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1.18: Giants practice -- Antrel Rolle



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Fri, 19 Oct 2012|

Vernon Davis was taken out of Thursday night's game with the Seahawks -- how did he feel about it?


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And yeah. I think we need to do better than you do. We -- productive play the way we can play. As an offensive unit and know that we play better more. And of course. In the states. And displayed its nationals Kubel. From looking at film that we did some great. Klesko from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Things like that but. Overall. I think that we can do better job. You know -- And I hope that he yeah he was taking so much. Yeah I mean I mean if this is is different. The last pass. He -- game. In taking the we have a lot of minds most of route. The red. -- That corner. Corner route than ever drop -- the cornerback so there can't take inning. -- bring in a safety should the most active back camera agreement. Those. It just looking will be. In government -- apparently just. It is I miss it seems the only -- be watching me in six that. So it's kind of frustrating. I did it too often wondered if they know. -- know -- -- -- -- Should do some work and but for me. Now I'm excited that we weren't. Because we get to where I'm excited about that because I -- The more we win. The stage when -- they've played. So I'm excited about we want. Courses in my competitive nature to. To feel. A little something as far as imaginable because -- content but. I can I don't let that affect me let it affect me. There's just some for him so there is a good thing is a good thing. That way because -- shows them -- Good. If we win. -- all you I'm excited. After securing scheme Antrel Rolle made it very clear that you were the number one target prepare we finished second. You've you've had a big plays that change -- team they want -- -- allow you to do that again did did they said. Like it template for for what the Seahawks debuting with a field entrance to team thing. I think the Giants. From when the -- I would say so. The way you play the game I'm sure everybody else with. This was supposed. I mean they should because they don't know it. China my best to run by everybody. This is one of my -- that I have meaning. And so we've been. One of the best and very thankful. Like to listen to. To help this team. This was. Just some team that's my that's my number one purpose is to help this team advance to play them. And in you know so awful comfortable. Mil. For tomorrow Randy who both of you. But you work out that way -- it. Then Delaney popped wide open and I felt. -- for -- -- my. It. Turned -- The only school. -- it was supposed to -- about what rating was up and -- -- But that covers data that they would. To him to do that so messed everything up. Anywhere but actually view the latest to hit hit hit hit so knows -- knows though the great thing because I am an extension of the way and so. When he has success through -- -- -- Well -- isn't hurt. -- pick your poison thing for. Defense is now that they shot you keep him is going to be that underneath stuff that seem to be open throughout the second half there. Oh yeah especially with the way they've forgotten it. They exist as he's he's let me tell -- about them you do what you can do about that the moment you. You see him since regret it. Granted if he is Lipton. That we had and he pops up you don't know when it what but whatever gets them to be used. -- Three -- them to do it but he he he shows of force and he -- that management has been so happy for him. Were. This team tries to sound excited about what would. I think good quick break -- of the -- once again. Breather the end of the first that fourth quarter. Was it a little reason I think we do like. And into the -- could. Amuses. Me just excitement as you know I was -- of grieve did I -- an easy. Was. -- a but it hasn't and that the defense at the end -- once again yet once again putting him in the -- your -- competitiveness this. Stretches. Yeah. And game. Unit and back issues we. To let -- -- made progress. -- accidentally hit again a moderate. You. Take you must yeah. Radio I'm just you know -- -- Just stretching -- ago. He doesn't like in the middle of like this six week stretch reaping what you on the all time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's cool it's cool I mean it impressed me personally. I -- Q. We. -- -- and it's media -- you. If you vehicle and those kind of I like people person. And we do -- -- that makes us there. -- I think it's dissolved its legislative there's negative definitely just but no moment. I mean you look at the practice field. Me rested we're. But it amazes on this. -- just got to have a positive. Attitude about everything.

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    thing is a good thing. That way because shows them Good. If we win. all you I'm excited. After securing scheme Antrel Rolle made it very clear that you were the number one target prepare we finished second. You've you've had a big plays

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