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9.26: Matt Maiocco from Arrowhead Stadium



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Sun, 13 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Hey guys -- Arrowhead Stadium the greater suffering a tough loss to Kansas City. And Scott after the game Terrelle Pryor he took full responsibility for this loss but -- it appeared to put this loss solely on his shoulders. I don't think he deserves 100% of it there -- some of -- that goes to prior because he threw three interceptions one for a pick six so obviously he -- he played a major factor. In this result but let's not forget that this offensive line was beaten down and -- not injuries really finally broke this offensive line. Ten sacks talent and while the defense played pretty well. And there with too many other factors besides just number -- -- afraid to take. 100% of the blame there. After after the tie ball game but really the readers they dominated the first half why he crumbled there in the second half. It seemed like the -- just kept. Getting left out of that balloon Fallon and as time went on that the crowd about -- on the offensive line got worse and it was sort of one of those things where once you get one sack and and the Chiefs defense can just pin their ears back and go -- they start doing that on every play and it became overwhelming there was one point where there was a third and 48 yeah I mean that's how bad it got that's how little that this offense could deal and when you can't even. Generate first downs let alone score points you don't stand much of a chance there at all. How much was that pick the first -- -- throughout through and it resulted in the touchdown and you fourteen to seven but it kind of -- like that was the turning point of this football game. Definitely -- that I think it'd just really changed the momentum right there it was a terrible throw and he hasn't been making those throws he had thrown a pick since we won you can. By that so he did so Smart with the football I think he was desperate and while he would never saw as offensive line down the river. Ever that's not his style but when you look at it even having time to work any hit in each tried to make plays to try to force them things. Because he knew that he would take this team put them on his shoulders if they even had a chance in the second half. You have to -- we spoke to a few players they said the crowd noise did affect their game plan at all but. Really didn't have arrested the twelfth man make it difficult for you communication during his ability. They're going for a Guinness book of world records for you know our record for the loud stadium and they got there. The only -- or not but they were -- and it's one of those things where once you have one false start because the crowd noise or one delay of game. Then the crowd gets really into it and then they want every play to try to make an impact and it definitely snowballed until it turned into an Avalanche that the Raiders simply couldn't couldn't get out from under.

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  14. position how difficult is it different and during that time at time. Oh good praise the diversity. You know Hokies. In arrowhead you know that columnist or the bloody we know looked anything that is. You know how to handle well can be able. To bounce

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