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Chargers-Raiders matchup No 2: Brandian Ross/Kevin Burnett vs. Antonio Gates



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Mon, 7 Oct 2013|

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Got there are Raiders insider joins us now Scot give us the latest on the silver and black tonight. I mean this team is definitely psyched because more important need then at. I honestly think that this might be better than a strictly blowout win because it taught this team how to finish and I gave them some confidence that they can do it against a pretty solid team so. There was definitely a buzz in this locker room. Everybody was all smiles and was so important to do that just a week after blowing a fourteen point lead to the Redskins they've really turned things around in this should be a fun week down in Alameda. What's the latest on DJ hated him must be one and a happy -- guys in there a guy who haven't. Been spectacular this season but definitely had his best game as a pro tonight. Absolutely and he he was still be at times I really think that you and Allen had his way in the slot and even outside he wasn't perfect but. You're exactly right hander he wasn't much better and that big athletic play. Really shows what this guy can do when he's at his absolute best he looked for the first time like a first round pick it. -- Lorenzo Neal Davis -- pass to Kevin Burnett another big game for him fourteen tackles twelve solo plus -- act. Did you see anybody on the field better than him tonight. Absolutely not he was everywhere and. This guy is a former charger and he seems to get up and play well against his former teams you wanted to stay a -- back in 2011. Yet he ended up firing his agent because up. A -- contract talks I think he was really ends up. For this game I believe that he wants. The Raiders defense stepped earned more respect than it's being given that he was a major player. In this game throughout he really quieted tight end Antonio Gates with excellent pass coverage of all around it was a pretty good day for number 94.

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    more respect than it's being given that he was a major player. In this game throughout he really quieted tight end Antonio Gates with excellent pass coverage of all around it was a pretty good day for number 94.

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  3. down the field polite to Crabtree. Josh Morgan. To Vernon Davis who has been the 49ers big play threat charges in Antonio Gates has been out with a foot injury so we don't know if he'll be able to go. Thursday night but the Chargers have

  4. still don't have matchup nightmares for the Raiders the first match of I'm looking forward to the is tight end Antonio Gates against free safety Michael Huff. Well the reason gates is such matchup nightmare he's a beast at tight end and

  5. guaranteed a slightly more in all categories that end and Antonio Gates got. When he signed his new year a new deal in July ..... re looking at it just gets slightly beyond that. Antonio Gates have become the highest paid tight end in the pro football

  6. he's been great raiders' first three years wanna see into the end more this year break and then Vernon Davis and Antonio Gates record this year. Fourteen touchdowns present Hillary. Your grandparents got to fullback hunt also afraid to and

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  8. play so long that in the NFL it was obvious that you played a lot like a basketball player we see it in San Diego and Antonio Gates . Able to box out guys use his body so well it in particular against zone defense we could sit down on Amanda Catalina

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    engine is I know president. But. It means a lot. as being good is being as being great and the time the record with Antonio Gates I believe. Now just go hand in. You know get my right the next season. Almost bit my Yeah. Not so afraid out I