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Tue, 16 Oct 2012|

49ers reporters Matt Maiocco and Mindi Bach examine how San Francisco's tenacious defense was overmatched by the Giants in the final quarter last Sunday.


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Yeah they are coming back here for the 49ers facility on Tuesday before their Thursday game against their division rival their first game Seattle shot. And it and it's beside him anytime you massages and be. In camp my mind is focused. On four -- defense other kids surprisingly against the Giants that last drive for you are. Forty as defense gave up 67 resting and it. For that because people wondering what was going on that and defense we're here it seems you address that today he's very polite about it if it and it definitely -- -- Line they got moved off the ball he said he could have been a lot more physical -- they were the -- defensive front I said they weren't getting off blocks and I noticed that with. Patrick Willis in the horrible when I wrote about it in my my 49ers game review against the Giants and and Patrick Willis was told about Matt Millen had to say about it. Matt Millen was on 95% of the game and said that it was the worst game he's ever seen Willis and Bowman played together. I don't know if I'd go that far because it really was three good quarters of football for the most part of that defense but in the fourth quarter there's no question about it that the Giants. -- 49ers the 49ers you think about the 49ers and how they've been successful you'll they'll. They'll -- buy -- a touchdown or whatever in this to have diamond in the sort of stretch it out in the fourth quarter they just pound the opposition in this submission. That's exactly what the Giants did to them. And they had a huge task to make sure that the Seahawks don't do it to the 49ers Thursday night because. Marshawn Lynch is a load of running back and so with the press can have their hands full of it bounce back game that defense. Marshawn Lynch currently the third ranked running back in the league he's already had two games of more than a hundred yards rushing and -- that at bat to hit only -- back. He breaks tackles and he can -- -- he broke more tackles against the 49ers in any other back. Last -- of the 49ers can rebound if they have a striking against him but mainly as well I mean they just need to they need -- that game and then also Russell Wilson who can scramble back. It -- -- CEO of -- -- we talked to -- -- you about this stadium where sack numbers -- down and it's it's tough to say well you know what they need to put more pressure on the quarterback they don't they don't since. You know a whole lot of blitzers and it there's Ian play against the Giants where both Bowman and Willis deal. Blitzed on the inside. Neither one of them got too many who got the ball out -- time and is -- a pretty good -- down the field to the tight end. So what the prayers are finding -- things with these these opposing quarterbacks is a lot of them are getting the ball out quickly that's why there aren't very many plays over the top. She take does that good with the battered the bad with the good you have a sack numbers are down but the forty hours pass defense is very good. And they ranked second in the league in yards. Surrendered per game only a 183. Which is amazing if you figure that you know in six games. They've already facing Aaron Rodgers Matthew Stafford Eli Manning and their numbers are that low so they're doing something right. Defense of when they got to put it together there's -- And I do know that they can do it does like to rattle rookie quarterbacks as a wincing like you said -- Eli Manning very Smart. Quarterback as Super Bowl winning quarterback gets the ball out quickly. But Russell Wilson as a rookie might want to put the pressure on him and force him to make quick decisions and that's her mistakes and how well I I actually think it's the other way I think that being GO as a believe that was rookie quarterbacks everybody expects that to happen that they're gonna -- a rookie quarterback. That are American last year saying that a lot of times with rookie quarterback there they -- expecting the blitz and they know where to go with. With the ball went in the blitz occurs so. Which you might wanna do more often is drop guys into coverage in only rushed three guys. And so I think you might see a lot more that thing then you know it's kind of counter intuitive. But I think yeah I think Russell Wilson. -- we'll have a little bit of time to throw but now he has to pick where he's throwing it. And I think before you guys believed they gets hands on the ball in the secondary come with some turnovers because that. This on the in the points at the 49ers office doesn't score more than three. Points as he thought he could get into the offensive rhythm against the Giants that made them one dimensional they fell behind Frank Gore and I an actor the second half of the game. And union made too many mistakes -- point blank they need to -- -- that let's give some credit to the Seattle defense it's coming up. It's one of the best in the league and -- second best in the league right now against the run yet another that's a good defense and believe me look at the NFC west. I mean it used to be that you think -- of all the good offenses ever in the NFC west seed with Kurt Warner Cardinals. Seattle had Matt Hasselbeck their views of that thing -- actually Kurt Warner Marc Bulger with the rants but now I mean it's all about defense in this division so. If the forty if you're thinking that the 49ers have a break offensively. With the that Seattle Seahawks coming to camp. No that's not the case and all of that offense asked to do more things in the past I don't know if they have to do more things maybe they have to do fewer things. Maybe they have to sort of toned down all the different packages and all -- it happening place just get back to basics is. You're right they were out of rhythm against giant. The bigger and seen the first division game for the 49ers. Frank Gore I think needs to get ready and he's established Chad and the one thing that we need to see we're curious to see how much they were -- calling Catholic great Grumman today. Think he had it's possible that having -- go in and out against the Giants. Little bit more destructive than it was helpful in the two games prior and what what would you expect. I would expect to see him. Maybe four snaps you know in the course again I don't think they're gonna pull the plug on that at all. Is interest in talking to Pete Carroll on his conference call with 49ers reporters people guys over the 49ers and thousands -- -- -- -- -- On Thursday -- Ellis Wednesday Tuesday these days are running together. But he said that you have to prepare for college -- but also you have to prepare for what happens already see on film you have to. So you get inside the brain and Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman to try to figure out what the Spurs might do next with all happening so there. There it's a very short period of time they have to prepare. But they're using some of that time prepare for how cap Burnett also Pete Carroll said it helped that they already face him. Very interesting any final thoughts before it -- the years go on and we'll talk about the game on Thursday night I just think that it's. You. It's good to come at a better time for the foreigners at least mindset wise the last thing they want to be doing is sitting around wallowing in their self pity. After a game against the Giants and a lot of people thought that they would they would. Beat the Giants I certainly thought it would. We came out and they didn't play very well they they got pounded. Now you get a quick turnaround. They these teams know each other very well so there's not as much study time that have to take place so we're as excited as they don't have to travel and -- just get right back on the the field and then they have a long break. And tell they played B. Seeing those topics -- I might not be spark and I -- Arizona Cardinals. The Monday night. And he pointed out according as -- to get a two strong points followed by clunker. She's strong points all by clunkers so maybe if that pattern holds -- of the minutes that he's a strong game against this CR since throwing game against the Cardinals and -- -- of making rash. And a big RA we'll be back -- Thursday's game wrap up right here on CSN Bay Area dot com.

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