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12.28: Know your oponent -- Brian Jennings



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Sat, 31 Aug 2013|

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49ers insider Matt -- good joins us with the scope Matt I realize it was a tough decision. For coach Harbaugh to trim that receiving corps ball were you surprised that Lavelle Hawkins did not make the team. Well not really because they had the five guys sit through the offseason program and training camp they knew that there are getting key does that Anquan Boldin Kyle Williams. Quick impact and Marlon Moore and then Jon Baldwin who they got a no trade for AJ Jenkins. Lavelle Hawkins and Austin -- too tough decisions there Collie had been good success with the Colts. Hawkins really didn't have too much success with the Titans but he really showed up in last two exhibition games -- still those five guys -- gonna be the guy the -- ever gonna keep. It's not often that we talk about long snapper is O'Brien's in his thirteen year veteran. He was -- now while rookie are you surprised at that decision. Yeah it is kind of surprising because at least he's been perfect you know he can't do better than what Brian Jennings did with the -- batters over thirteen years. But this of the decision that. Had to do with. The age and the cost the players wanted to get younger and cheaper and that's what they did with Kevin McDermott but right getting the leaves. The players feel very good and he should about what he did for this organization. Jennings was definitely a fan favorite we got a statement from him that will read a little bit later in the -- thank you very much Matt enjoy reading your work on CSN Bay Area dot com. It.

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  1. Combine week did provide enough time to get all steamed up Raiders healthy as key members of the offensive line we're still missing Monday. But just surprised Dennis Allen played poorly on that topic. Won't do anything to address injuries right now. But. It's could be back. This be the back to work

  2. overall are pretty high. Terrelle Pryor is the team's leading rusher that's not good when you had Darren McFadden Rashad Jennings and Marcel Reece. Already the ball nearly double the amount of time that prior season. And also because Darren McFadden while

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  6. successful. In order to beat the Kansas City Chiefs now there's also good news because. Running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings practice for the second straight day. And Dennis Allen told me on Thursday that all signs point towards them playing on Sunday

  7. I'm on Breaston in practice today Rashad Jennings was limited again Darren McFadden limited station McGee limited Tony Pashos was limited. Marcel limited. Minutes Watson did not

  8. Yeah right that Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings were back on the raiders' practice field And while both early ..... of those guys for the game if I had to psychic. 12 punch Jennings you know or not. More so than a little bit so I love to have

  9. raider nation because running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings . We're both at Wednesday's practice. After suffering ..... average dropped from five point one to two point nine. After Jennings was lost for the second half of that game now the Raiders were

  10. Hopeful that connection. Yes there's never been question in my mind so I'm excited for us and how important are definitely some. Sort of running game going if he is important week in week out running game those important. a part of a stolen car except at temple and you know we did we got a great

  11. start off with the injury report time on Breaston practiced today Rashad Jennings was limited. Darren McFadden was limited he was limited. Tony Pashos was back limited today. Marcel Reece was limited in a middle

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    Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings were healthy enough to practice on Wednesday, an encouraging sign for the Raiders running game.

  13. let him go. Raiders running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings have suffered hamstring injuries and back to back weeks which ..... total offense in three of them so again should McFadden and Jennings not be able to recover in time. Reese is going to be your

  14. know the status of running back Rashad Jennings or Darren McFadden. How important is ..... between the tackles running game that Jennings and McFadden. Can bring to you but let ..... scenario they're hoping and it sounds like Jennings might be a little bit closer to coming

  15. Part really the only injury. In the game dad didn't finish Rashad Jennings with a hamstring. He wouldn't have things. Other than that everybody else was able cents a game. You know I thought this was

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    Dennis Allen doesn't believe Rashad Jennings and Darren McFadden's hamstring injuries are serious, but their statuses for Sunday are unknown.

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  18. health. More than he needs practice reps but if he can't go in this hamstring strain chooses to be a real problem. Rashad Jennings is going to be that guy you'll be at a pretty good game against the Redskins but I caution. Being overly confident in this

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  20. touchdowns but also he's an insurance policy. At the halfback spot because of Darren McFadden can't go and and ever shot Jennings will be the starting guy but. Marcel Reece gives a solid insurance policy. To run the football should anybody else get hurt