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Matt and Mindi -- Will the passing game improve?



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Sat, 6 Oct 2012|

Matt Maiocco and Mindi Bach answer your tweets about the 49ers offensive production.


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Met me out coming back here at the 49ers team facility on Thursday before they get ready to play the Buffalo Bills that I forgot to miss yesterday we are sponsored and brought to you by the size and yet Campbell Californians to thank you -- as a single graphics right it right here and there. We study it. Think he's a message that there will be supporting us all season long these these amenities they do is get ahead of myself and -- now. Don't always makes them -- we'd like to think that. We decided today take some tweaks. Friend people who follow us on Twitter at their questions about 49ers so let's get going and have a few here William and a lot of hard. The same team. About the passing game niner Steve says all the passing game ever improve basically. And and I think it already has improved and Alex Smith is completing a higher percentage of his passes. It is -- efficiency rating is at an all time high right now 98 I believe it is as opposed it was a 91 golf -- here so. It's still not prolific and it's thirtieth in the league in passing yards. But they're winning games. They're not -- enough on the ball around I'll think he ever will see them throw the ball bounces your music that is the basis of how good they can improve the passing game out. Things can happen. That's -- so it's hockey season this very good in the league in their rushing offense thirtieth league in their passing offense. And you talk about. Balance and Jim Harbaugh want to balance in one's heart racing game I think the one thing for me -- likes to mourn the passing game that we saw earlier that I think regain his Delanie Walker more involved. Hate I think you bring him off to a great start for the first three games. Really only had two -- three kids sitting at second and third quarter against the Jets in Delanie Walker had a couple drops he had a big pick up. But I think that's knees -- I would like there. -- Davis gets involved certainly seems like that passing game does open up. You know and he's. Phenomenal player. But that third they have a lot of guys that you could point to go boy they should give him more involved as you get more -- -- should Delanie Walker is. If he came into the league as a pass catcher as a wide receiver but he's a better blocker now and I think he's almost more important the team. As a blocker in the run game than he is as -- -- -- I think he's kind of lost some of those deals meaning drops a lot of tennis now it's. One thing I'll say what that his team that Michael Crabtree has become apparent third down target has been little predictable side will be interested. See what they do against the bills and other teams as far as that -- you bring -- a very good point because. He was the guy especially in the second third it's Lions in the Vikings. Driver out of touch passes on third downs. It -- the Jets do on those third down they tried to run that's when they were all over so a lot of those third down problems were because. Really good defense good scouting and they broke up please. Cromartie Antonio Cromartie broke up a couple of those passes. There were there could have easily been first downs -- this a couple of nice defensive plays so good observation there thank you very much. Again more more questions about Alex you go man goes that's how much of Alex Smith's lack of stats Sunday. His -- but to stick with what works I think absolutely that is that they rushed for 245. Yards mostly with -- non traditional types of runs. But I mean yes they want to be balanced I think and if you ask any team in the league I think any team in the league almost would would rather run the ball more than throw it just because it tells you. That you're probably playing head -- And you running out the clock game you're able to pick up pick a first down to spice things in the ball and running backs stomach and let him -- as opposed to dropping back. And in the past when. Lot of different things can go -- I think. There's no reason for the players not to throw the ball when they did it against the Jets he tried to get it down the field. -- for the first time this season they they really took some shots down the field that's because of the Jets. Corners were coming up agreements in the third down plays in the foreigners had some opportunities down field and Alex Smith he had 26 of those. But there were some plays we had against the Jets. Did run the ball differently against the Jets and obviously thought -- Katharine Q do you saw Mario Manningham coming out back he had it when he. Eight yards or 25 yard gain on his right away. And you're going up against the bills defense that is one of the worst in the league against that the -- I mean making it 247. Passing yards. To the Patriots -- I know they want to improve that the 49ers making something like the Giants and last year they sacked him in the box who knows. But you have to go with