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10.17: Jim Harbaugh press conference Pt. 2



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Mon, 17 Sep 2012|

Matt & Mindi break down Jim Harbaugh's press conference, talk about the Lions' onside kick at the end of the game, and take to Twitter to answer questions from fans.


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That -- -- many boxer the 49ers facility outing Monday after the 49ers beat the Detroit Lions to get to you know on this season in a very lax Jim Harbaugh at his press conference that he can understand why and and he kept going back goes to everything to Michael Crabtree I mean he's obviously very pleased with the team's performance that Crabtree really. -- out to hand -- to the point or even called him frog like just the kind of catches he was making anything's really pleased obviously with force your receivers performance. Yeah emulate Jack he likens the football to fly is he just reaches out and snatches it and Michael Crabtree -- gone up two very good start but I don't know that that's a big surprise because his off season of the of the 2000. Twelve season got off to a good start with and because he was healthy through the offseason program missed the first. But seven or eight days of training camp with a calf injury but that 49ers medical staff the training staff. Made sure that when he got back on the field. He was 100% so that's why they didn't rush him back out there so if I missed a few more days that he really had to. But what we're seeing is a guy who's clearly the team's number one wide receiver. Catching the ball had some big third down receptions. In the game Saturday night against the Lions and that that clinching driver what I call the clinching drive you -- Lions -- -- onside kick attempt late in the game that could have pulled him back in there. But yeah I mean he's done a little bit of everything for them including blocking which we saw last year so. Michael Crabtree certainly on pace to have his best season in the NFL. And what we're seeing from Michael as well is -- that his comfort level. With this team last week was his birthday and he actually got up and address the entire team and say hey we want this offense to be able to keep pace. With their defense and he's taking some of that on his shoulders as well and that's something new for him I think before you really need to feel that he was part. -- this offense it felt comfortable to be in that situation and now he has. Yet if you would ask me which 49ers offensive player got I've been proud of the team and spoke -- I would probably ticked off. 5678. Games before I get to Michael Crabtree because. And he is he he's kind of soft spoken guy and he seems to be a pretty popular guy in the locker room he always had a smile on his face but he's not a real loud and boisterous patting guys so. Shows a lot of that the maturation that he's got to where he would feel comfortable enough and feel like. -- I've arrived enough as a leader that these guys listen to what I'm saying so that's going to be good sign for the 49. Harbaugh did say was very pleased with the defensive performance mean what's not to like you -- Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson out of the end until the final two. Minutes of the game it was Brandon Pettigrew came up with a score but there is one place that was not very good figured reception of valleys are probably one of the worse for the 49ers since. He's been here. And they also had a little bit of an issue. On onside kick you -- actually very good job a couple other players not really used to that situation and that's something I'll have to play. Yeah you know I'm not sure about that the whole scheme of that because they have all eleven guys up close to that ten yard line. We're Jason Hanson was it was going to be having the outside kicking you can actually see the the Lions special teams coach after seeing the forty -- alignment that foreigners calling time out he was on sort of you who took over there. And being Vernon Davis on that side. Was kind of treating it like don't touch the ball get away from it and Kyle Williams comes flying in and slides and makes -- the recovery. That's not an easy play on a field that at that point in the evening was a little bit damp so. Kyle Williams. Really averted disaster with a very good play on special teams do. You'll get the 49ers lined up on offense and to their victory formation and and then take three snaps in and run out the clock and and move by the next week with -- two in Iraq. So it was a very big game then we mentioned dropped passes a lot of other things at this offense will have to overcome and the defense as well but they were able to put together a solid. Win despite that -- keep it short so we can take your questions about the upcoming week and would you have for us. Well we got that three questions all on the same topic from niner Steve. Easy low low. And rays 64 at ball. -- -- asking about what the 49ers plan is for. The coming two weeks. The 49ers played any in Minneapolis against the Vikings on Sunday and in the next week -- play in the meadowlands against the New York. Jets so last year they had a very similar type of schedule week three at Cincinnati we board Philadelphia where he had decided to stay in Youngstown Ohio and practice out week to. Reduce. That time in the air the jet lag. Well they're doing the same thing this week. Our next week. After they go to Minneapolis they'll then fly to Youngstown and practicing Youngstown State. The entire week so. 49ers are. You know they're there sticking with what worked and what worked last year was that team really came together during that week. Played no social game and hung on against the -- and then really. Had a game that I think set the tone for this season when they went to Philadelphia and won that game -- came back from big. Third quarter deficit to win so they're staying at a hotel that Eddie DeBartolo built I -- many years ago. So there's just going back to -- Chasing their stats. What's interesting -- -- 49ers pre season is all here at the facility they used to go away for training camp that's no longer the case this is a one week for the team can go away. Being together do they do a lot of community events while they're there to. Together and seeing things and now it is up Harbaugh says all the sleep studies have sound. So you know the coaches airlines paid attention as sleep habits going for a two hour time difference in Minnesota and then a three hour time difference the East Coast. They can limit that would that we -- between and that's something that really bodes well that like you said so -- a -- that he. So got -- back to defense and now our next question comes from Cisco Kid 69. Now we'll set is that Jim Harbaugh during his weekly press conference talked about. His dad's getting some time at -- ravens' practice last week with Mohamed Ali. The 49ers had a couple celebrities on their sideline yesterday. Vince -- and Owen Wilson. It's a Jim Harbaugh talked about having being around these extraordinary. People in what it means to him in in a lot of people with military backgrounds of the foreigners have had. You know my favorite was the Navy SEALs came to visit the team who couldn't name -- yet again he -- Navy SEALs the one name I'd love. Was was -- skywalker. Sargent Scott Walker at the tomb of the unknown soldier in the corners actually implement an -- play. For him last year but anyway. So anyway. Jim Harbaugh said that the one guy he really -- me as Willie Mays. And so this comes from Cisco -- 69. Will the Giants be told of the -- -- request and the Giants have already been told. He's been working on getting really needs -- that to a whereas in candlestick or hear -- the practice facility. So it'll happen I'm. Confident that'll happen and with each win the 49ers pile up I think the chances continued to increase --

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