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12.2: Brett Swain bringing experience to 49ers



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Thu, 19 Jan 2012|

The rain has arrived and Matt and Mindi discuss the ways in which it will affect the NFC Championship game between the Giants and 49ers.


Machine Generated Transcript

Got me -- coming back here 49ers facility on Thursday and another addition brought you by the size and began to turn dale in Campbell thank you so much to their support and once again Matt the rain that has been forecast is finally here -- -- you can see it that makes. I coached Jim Harbaugh pretty happy. Reds guy in the morning sailors take warning so. Jim Harbaugh has a happy man because I think everybody expects. Checking out -- doppler radar screen for there to be rained Sunday at Candlestick Park. If Jim Harbaugh believes if you're going to be playing in the rain you might as well be practicing in the race so yes he's happy that he's out here. On Thursday and also probably Friday practicing in the rain with the Giants won't. Certainly coach likes to prepare prepare for everything anti harassment RD telling his running back to prepare for very mayfield from what you found out from Anthony -- yeah I mean it Tom -- -- has played and a lot of messy games at candlestick part grow in this -- was always sort of hanging in the people of that goes -- would go out and -- down the sawed between series well so Tom -- and has a lot of experience and he's told his running backs to put on the three quarters inch cleats and so those are. Very long cleats more traction. Players in this state that maybe it slows them down a little bit. Because there's no -- those cleats are seeking into the turf further but. The thought process of course is. Fewer guys slipping and sliding on Sunday and speaking -- -- -- said yesterday where the longer cleats you have to make the adjustment shorter strides as what he said in the past rest. We'll probably be affected. By and -- feel as well but there's some positions that we'll have an advantage. With the wet field well the first awfully neat part of the passers I think the pass rush should be more affected. Perhaps on the Giants side because they have those edge rushers who are very quick like to get up the field take the they white's splits so I think maybe that. Might help the 49ers from that since in the 49ers pass -- is a guy like justice that that you mentioned is more power rusher shorter stride so. You know there's anything to be gleaned from -- yet so tough like we talked about. On Wednesday how difficult is to project how the weather might impact on the field might impact the game but I mean if you just look at a pass rushing I would think that the 49ers guys. Would be more apt to make it a cleaner transition in the Giants guys. -- -- a crazy thought I mean maybe not that crazy but all the talk about Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham as well as Jake Ballard is a great receiving corps for the Giants. They could benefit may be some wetter weather is as you said and some people -- said that the defensive backs done over the receivers are going an athlete is so important to them. Well what about on the 49ers passing game two very dear sir Michael Crabtree because. The giants' secondary has not been as strong as their defensive front. Yeah I think probably the reason people are seen as because -- justice. Figured that of the Giants have a very good passing game like you talked about the receivers -- are so explosive and and it -- for years have been -- sort of explosive weapons throughout the wide receiving corps -- It's certainly Vernon Davis is -- number one guys you previous saves and Michael Crabtree has come on played pretty well. Of late in the season but I don't know that they as a as a group. Really compared to what the Giants are out there like this and comparing the 49ers right receivers to the Giants wide receivers and comparing 49ers defense -- secondary to the Giants -- like. Yeah I mean I Walt. I mean this Giants are the 49ers secondary. They have some guys who have been decorated issue with it's a couple Pro Bowl guys in another -- don't Whitner who's. One of the alternates. And the challenges are different in the 42 -- has a bigger challenge I think in the Giants secondary especially when you factor in that idol thing take its going to be able to play. And so now you're looking instead of Kyle Williams -- -- number three receiver that the Giants again have to cover the number three receiver now becomes Brett swain and so I think that challenge. Is I think the talent in the 49ers secondary. Is better and -- that group had a better season the Giants the Giants have played a lot better recently with the Giants. They did a pretty good job on on the on the Green Bay Packers so. They don't have nearly the same. I challenge with the 49ers that they face a week ago Lambeau Field in the packer receiver problem. With themselves as well a lot of drop holes I saw that game but the one notable absence of practice. On Thursday who was in practice on Wednesday. Patrick Willis do you think he's held out just because of the cold weather -- -- hamstring protection. Yeah I mean I do that thing that I always look at is if the guys out there he's walking around and it tells me dead. He's going to be OK he's going to be up -- in the game because experiencing serious. He would be inside. Getting you know two hours with the treatment on any injury that that he would have Jonathan Goodwin was out there today. He wasn't practicing he expects to -- on the play to shot -- at bat in practice on Thursday. But Guillen wasn't out there -- it was not out there. Which tells me of course that he was inside the building trying to get around the clock treatment on the last land you on national TV -- depict. We thought with the game men are on Matt -- go out not to be homer rank with the Giants are your reasons -- gave -- first I absolutely hate giving traditions I mean is there anything car law is there anything more meaningless in the entire world that a guy who has no idea who's gonna win the game try to guess who's gonna in the game. I I it has nothing to do with the game and I know people all -- do you think against the 49ers well. In Atlanta and taken a cue from Jim Harbaugh early in the season he said guys he -- it against us so. How does Julie Jamar body distracted needed a -- average. -- it -- this addition of Matt -- here on CSN Bay Area dot com once again brought to you by. Massages and be in the -- Campbell salute the 49ers on the great season they've been having in those might they might continued to have a despite my horrendous prediction. That I'll be back for one more from this mean for the NFC championship game on Friday here -- -- -- -- and then.

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