what works and being creative writing game. Which has been interesting to see if not solid Frank Gore yeah. They dominant -- you -- up that ridiculous by. How do you do you think -- -- Japanese is ready to be a quarterback. Every young quarterback. I have no idea because we didn't. Mean the one thing we get a lot of those questions that we have a question but somebody wants now how many snaps -- game this game. I mean calling -- it went snap in the opening game against Green Bay didn't even get a snap against Detroit or Minnesota. Eleven snaps against Jets upset by far the most he's played last year we came many parents can -- be -- when his Tampa Bay. But we haven't seen him run the offense traditionally so high and we don't -- -- practices are closed now. So I cannot give an honest assessment until we see. Right and I can tell you and I'm sure you'll agree you can come up and you don't read but I'm watching them play. You know watching them practice throughout the entire offseason program trades that there's no question he's -- better passer this offense was announced Alan Smith. And the one relatively easy effort made. He threw it into coverage down field so I feel I have a feeling that if you were to see cap. Extended period of time running it. Lead off the he's probably gonna make more plays down the field. But he's probably also could make more mistakes he's gonna throw an interception or two or three that Alex Smith went in -- so. You know at this point Alex Smith the other very I get a lot of comments from from fans and I think it's probably skewed. I don't know that a lot of fans are really wondering. Should replace Alex Smith. But that I think some of these people are sort of missing the -- and there's only. There's only a few quarterbacks in this league who can do at all who can hit every throw and also take care of the football. Again. Be the central figure for offense as far as the entire offense being revolved around past you talk about. Threes you're talking about. Brady anytime old Rodgers and to me the beat -- -- still out on. Matt -- have been great here and see what he can do and you paid Manning. If he stays healthy maybe defense that still. But not every quarterback can make all the throws. And also just take care of the football and a guy like Stafford. Romo. These guys there and make plays but they also made their share of mistakes and -- defense opportunities and he plays so. But Alex Smith I still think for this offense what they ask -- do what they want him to do next. Don't turn the ball over. Take what's given. I still think he's. You'll be I don't think they can do any better with the development. Here's to observations on my part of why that won't happen either that Willis -- today offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Made it a point six hockey happening -- an understudy role he is an apprenticeship at France's role apprenticeship. Last year we saw all the Smith first round draft pick coming in but they didn't throw him out for everything -- for his rookie year they -- him this year the rookie AJ Jenkins. Michael James -- really. Have yet to play I mean they're developing those players part as the death there's not a need. I think his coaching staff likes to develop its players make them ready they'd say they're game ready. But I -- that's me is telling calling happening in the press center Alex Smith and he may not be game right now here's his. Lucky last -- What is it that you were the forty as and it's sickening needle in the Jets by unveiling this -- of the wildcat. Valuable while capital wolf pack whatever you want to call it against the Jets. The more I thought about this there's a reason they did it last week and that's because there practicing and it's one of the few times ever sees -- the scout team that second string quarterback is the scout team quarterback who's running the other team's plays in. This particular week last week there was overlap. So the scout team was actually preparing. The plays it it happened it would run against the Jets and so is helping -- defense team what they would see this Tivo. And also helping the opportunity that office -- and timing I think some of the he's not skilled guys were out there on. The scout team. In that role last year last week so I think that that's why. The players picked that week. Jets to start showing some of that stuff it really wouldn't think about it there's only four snaps in the first half. That's now got. God that the court was -- on that one because the Jets on it happening was completely uncovered. The bottom of the screen and in the all the time now which probably prevented me out there that we can play. Alex Smith to tell them so I know a lot of questions how much more cabinet we see in that situation. Well Jim Harbaugh is not gonna say that's exactly the point and -- bring him out he said he gives up big for opposing defense to think about so why would -- tell anybody how much he plans on using cap for next that'll be fun to watch but won't be back at another met -- -- candlestick right after the bills forty as he did you ever wanna see an event.

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