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Texans-49ers matchup No. 3: Anquan Boldin vs. Johnathan Joseph

Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

The 49ers got a reason to celebrate on Wednesday, erupting into celebratory cheers as wide receiver Mario Manningham caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

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  1. Bigger impact in 2013: Anquan Boldin or Percy Harvin?

    Boldin or Hartman will make it bigger impact for his new team next six. It ..... no brainer here I don't think there's any question about you have Anquan Boldin is going into his age 33 it want hold his best year what in 2005. He

  2. Harbaugh: Our team has great respect for Anquan Boldin

    Now what kind of stunning what goes on when you get one at his best players on offense via trade did you text in the column how does that work. No we we were discussing that before the trade and you know John great things to say about Anquan and a source and have a great guy in the locker room

  3. Q&A with 49ers WR Anquan Boldin

    Had a chance to talk them on the sorry you were a special Q. Smart. Very the and you know for me partner who opened the grass court. The TV movie thing again before. Investors Jim Harbaugh the biggest difference you saw on that line so in this game those different anything that made the decision.

  1. Manningham can be that guy let's see if Crabtree can get healthy and be kind of a double and think they've had. One guy Boldin in the at tight end Vernon Davis need one other guy that's help is on the way I think thank you tip he got.

  2. Manningham gives 49ers' offense reason to celebrate


    Thu, 24 Oct 2013

    HERTFORDSHIRE, England – The 49ers are still looking for their first touchdown in a game from a wide receiver other than Anquan Boldin . This week, they got one on the practice field. And it provided everyone with a reason to celebrate. Wide receiver

  3. to expect it because and he's these great players. hands are unbelievable but you know I love going to war with Anquan Boldin because he just he brings it each and every week. The team scores the first drive of the third quarter of the and

  4. This happened there. The best thing to do not title. He's on film a roll yeah. In those things I think you need some and we've been took considerable resolutely and we've been ones. Mean she plays. Back at the right side. On the other side. The one he's right but those plays. And a lot of work my

  5. And who doesn't wanna be. We've got an important questions. Hard sort of down time applicable. No we've been executing what we want to. No discipline forty people. Gaza front dominate. We didn't get rattled big enforcer. came back in the it's. Different. You both have different. He's. Been dormant

  6. 49ers-Cardinals matchup No. 1: Boldin vs. Peterson


    Sat, 12 Oct 2013

    Anquan Boldin is the 49ers' only real receiver threat. Patrick Peterson is one of the league's top corners. It's a must-see matchup Sunday.

  7. dominating line of scrimmage and they should just keep running the ball there is part of the issue the fact that other than Anquan Boldin . There's not another wide receiver. Vernon Davis has been fine not another wide receiver who was produced anything

  8. All. I don't know. I don't think Anquan Boldin came in to replace anybody Anquan Boldin came into the Anquan Boldin . To be specific. Much storied career does not

  9. This is go from 49ers headquarters in Santa Clara with your three and out for the day. What Anquan Bolden. A veteran of NFL seasons says he's never faced as many double teams as he's facing this season with the 49ers. The reason is because he's always been on teams with good too wide receivers

  10. Or any of those guys are lots of guys I was not a lot of familiarity with what those secondary. Young arm in arm. I think. Only one of them has has been in Arizona for. Three years or so best move imports lot of guys from different ways is common man. Apparently yeah. I do think there some talent

  11. Double-teamed Boldin represents 49ers' only WR threat


    Thu, 10 Oct 2013

    San Francisco receivers not named Anquan Boldin are not producing. It means one thing for the top target: Unwanted attention.

  12. He had. Turn over there it. When you look at that team attributes. still stick with you see and how they are total defense. record. physical. Aggressive defense. What you Syracuse and army yachtsman from. Patrick Peterson what you see in him obviously he plays all three phases of the game that's

  13. Texans-49ers matchup No. 3: Boldin vs. Joseph


    Fri, 4 Oct 2013

    Anquan Boldin has a considerable size and strength advantage over Johnathan Joseph, but will he use it to gain separation?

  14. when I'm not catching balls because. I know that I'm being effective because I'm opening it up for guys like Anquan Boldin is this you know I just. Put a smile on my face when I see them those guys Ginn open because he does not about me

  15. 49ers-Seahawks matchup No. 2: Boldin vs. Sherman


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    Anquan Boldin and Richard Sherman have squared off before, and the business-like Boldin is after a different outcome this time around.

  16. Matthews fined $15,000; Brooks, Boldin also fined


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    The NFL levied Week 1 fines Friday, and San Francisco got it worse than Clay Matthews, despite his dirty hit on Colin Kaepernick.

  17. Boldin , Gore expect different looks from Seahawks


    Thu, 12 Sep 2013

    SANTA CLARA -- Wide receiver Anquan Boldin expects to receive a lot more attention Sunday night when the 49ers travel to face the Seattle Seahawks. And 49ers running back

  18. This is Matt miracle from San Francisco 49ers headquarters in Santa Clara with your three out. For the day or Anquan Boldin had 280 yards receiving and a touchdown. And on Wednesday he was named NFC offensive player of the week. Now he does

  19. Good defense. You know very player does does this us. So the defense me more physical. We would we keepers. In the gallery there's is there a lot more physical. And it. Today you think you guys match up well against them he. Your hear your own reality here and we are. Public you know weapons you

  20. Boldin wins Player of the Week honor in 49ers debut


    Wed, 11 Sep 2013

    Kaepernick threw for 412 yards and three touchdowns, and wide receiver Anquan Boldin accounted for more than half of those yards with 13 receptions for 208 ..... the Green Bay Packers. The NFL has spoken. And the answer is . . . Boldin .