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12.20: Jim Harbaugh Press Conference Pt. 2



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Tue, 20 Dec 2011|

Harbaugh says Alex Smith is the long-term answer at QB, and praises the play of the entire defense.


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Can you think that our guys. Quarterback in the morning and start. And I translate really well yeah it was Carter Lewis you talk about. I know where you're -- again always we'll come back. There's always get tired -- good morning and for the last few. Who Larry Miller played very well in this in this game. Especially early you know -- thought he made some real statement plays. Early in the ball game. And tackle well before Bowman also played. Very well again -- good team defense. Quote you know -- An outstanding football player and to answer your question you know -- here is try to find ways to get your best players on the field and he's he's playing at a very high level. And also Ray McDonald Isaac Sopoaga. You know were were very good up front in this game. And it really and also need to have like to play the secondary. Those -- some yardage given up but you know the wind the way our second -- play it was it was really good to Rob Brown. In particular. Great coverage. And and also came up with the ball. Carlos Rogers. Again really good coverage comes up with the ball. The John Gholston may agree interception made a great player on the ball. There was. -- an -- say any game from a coverage standpoint. The receivers from the Pittsburgh Steelers are fast. Quick command seventeen I believe is the fastest player in the NFL. And you know just. Effective if he runs as fast as he does when he gets loose. You know he is. It's a nightmare to bring down. And our guys our guys did a great job covering it covering those seniors I was really impressed at -- and help our secondary coach that is something that. Another person's individual effort that needs to be highlighted he's done a great job and secondary this year. -- in 1981. -- when it's -- da man big big win today that he had their lesson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he became friends and told them we're we're a team we might -- win a Super Bowl. This isn't me when you have -- my right -- in addition to being the windy city game that he's a martyr game it tells you. Whereas certain level restaurant standard physically also mean that. And good for us and remove your expectations. You know aura. Had a good day today you know have a great week of practice this week. And and you're there -- candidate to win the next game you know that's. That's us as far as -- go with. Expectations. Markers statements. You know that's. Know where this team has been you know practicing together learn together fighting for each other on any given Sunday afternoon. For three hours and and and becoming a team and you know that's that mentality just just trying to improve just trying to get better. Is. Bill Cowher will leave our expectations. You know try and leave me. Well it's. Just review -- evaluation to. -- factor this defense can't wait we're care in -- -- -- continues to get multiple turnovers -- in my room that really you know. It's -- it's it's rates way up there you know. You wanna play winning defense and as a unit and our. Or our defense you know when they can get turnovers force when they can get stops three and outs. You know all that is all that is. You know rates really Wear you out there and in terms of winning defense and so -- -- -- So yeah. Some readers like me. Yeah anesthetics and you're absolutely all over -- and the. You then then presumption David that we don't know. Okay. -- And you know I hit a lot of that mean you're you talk about. He'll be. The ability of the players you know. The coaching. He the job -- fringes too and in all our defensive coaches. You know the pressure that you get up front. You know again Justin Smith and there's just always. Always. You know play after play just. To get asked for lack lack a better term and then you know secondary. That comes up with the football you know get tight coverage and and still make plays on the ball and and catching the ball. You know. -- they're doing a great job. Still have a long history you know 1920 here's news from their last season to be your shoulders. Oh yeah. -- -- I don't know. That I get -- I don't think you know him personally ever met you in. And more seriously did you see this team. How important -- important afternoon for a little bit after the R&B yeah she thought there prior to the world doesn't lose races. You know that much. No more remarkable. It's on the -- To talk about you know it's it's remarkable in the fact that you know people would talk about it so. You know it's remarkable thing and you know we'll talk about a lot here. But I still feel like there are guys -- take a lot of pride in that and and you know it's. It's pretty amazing. Easier defense. You know kind of defense -- news. Rushing touchdowns in the news when you put together this defense. Yeah I just think that ball. -- typical -- to stop the run you know. You know. Mean -- set up on your goal board and didn't years and to not allowed a rushing touchdown. You know for their first fourteen games of the season but -- me wanna be good against run wanna stop the run. And -- -- our team's been doing that you know some thirty some games since there's been a hundred yard rusher it's another another. Benchmark standard I've read about and -- again I mean. It's. You know it's a credit to the guys that are affront to. Isaac Sopoaga musings on the knows he's he's he's taken a blocks in the where linebackers played all she's. You know whether you know it's been Patrick. And Navarro or you know -- grant comes in and shoots forty niner defense. You know you don't play you know play great defense and without. You know really good secondary play. Are outside backers -- has done a tremendous job -- mean it's it's been. It's been really good team defense but you know answer your question yes war that's where it starts is -- -- he or won't be able to stop the run. We got me Paul Smith maybe. You notice it like. It's. Next year something that enables him to just decent record he's close and we're back. Closing quickly. Quick strike and just -- that sort of I don't know what it is clear picture winner that day Mickelson hit paerson who. -- -- There's some unique things it was slower were first of body weight them and the fact that he cared. He he incurred. Athletically avoid defenders in tight spaces. Especially inside the tackles -- showed that. He had Missouri the other thing was. Good. He always gives -- -- he'll always played on his feet and and -- -- who -- rarely off his feet even when he was knocked off his feet yet you know way of you know stopped himself just short hit a grounder popping back up. You know like -- spring he's got some some real -- to god. And you know they really -- last. There's 678. Weeks. All we really bought into. You know. Could change your scheme and I don't see them having a great -- relationship and and you know just keep. Just keep come along -- kitten. Keep getting better.

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