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3.17: Blaine Gabbert assesses his pro day

Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

Five QBs were selected before Colin Kaepernick in the 2011 draft, including Tennessee's Jake Locker. The two square off Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Can Raiders afford to draft a quarterback?

    especially Alex Smith going to Kansas City Arizona. Arizona Jacksonville. Perhaps and you've got a young quarterback in Blaine Gabbert that they like at least a little bit not too many teams are clamoring for quarterback I liked what Lowell said. About

  2. Morning Minute: Giants keep the dream alive; Raiders rally in OT

    Raiders overcame a ten point fourth quarter deficit to debate they Jaguars 2661. Victory in overtime the loss of Blaine Gabbert at Maurice Jones-Drew are major losses for the jags. There replacements Chad Henne and Rashad Jennings. Got next

  1. Kaepernick has not forgotten teams that chose other QBs


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    hand-picked players to lead their teams. No. 1, Cam Newton, Carolina No. 8, Jake Locker, Tennessee No. 10, Blaine Gabbert , Jacksonville No. 12, Christian Ponder, Minnesota Then, the Cincinnati Bengals selected quarterback Andy Dalton

  2. New Jaguars QB won't change Raiders game plan


    Mon, 9 Sep 2013

    Jacksonville Jaguars ruled quarterback Blaine Gabbert out of Sunday's game against the Raiders with a hand laceration. Gabbert injured himself on a defender ..... that Chad Henne would start in Gabbert 's place. The sixth-year veteran

  3. corners went to Missouri to work out or to look at all the Smith everybody just assume they're gonna their look at the uplink Gabbert at quarterback because he knew that they're looking for a court that's a president pretty good job of keeping those. Those

  4. Plus a lot of telling Gabbert Knicks new star power that when he makes an appearance now it's news it says a lot about his character that the Pitman high inter

  5. North Coast Section Meet of Champions


    Tue, 28 May 2013

    Robinson he's just ahead of Maria people. And Frankfurt from heritage. The stretch now hundred meters in Saint Andrews Gabbert control is at it again she wins it and the boys 100 meters now and the winner is on the far left. That's the cars McKinley