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12.6: Jason Campbell on Chronicle Live



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Tue, 7 Dec 2010|

Campbell joins Greg Papa to talk about his big win over the Chargers.


Machine Generated Transcript

And Jason Campbell how are you -- also miles today just. And on the longer are you doing I'm go to well tell about the mood of your team flying home last night after the victory you guys went out of that game yesterday. Calling it a playoff game and you certainly played that way did you feel like if you lost a game yesterday. You would've been out of the AFC west and honestly you had to win that game to stay alive. The only difference fell under the gave -- it was a must win situation. And our everyday right now accounts for us and every game the magnitude of each game as I hear Harry's never weekend. And who can afford who's not a game you know lost to Pittsburgh the loss to Miami here at home and he not been found Ford in the -- obviously -- -- put us and and a tough situation so. There was San Diego karma assists and five in the Kansas City so therefore you are important -- game wasn't. I -- amended to every game for us is a playoff atmosphere you know each and every week so. No got a pro series game there was. On number reasons why the greatest rid of the beat the San Diego Chargers but I felt the number one reason was that you outplayed at. Philip Rivers yesterday and I wanted to bring up a couple of situations -- back up my points starting with your ball handling we talk about ball handling. For basketball players but your ball handling yesterday. Was positively. A brilliant tell me about the ball fake on the fourth and one at when it looked like the whole world including Antwan Applewhite your number nine they thought you gave it to Michael Bush and you pulled up right at the last moment Jason tell me about this. He doesn't play we have been working on all we you know saw something who's doing defensively you know posted. No attack it coaches did a good job watching tape and knows you know who got the right coverage what Beirut and we knew we did have -- those -- didn't use back to back timeouts those can be all enough them play here and you know it gives them look who's looking for a lose they would is -- world and also marked the boosted a good job soon that plays in if you -- to see him in the student than us I he has the ball. But the way he's running up and always used tackle and a number are siren announced on well enough suit -- -- -- so. It was fun to get -- play didn't I was surprised to come up they clean knocked -- at least the wind out there to be put. -- don't -- great job at a -- of us on the play as some. And and later Iran out of third and Dejuan did that. San Diego safeties number thirty to a particular -- acquittal came crashing down on a couple of plays earlier figured you guys wanna run the clock out and Steve Gregory never won seven the other -- treated the same thing -- Handoff to Michael you'll pull -- out and this time you went deep down the field and Louis Murphy -- the single coverage wanted to against Jammer and another big play there -- of your play action fake. I was not aware outplay who worked don't always and something than nothing though they were -- all feel men. You know Lewis did a good job of bounds so in the play didn't downfield and personal Jammer and created a lot of open space stood him it's just leave him in. In office on a good job son and then once again you know boosted a good job for his play yes and also in. North as a quarterback a leader -- you don't play SS I think you have to be patient and he can't rest of faking generous and it you know being is because defense a -- opponent quicker so. Military takes a lot of trust and not to do those -- whose death decided to be able to do a lot of different in his office there yesterday because. You know it was all in the open the game forcing you to two -- for a lot of four from one employees who were the third don't want to decide deep and so you know our mentality and Hamas there was attack Holliday long enough that's what we did. They got they that they ball handling one more point on this because it's curious to -- people don't talk about a much with quarterback play the Chad Pennington at. I think has been the very best -- in the pro game for the last ten years or so going back earlier Steve to Byrd was great added Boomer Esiason. Great better than your ball -- yesterday it got completely sold a couple of touchdowns are set up the second touchdown. Where did you learn to do this and we had Jim zorn as your head coach in Washington he too was a great. -- ball fake here where did you learn don't -- these sleight of hand -- -- on the way to pull it in there and pull it back out. We know that they started backing comets you know we do about it I don't know I was in college have a ball fake him and and doing different days -- boos and they just because you know you lose a pretty good success for a little -- -- you know we had a good passing attempts to vote. Who's they would do so much outplay -- and and Washington we do a lot of it. And they come here and not paying close Jets and coach -- has done a great job of you know teaching a -- -- They know how important is the that they use your ball have mosquitoes because. Sometimes he gets lost an NF you know sometimes. You don't really see guys really try to -- face -- try to do and if they know. They'll -- defense of his go to show you there's. No Kodak is always saying you know little pain is slowly paying us you know what's your hands and -- -- you can do. North quarterback position that can have created big bullies in you know we try to. Which I'm not with that mostly to this we try to approach it each and every week to to give better and better from week you know we got. You mentioned you rejection your offensive corner called a great game yesterday and Paul -- your quarterback coach -- universally considered to be one of the very best. That would add to what he does in the NFL he imagined Auburn cam no -- obviously he's very good at it and you looked a little like Cam Newton gets in the way the way you were able to run around -- I talk about your mindset in the game because you did go through your progression you're trying to pick up receivers but when that. When there when the rush got I knew I thought he had your very best game all season Jason getting out of the pocket and very giving very clever on the -- -- -- -- to plan passed it over to Michael Bush in the flat they took off for twenty plus yards. Did you notice there was. I think so please please play one play at a time. In -- -- good job we have to town looked downfield or something wasn't there. I was HR -- to have my feet in you know Michael Bush enough though. -- Zach Miller did a good job on some plays where in the they millions standard time cause in the corner bases and when he -- staff an image that they only get out and again you rally the -- dished the ball to in the what that Georgia loses take each play one blitz you know and -- give back the use my feet more men going to presents itself now forcing their budgets only when it presents itself put. They're trying to remain a pocket passer of you know and don't be afraid to just make plays and legs. Right you're you've had better games stick on the stat sheet against Denver and Denver at home. And the win against Seattle by about you played your best overall game yesterday Jason at lastly before -- ago there's a theory out there now. That because Bruce is gone on injured reserve Bruce Gradkowski that you can play with more freedom knowing that you're not gonna get pulled at any point in the game to did you sense that at all. -- yesterday that you could play a little more ease knowing that you would be in their for the entire game more than likely. You know -- behind me. You understand that we know we do go to polio auto loans -- in three games in a row and we want fortify haven't. -- Pittsburgh games you know any candidates who was pretty good and you know not played in the Miami game -- You know. Man to man I just -- you know I can't worry about those days and immoral or about -- -- you can control and and they guy generous and Lamar say right now which is doing everything you can possibly do to help my team is a win and understand the situation we're in. Everything every game counts and I don't know more about -- these happen in the past and it was time to move forward then it's time to focus. One game at a time and just you know try do my best effort this effort each and they're weak men. -- we're about those things. And next up the Jacksonville Jaguars they wanna win their division as well see them on Sunday in Jacksonville Jason congratulations on a brilliant. -- game yesterday in -- San Diego. Thank you present.