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1.19: 49ers practice -- Andy Lee

Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

Three of Andy Lee's six punts last weekend pinned the Titans inside their own 20-yard line, earning the punter a coveted distinction.

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  1. 12.12: 49ers practice -- Andy Lee

    Lee talks about the 49ers' performance against Arizona and talks about his thought process behind his punting.

  2. 12.28: Andy Lee , RAW

    The 49ers' punter says he's looking forward to making a run for it in 2010.

  3. 11.18: Andy Lee , RAW

    You mean having a very good season personally what kind of talent is it going into that feels like Lambeau Field because of the cold weather. And I've never really been there so I don't really know much about the wins and Jeff Burton things whenever they are are filled. Probably one of the win

  4. 11.11: Andy Lee , RAW

    49ers Punter Andy Lee talks with the media, raw and uncut.

  1. 49ers' Lee earns weekly NFC honor


    Thu, 24 Oct 2013

    Three of Andy Lee 's six punts last weekend pinned the Titans inside their own 20-yard line, earning the punter a coveted distinction.

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  3. 49ers' Lee hoping to test secret weapon in preseason finale


    Thu, 29 Aug 2013

    Andy Lee has a secret weapon. If he can execute it in the 49ers' preseason finale on Thursday, you just might see it in the regular season.

  4. Lee hopeful for chance to knuckle down in preseason finale


    Wed, 28 Aug 2013

    players already assured a spot on a 53-man roster. The only action required of them is three hours of standing. Yet, Andy Lee is eager to play Thursday in San Diego, and he is eager to play a lot. Specifically, the All-Pro punter is hoping

  5. year before you have to replace him with Phil Dawson a very good year. With the Cleveland Browns the 49ers feel like Andy Lee is one of the best in the business no concern whatsoever about him. Phil dawson's deficit in the offseason made the

  6. 49ers position-by-position breakdown: Specialists


    Tue, 23 Jul 2013

    with the veterans scheduled to follow on Wednesday. Today, Matt focuses on the specialists. Who they have: P -- Andy Lee , Colton Schmidt; K -- Phil Dawson; LS -- Brian Jennings, Kevin McDermott; RS -- LaMichael James, Kyle Williams

  7. Report: 49ers sign punter; what does it mean for Andy Lee ?


    Wed, 10 Jul 2013

    The 49ers reportedly agreed to a contract with a local free agent punter Wednesday morning. What does that mean for Andy Lee ?

  8. 49ers give punter one-year deal


    Tue, 7 May 2013

    The San Francisco 49ers announced Tuesday the addition of a journeyman punter to back up All-Pro Andy Lee .

  9. Lee accustomed to holding for both sides


    Mon, 7 Jan 2013

    Andy Lee has held for six kickers, three left-footed and three right-footed, during his career. So the 49ers' punter/holder has no issue switching between lefty David Akers and righty Billy Cundiff in practice.

  10. 49ers punter Andy Lee talks about the process of negotiating a new contract.

  11. Harbaugh praises the offense for taking care of the ball, and talks about how important David Akers and Andy Lee have been to the 49ers.

  12. He said and that kind of season and I think he reporter but actual mission on that tonight. Also a lot of credit to Andy Lee . You know he's been he was phenomenal tonight. Had a phenomenal year. The ability to change completely flipped

  13. 11.17: 49ers Practice -- Andy Lee


    Wed, 17 Nov 2010

    like like you just get over there you get things going and it doesn't really change but change. What was your question and Arm about putting the ball well you know all the guys that training camp before some. There's been guys that came in and hit the ball well and at some issues here in their but

  14. be a really good marriage. And he got a great group obviously Brian Jennings great deep snapper spent three years and Andy Lee is going to be the pro bullets at second to grow and we'll be watching and a this Sunday night in Miami now last time

  15. win football games. And you've obviously got some great specialist Joe one of the best kickers in pro football and Andy Lee right behind Shane here in the Bay Area arguably the next best punter. In pro football but Baghdad doesn't have once

  16. 1.4: Andy Lee , RAW


    Tue, 5 Jan 2010

    twelve season. What is the team field how was the last hour of political thing it's always a positive thing. You know everybody Everest you're letting you know just get into what it's to Worked out great and everything. Have. Nice gym and relatively. In his ignorant question and it seemed like a

  17. 12.31 New Years Resolutions


    Thu, 31 Dec 2009

    Check out the resolutions made by Bay Area sports stars Joe Thornton, Shaun Hill, Dre Bly and Andy Lee .

  18. 12.17: Andy Lee , RAW


    Thu, 17 Dec 2009

    Andy Lee is confident the 49ers coverage team will get the job done against a dangerous Eagles return team.

  19. 49ers' punter Andy Lee talks about the new low scoreboard in Dallas.

  20. 6.9: Joe Nedney


    Tue, 9 Jun 2009

    Nedney on the kicking trio of Brian Jennings, Andy Lee , and himself.