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Colts let go of Peyton Manning



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Wed, 7 Mar 2012|

Owner Jim Irsay and quarterback Peyton Manning address the media in a press conference that announced Manning will not be returning to the Colts.


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That the eighteen Jersey rules never be worn again. By a COLT on the field. And dumb. This process has been. A long difficult process. No -- -- have. Had numerous conversation -- over the months and dumb. We always. Kept trying to come back to. The circumstances that were before us and we tried to put -- piece. Other and each other's shoes in and tried to. Realize. What the situation was for the franchise what it was for patent. And in the end those circumstances. We're too difficult to overcome and -- sure love playing football. For the Indianapolis Colts. For fourteen wonderful years. The only professional football I've known as the Colts football. Our team won a lot of games here. Tough play were so many great teammates here and I've been part of a great organization here. An organization and -- who our respect and continue to respect. I've been -- Colts for almost all of my adult life. But I guess your life and in sports we all know enough to last forever. Times change circumstances change. And that's the reality of playing in the NFL. Jim and I've spoken extensively. About where we are today. And our conversations have -- both of us to recognize. There are circumstances make it best for us to take this next up. This is not been easy for Jim and it certainly has not been easy for me -- all Bill Polian drafted me fourteen years ago. Jim and I've always been close and we met a lot of great memories together. He's always been good to me and Jim I'll be forever grateful. This child. And this team mean so much to me. This truly has been all over to play in Indianapolis. I do love it here. -- defense. But I always enjoy our employees for such a great team. -- leave the Colts. -- nothing but good thoughts and gratitude. To Jim reorganization. My teammates. Them. And especially. The fans. I haven't thought yet about we're all word. But I have to pull out a lot about where I've been. They have truly been blessed. I've been blessed to play here. I've been blessed to be in the NFL. Remember I don't. I don't just a few words we'll have to say. A few words don't want to address. To Colts fans everywhere. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I truly have enjoyed being your quarterback. Like. How the next thing that they've immediate thing that I plan to do next is to say thank you to thank so many people. Sort of head such a big impact you know my time here with the Colts. You know certainly Jim and I haven't had. Many personal conversations. I mean he certainly understands how grateful I am to him. And the entire organization what they've done for me but. I got a -- -- -- got a chance to visit but after this with some employees here that have been here. Suffer number of years so -- have been here. Just like team you -- 84 but certainly. So -- that it went three and thirteen or Canada or from the from the beginning for my career sort chance for me to say thank you. To their veteran it would -- times about who's. -- im grateful. Yeah. I thought a pretty well Austin got some work to do I got some progress to make. But -- not come along way and I've really worked hard I'm not. I can't. Dictated hours in the timeout put him to work in Florida I really enjoyed being back out there you know I've had a chance to throw. With so old teammates guys like Reggie Wayne Dallas Clark. Alston. Stills -- Saturdays stat to me a couple times that's that's been the most home court being back out there on the field and in the training room. All fall -- kind of you're sort of come off limits of the field sort of got to be -- to get back out there and throw -- sure have enjoyed that and I'm doing better and it's. Work hard and hopefully keep making progress and what's that. Up fill -- closer and closer you know I after mama so it is march have a hard time doing that. At times but. Boy it sure feels comfortable to feel like home -- being back out there and for for not being able to draw the field for. September October November that I was you know personally. Difficult so it's nice to kind of have that freedom and a I'm working harder look at -- I still have some. Have some work to do and I'm looking forward to doing that work. And I hopefully keep keep keep me amused finishes what he's making progress sure shouldn't go it don't it. -- Plus our question I have so many well really do and you know this is the relationship business. With. Coaches teammates support staff. You don't pull sort of -- we have the greatest equipment guys. Timberwolves and a I think about those type relationships -- burned you know I'm sure we always on the field in the the -- and that touched. Games it's just behind the scenes the collapse. The stories the time spent together those good memories and and those are going to work of those -- -- me. For the rest -- should have so many -- so we can't pick warm. -- I've been very fortunate. I'm truly appreciative and thankful.

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