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McGinn: It's surreal being back at The Tank



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Mon, 26 Mar 2012|

McGinn discusses his return to HP Pavilion and that he needs to put emotions aside and focus on getting a win.


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-- -- -- -- -- Here I mean yeah it's it's different. Today yeah I'm excited. Put that aside and eighteen points and so for both teams and that's your various rounds with him. It's partly yours. -- of impact -- for him there anyway so yet they continue play. Parred -- I'd admire you again soon hockey it happened and -- anybody off -- Once on this. Horrible accident and he and so. Every point's important and iron Kay -- up. Felt nephews. No no this is some new. We're six. Be here and and have fun or and hockey and -- thing -- -- the final -- -- my question. So. And well get. And among. -- Alone and not just forget about it I think it's kind of threw more okay -- casino teammates again and then. You know being back at mister tech you know -- well this is special he has a lot of fun you know the answer and its -- and I enjoyed playing so. Welfare can -- done enough questions aren't. In the -- haven't gone you know it's it's definitely -- I'm happy. And I'm scared to play it's it's out of my control talking. Pretty -- so it's. We're still here. It's just working hard turned. Confidence because he's. -- Can't score the puck and that's on this cart thing and make plays and quickly predictable mistakes. Is there. Team work hard shifted. In. The he's out there that are on this team. Here. I guess. With the ice time for more confidence and you are part of the game so I'm just trying to. Taking friend grab it and go. So I can continue to -- -- and it comes. And yeah. -- -- he scored. -- -- just came right it is more quickly as couple games englanders. And new guys -- and knows that this is what you that was established and so we're. -- ought to be an impact player anyway it's new fans and teammates. You know on me. Come in and and pass it back to Washington just -- -- -- are where our obvious part of it and -- you gotta -- in the future you know what pocket and that's. Prediction for. That. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I -- when we we need points this guy's status. Straighter notre both -- -- the points that's odds on line and it is. You know in this business. We need him. It was huge. -- You bring them. That and I know them while. I think it's on what we did we can't marvel what they do we play our game worked hard and stick to our system where there. Can't. -- teams can do and we're going ourselves first and and -- noise real obvious questions another. The differences between the Sharks. Used much. Bernard Berrian. Rumors turn on this guy's gonna do with it. And -- Execute. She's view on any more from here with -- I think in Indianapolis. You know I think it's just. -- they had different guys that -- -- thought -- Yeah it's different. Actually -- -- there's a lot of things. I'm used to Wear shirts you know them in everything but. You quickly figured. This is continue working. Guys in -- coaches as it. -- Compared to this. Happened in junior hockey -- So it's nice. You think about some options and go out there and you know every game like it's a -- game and just. To work. And I can't -- what impact is an arts and you know -- Jason Hendry just continue to work so. Obama. It was -- behalf. Yeah I decide to retire at 64 or Spanish Eric's. As a training camp and -- You know I was not here. I've had a letdown we. Or thanks them -- my own them and them. You. Know.

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