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  1. you ever been in this situation where your opponent was place. You know we look good day that we look for things to give us Keisel was terribly good teams like to. That's just great being in the defense among the player recognizing some of the keys Texas

  2. increase those. Chances we've in this in the big news and he came through portion. Now. To right handers sliders cutters and Keisel blow out there and came through force and Leah. Goodness and you know who backed up with who won every game there which is

  3. get him off the field is because. He's been their best guy on first down he's been not the best guy at second at a lot of Keisel used on the change of pace back the third down back William and he's the best Beckham 32 so. That's why it's been so

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    Fri, 16 Dec 2011

    Really start you know knows that the penalties yet he's been there for a long time defense very Everything Runs around now Keisel . Inside three players very well coordinated. And obviously thirty force he's very active linebackers. It tremendous blitzer

  5. the you know get out there and be able to do more experience and you're comfortable playing on offense is different to me is Keisel . You know whatever coach sees fit and you know I'm I'm home or within you know it. At this point in time as. Where is

  6. players are going up against programs. You know come coming up you always hear about the pro and you know that history that Keisel are so and I always it's always look forward to plan and then. And this I'm trying to do you know. Work on my game and

  7. And didn't constable to an end to this sort of at all you and question about inequities. I don't want him. You get. Keisel who is applicable. You can. Some sort and with the net and zoom on there because the the local and adequate and will miss

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    Mon, 20 Sep 2010

    you very good qualities. It was time to your Hirono. And it is because of business is a business decision zone and has done Keisel you know. I don't know things organized team. Mean I think it as a positive that in order and walk around in negativity