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Mangini on 49ers coaching staff: 'It's ego-less'

Sat, 3 Aug 2013|

Bill Parcells unofficially spoke for everyone in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and all the people gathered to see him and six others inducted Saturday night.

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  1. The Green Room: Harbaugh's gutsy decision

    loses a job when you get an injury he never lose your job from an injury but he was the last and it's about what Bill Parcells coached you and what I love about him is one thing he had to say about it occurs more. If somebody else gets in the

  2. 12.26: 49ers practice -- Ted Ginn Jr.

    just had to take some of room attendant good for a guy like out. Yeah I think that it worked with a bit. What was Bill Parcells . I mean you really just it went which I was when his thing you know you use expert. opinion that I came we can get

  3. 1.19: Chronicle Live -- Carmen Policy

    I think that's exactly right. I say got a great history just in the title game but that rivalry you know against Bill Parcells of the New York football Giants is that so many great matchups this is gonna be the eighth time. in the post season

  4. 3.1: Giants spring training -- Bruce Bochy

    call. We're accurately we really. Yeah. for an early two boards wrong about Made some mistakes Oakland's coach Bill Parcells well today. It's good to get these. Young pitchers you know and nervous it. why try to get a game like this and

  1. Ogden, Robinson, Allen, Parcells, Culp enter hall


    Sat, 3 Aug 2013

    Bill Parcells unofficially spoke for everyone in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and all the people gathered to see him and six others inducted Saturday night.

  2. Parcells regrets the way he left New England


    Fri, 2 Aug 2013

    Bill Parcells told the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy that he regrets the way things ended for him in New England.

  3. Belichick shares praise of Parcells


    Thu, 1 Aug 2013

    Bill Belichick speaks highly of Bill Parcells , who will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this weekend.

  4. Parcells: 'Things settled down' under Krafts


    Wed, 17 Jul 2013

    Former Patriots coach Bill Parcells said that the current Patriots ownership helped settle down a franchise in turmoil.

  5. Parcells: 'I regret leaving New England'


    Mon, 24 Jun 2013

    Bill Parcells , saying he was 'absolutely too headstrong' in his battles with Robert Kraft, wishes he had stayed with the Patriots after 1996.

  6. Parcells, Sapp, Carter among 7 Hall inductees


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) Bill Parcells was a winner everywhere he coached. Time and time again, he took over struggling franchises and showed them what it takes to

  7. it is only tonight. And that Jackson is looking for what are those things you know. Where makes me go ourselves. Bill Parcells was out. Bill Belichick. Always we're looking for it was certainly current player. It's what they can do make

  8. been criticized for our. But you know again and in this league for a long time he's he's had great managers like Bill Parcells he's been a lot of different situations. There's some that are good some that are bad and I think he's learned

  9. my life if any any spots sometimes it in the frighten us get this he took one next time got a hand on and before. Bill Parcells and and clenched fist way you're just let me better Harrison was you. So you. You were went yeah Bruton No answer

  10. looking at is evaluating talent and I learned that from Bill Parcells he's the best of value later of talent I've ever ..... similar on the a lot of the defense Tom. I'm from Bill Parcells but also when I was at ole miss we were very close of