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10.21: Chronicle Live exclusive -- Kyle Boller



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Fri, 21 Oct 2011|

Boller joins Greg Papa to discuss the Raiders' quarterback situation, assessing his performance filling in for Jason Campbell and his reaction to the Carson Palmer trade.


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Showtime and it's one of those deals where as a back up you just never know when your opportunities -- a comment. You know you your instincts are Gregor helmet and get ready for the play call you never know when you're going in. You know last week before the Cleveland game Terrelle Pryor was on the roster not actually on the roster but He was able to practice with the unit seemed to me like He got a lot of arrest that you ordinarily would've gotten was it was -- someone a bad timing to be asked to play in that game off that week of preparations that you didn't get that. The usual volume of reps you typically get. And it's always tough I mean I hate making excuses you know you gotta go in there and yet excuse that's ultimately you know what you do as a backup quarterback He never going up to he's going to be but. You know -- he'll get reps with the starting group is the starter -- take those reps and then obviously I take scout team and you know -- outs but doesn't have so you know it is what it is it's been a good week I'm glad that I've been able to get more reps this week. A couple of throws you made early in the game much about cuts you missed a little bit but the later in the game you had a couple of big slant to DH -- pick up some first downs when you went back and looked at the game. How did you analyze your performance last week against Cleveland yeah I mean He said it perfect I miss those first couple throws. And Hackett I can hit those I know I can hit those I just was you know my my footwork was off and I try to get the ball there too fast so. You know as the game went on I felt like a settled down -- get a good job protecting the ball and you know move the chains and obviously I wish -- -- Got that fourth the fourth and one and up with the points on the board but. Got more comfortable as it went on and and you know like I said just. You know the the more rest they got this week I feel much more comfortable. And the next day the rumor start and then on Tuesday they make the traits are your thinking on the starting quarterback and his team and then they go out trade for a guy who's won a Heisman Trophy amended to -- Bulls what was your reaction. When they traded for Carson on Tuesday well -- obviously I'd I'd be lying if I was like you know. You know salary and then you know and I guess that means I'm going back to being a back up. But ultimately when you think about it you know he's a great player in this this team needs many great players -- get. And you know -- -- that to push him make him better and you know that is the same for me so that's one of those deals where that's like in the in the National Football League you just you come to work every day and give it your best and you know whatever happens happens and all of a sudden he's your new teammate you gotta love -- but it's calabrese is USC -- -- how's -- -- -- Yeah I've got I've got to know Carson over the years same draft class -- -- that he's a great guy I think we get along great so. You know that that part is is not a big deal with the united agreed to work with them in the -- -- meant to you know that's. That's what is this is all value that you learn things and different guys in and and -- move on and and you know be a great teammate for me -- a great year for him and you know hopefully together we can help. Help this thing to go over long ago Kansas City Chiefs they had a good defense a number 91 time volley is a bear on the outside looks for an electric to cover corners Brandon Flowers training car. Terrific football players how do you score points on this defense well I think those guys are playing great you know a decent car or flowers or Gardner good corners and you know we got to -- 91 you know the main thing about. About winning this game is is gonna be exclusion you know He obviously not turn the ball over and just taking it one play at a time staying out of negative plays staying in manageable third. No third downs who we don't need any you know third and resilience you know we need -- third and shorts you know -- -- completion percentage. And like I said just go out there -- excuse you know take it one play at times there's gonna be a bump in the road here there. You know minimize those and and you know about their excuse and score a lot of points on the board and play well if you play on Sunday I appreciate thanks a lot.

  1. Flowers uncertain of future with White Sox


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    Tyler Flowers has been out of commission since early September, and as he gathered his belongings to prepare for the offseason he said he's unsure on his future with the Sox.

  2. that was because. You know I have to say in their report that would keep those lighting up the frenzied you know I bouquet of flowers and you wanna save and I Bora beverage aren't that ran there. Averages probably wouldn't mind a legal beverage at my dad

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    Robin Ventura said catcher Tyler Flowers didn't let him know how severe his injury was until recently, when it was revealed he would need season-ending surgery on his right shoulder.

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    White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers will undergo exploratory shoulder surgery this week and will miss 3-6 months, manager Robin Ventura revealed on Monday.

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    Josh Phegley and Tyler Flowers understand they are both competing for playing time at catcher, but the pair of White Sox backstops are pushing each other to be better in the process.

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    While Josh Phegley has generated plenty of buzz since being promoted to the majors, Tyler Flowers is out to remind the White Sox of his abilities and isn't willing to settle in as a backup.

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    Josh Phegley made his major league debut Friday, and the catcher can expect plenty more chances to compete for playing time with incumbent starter Tyler Flowers going forward in 2013.

  9. doing. But he did mention against order in the game. Tomorrow it may be. Which would. Related tightness up a little bit of flowers . You know players available. My guess is he he's preview the he would so there again. It was a from the right on the basis

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    Sun, 16 Jun 2013

    Despite struggles in his first full season as a starter, the White Sox say Tyler Flowers is still their guy. Manager Robin Ventura is especially happy with the way his catcher calls each game.

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    Ex-Simeon star Tim Flowers is already making his mark in the city of Chicago after being named a high school head coach at the age of 24.

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    Tue, 11 Jun 2013

    The Sox were one strike away from a four-game winning streak, but Jose Bautista's game-tying home run and a pair of miscues by Tyler Flowers cost them in a 7-5 extra-inning loss to Toronto.

  13. Santiago, Sox offense come through in win over A's


    Sun, 9 Jun 2013

    Starting in place of the injured Jake Peavy, Hector Santiago allowed one earned run over 6 1/3 innings while Tyler Flowers and Alex Rios went deep to pace the White Sox to a 4-2 win over the A's.

  14. Hussein. Good consistent approach and looks better. Report. That you can't let it get away and really. It proved to her flowers changeup for a homer and you know we only play next thing you know. That. A little bit so it's not like it. Now rounds

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    Tue, 28 May 2013

    After a strong first outing back, John Danks says he's feeling close to normal less than a year after surgery. Tyler Flowers will sit again on Saturday as he tries to heal up his back spasms.

  16. of that road trip with a win yesterday about this good settled here and over again on the other way. And down for event. Flowers and on golf that. You know I mean it's just that particular guy and you know what I'm I don't know he's still doing

  17. and went down for the killed there the dogs fighting back in the second and pretty flowers and execute his old. But Amador valley back on the board and flowers with a little help from right through snaps you know the captain that. There comes

  18. enough tonight to the crowd come out tonight it's also knows. No decision to do every and I'm thinking we had to do blue flowers every night. What can you say how valuable. You're the closer do little cook kind of the seventh eighth but the rest of

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    Addison Reed picked up his 13th save of the season in front of his family and friends Thursday night. Also, Tyler Flowers has seen the number of runners he's thrown out rise the past 10 days.

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    Wed, 15 May 2013

    Adam Dunn and Dayan Viciedo hit back-to-back homers and Tyler Flowers ' eighth-inning RBI single pushed the White Sox past Minnesota, 4-2, Tuesday night at Target Field.