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Matt and Mindi: 49ers suspend Brandon Jacobs



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Tue, 15 Oct 2013|

Nick Foles is a must pick-up and start, Joe Randle will get the start but owners should be cautious about the matchup. Brandon Jacobs is a solid play going forward.


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Let's go with quarterbacks and Brad bear in mind that Matt Flynn did signed with Buffalo and I know how you like shiny new things. Yeah out but Matt Flynn is a disgusting smelly thing so we're back to pick him up or even get out there that -- I think we don't like it nick bowls think all the the Philadelphia Eagles coming off a brilliant game last week -- -- -- -- six yards accountable all total touchdowns breathing the air one on the ground against Tampa Bay to get ballot this week. I think K this week -- Bulls could be hot. -- among fantasy quarterbacks in my previous. I finally it's me out a full Craig Craig I do like -- -- got to eat at a good match if he was a lot like last weekend. After -- matters -- -- Chip Kelly off and there's no timetable set for Michael vick's return. He looks good -- guy you know I -- down on the side Jackson last week because the Naples I can no longer say that. You have to play all of them great matchup like you -- hold it and -- mystique. Well man you guys -- right there right or Jim were right there on the same labeling for once I already don't like this segment that there's too much agreement. Let's get a little I -- can go and I'm here how -- running back K nine ninja and can even running -- some kind of pick up this week to help my team. I think it. If I robot Congo over there right now the waiver wire column is at and it. Joseph Randall he got the top of the DeMarco Murray is out there's no timetable for his return -- I'm going to get the -- Taking exciting player -- handicap you know in the clay you know didn't matter sometimes that matters is the workload DeMarco Murray. Good point in -- averaging well over twenty carries and gained to around fifty those books and it's a great matchup for him as well. He's got a -- Phillip Tanner not afraid in any one area left to be done alert out as well. Joseph Randall is the guy -- cannot. Brad. No do not pick up Joseph ran ought to go to rot rather riding in -- range bull Beyer backed they trust the Cowboys this look. Not -- the head yet there's a middle image for an not a fan of the matches this week that the Philadelphia Eagles are not nearly as bad as people think against the run they've given up. Just forty yards per carry up under a hundred rushing yards per game to opposing running backs I think Reynolds gonna struggle he's not. A really strong interior runner very good on the wings. I think Philadelphia's got a game. I don't get Bridget gets hit football Frankenstein -- who would know my. Another riding back. Every other running back into the in that match up are -- any hit -- -- Phillip -- now -- out to prove that they and you know. DeMarco Murray take the time coming back from injury is probably a multi week things are not even as a plug and play for this week. Up against -- eagle and pulled back and yeah I guess what. I was eighteen -- is it now you're now. An argument. Easy you know there's a lot of defense is not that for -- affect our. -- I've Randle or Brady Jacobs who do you think. Time well at home you prettier now that I go Jacobs Marriott guy like OJ -- it is not.

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  1. it now you're now. An argument. Easy you know there's a lot of defense is not that for affect our. I've Randle or Brady Jacobs who do you think. Time well at home you prettier now that I go Jacobs Marriott guy like OJ it is not.

  2. comfortable playing that slot corner spot. And neither is Phillip Adams now. Where that really create some problems is that it might Jacobs has to have inside and Tracy Porter. Cannot go that you have a rookie DJ playing almost every snap on the outside and frankly

  3. you know we're gonna change soon. You know it's marvels. It's. An uproar over it. It won't versions built between Jacobs . Really dangerous and his team tour for three reasons. Marcus saves. When I look at it tomorrow West Coast but you know you

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  7. original teams. But the 49ers he potentially as a better fit for their system then Jenkins was for their system. And this is why Jacobs was playing the X position that split in right on the line of scrimmage and struggled mightily against press coverage. But

  8. original teams. But the 49ers he potentially as a better fit for their system then Jenkins was for their system. And this is why Jacobs was playing the X position that split in right on the line of scrimmage and struggled mightily press coverage. But all the

  9. about. It good and competed. Like your team well and John Jacobs who play way to play he did the play was. It was nice to see ..... Our coaches coach that. Now the is that are really nice Jack Jacobs . Compete for balls. Make place. Was I was very impressed

  10. the door for La Michael James. remember he didn't even suit up last season and tell Kendall Hunter was injured and Brandon Jacobs decided he'd want to play for the 49ers anymore. In his second season with the team he looks like a completely different

  11. allowed nine players. Why not try to build the best night again and in narrowing down. Policy was I have pretty good you know so Jacobs we're paying those guys that come up hey give me great look at the time you're working their cell working to get better

  12. mechanics have been solid 1% to where. His arm slot has been perfect each time his fastball changeup looked the same. And in this Jacobs really darting out of the strike zone so right now his mechanics a great. And I think that when you have that it just feels

  13. me. Also if he hits it really was written off bite me in a lot of other people would 49ers got. My qualities that Brandon Jacobs a year ago he won his way onto the roster through good special teams like. Marcus Lattimore he could see these years

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  17. who did you talk to tomorrow will be who's gonna pitch tomorrow sounds like Chad Gaudin is not gonna make that start at Mike Jacobs well bags. Yet it just finally did make the move just a couple minutes ago they say they're gonna wait tomorrow but that

  18. this physical catches even if not quite opens I think they'll there bode well for the pair yeah I think so too. Now I think Jacobs has the strong hands he's got a big powerful hands. But he doesn't have of the body strength. That doesn't I use that

  19. media monopoly with a single to right. O'Brien passes it's one nothing guns monopoly goes to second on the throw. Next Jacobs want to single to right. Monopoly collects 200 dollars and done three. The fourth and guys' defense that led by Christian

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    That here close to me on the far side Pete Jacobs . Welcome to chronicle live guys first of all I Matt you've done this before Pete this'll be your first time that when start