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York stoked with Crabtree



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Wed, 29 Apr 2009|

49ers Owner Jed York was delighted with the 49ers pick at #10.


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I tell me about your reaction when you you saw the Raiders to Darrius Heyward-Bey at number seven Eugene Monroe where -- number eight PG that BJ raji whenever not and you guys were gonna get Michael Crabtree number ten on Saturday. All those guys or force a great football players and we knew they're bigger -- sit and airports at ten and were very very happy -- Michael Crabtree.

  1. MMA the best MMA fighter yes I was me. If I just say in. I love I love doing LO roll around. love love love love love love. BJ JB JJ and stuff so I must say me. The during the offseason I'll challenge anyone out of the truth. That's the way it ended

  2. we've been doing and that is since you in. Well cut here we are game for it until a week ago we would have assumed it would BJ Griffin in this situation but it'll be dance trailing who has been a very feast or famine kind of guy throughout the season

  3. Comcast sports net studios the 49ers signed veteran quarterback John Skelton to a one year contract Wednesday he replaces rookie. BJ Daniels on the 53 man roster. Excited man. They know when I first talked to the coaching staff and the possibility of coming

  4. the season. The 49ers made a notable switch at the number three quarterback position. Veteran John Skelton comes in. Rookie BJ Daniels leaves the 49ers say that they wanted a second veteran quarterback behind cap and they already got Colt McCoy. As for

  5. they run the ball so well, they throw it well, wilson creates plays with his feet -- does wilson's height cause problems? bj daniels a good gauge? eric reid stuff , justin smith stuff, hard to cackle marshawn lynch, gotta tackle guys immediately

  6. against a guy who looks a lot like Russell Wilson. That's the same kind of attributes that BJ Daniels the seventh round pick from South Florida. BJ Daniels is short like Russell Wilson has a strong throwing arm like Russell Wilson and runs the

  7. very solid with roster spots Colin it probably won't play. Colt McCoy is the back up but the got to really keep an eye on is BJ Daniels the rookie from South Florida. Now Daniels has shown up very well in his first two exhibition games leading touchdown

  8. than 800000. Of his salary so the 49ers decide at some point in the season that they want another backup quarterback such as BJ Daniels it won't cost him a penny. The 49ers decision to trade outside linebacker Parys to the New Orleans Saints on Monday

  9. quarterbacks are going to be obviously cap is the starter. Colt McCoy was mean by Jim Harbaugh as a number two guy it. And the rookie BJ Daniels seventh round pick from South Florida has played very well he's going to be keeper for the team also cynical lost the

  10. lot better than they did in the first few games of the summer to have any chance of we're staying on this team. The rookie BJ Daniels is definitely worth another look. In his first exhibition game last week against the Chiefs he played well he's making

  11. The forty for all four quarterbacks behind cap predict to see action in the game so that includes Colt McCoy. Scott told seen BJ Daniels and of course Wallace told scene is coming back off a minor injury he sustained in the Chiefs game. He will be competing

  12. elements of the for their system. But also just where his skills are. Yeah I think right now I don't think there's any question BJ Daniels has the best throwing arm of the other quarterbacks. Who don't go by the name of cabernet Kenny also adept at running

  13. 49ers are really unsettled in that competition for the backup job this week during practices. Colt McCoy and Scott seen. And BJ deals have all shared the practice time in the 49ers are interest in the source tells me. And bringing in Seneca Wallace a veteran

  14. now up to this point in training camp. Colt McCoy and Scott told he had been getting the lion's share of the second team reps BJ Daniels has seen some reps at quarterback but he's also been playing. Wide receiver and running back he's been returning

  15. ve been pretty close. Even though it. They've all gotten. Pretty good the direction in there and that's it right in more BJ Cole. Little bit less. From Vijay right. Right right he knows what this week. In what practice today. I sit Scott and answer

  16. one of distinguished themselves but. Today was the emergence of BJ Daniels a seventh round pick from South Florida he engineered ..... quarterback and Harbaugh says absolutely so look for a lot more BJ Daniels this exhibition season. The 49ers defense of starters

  17. running the read option. Obviously cap when he does it very well not quite as the experience with that at Texas and that's what BJ Daniels does as well. Told seen as learning all about the read option but he really focused on getting better every day he says

  18. can handle the duties. The 49ers selected BJ Daniels in the seventh round is a quarterback ..... of the fun games to play will be where is BJ Daniels. Yes he's still competing for ..... the exhibition season will be a time for BJ Daniels to show. All things that he can

  19. him in Jim Harbaugh says it's even. And that means it's a three way race between Colt McCoy. Scott scene and the rookie BJ Daniels now Daniel seems to be the biggest long shot of the group. A seventh round pick from South Florida is also seeing a lot

  20. kind of the they guy among that quarterback group that really doesn't fit you know. McCoy did read option stuff at Texas. BJ Daniels is a big read option guy you can really throw the ball to whole It doesn't have had a huge throwing arm. But he's