. Jim went through that when he was playing -- Kelley is that he was the new kid on the block it validate. Jack was the one that was coaching at Stanford and so somehow. What is it thirty years on the road now I'm the one coaching and -- the one at Palo Alto. It's been a great experience. Keller Chris strong ties with Stanford Jim Harbaugh made it easy for Andrew Luck comparisons. Both their big. Pure strong athletes but Keller Chris -- ready to make his own -- Regardless. Of how you spell in Palo Alto Dave Feldman Comcast sports net --

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