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Morning Minute: Sunday recap -- Raiders impress, 49ers fall flat, A's escape NY



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Mon, 24 Sep 2012|

John Henry Smith has your Wendy's Morning Minute for Monday, September 24.


Machine Generated Transcript

Time now put the Wednesday's morning. The area dot com. Good morning I'm John Henry Smith with your morning minute for Monday September 24 the NL west champion Giants took it easy and Sunday sixty for a loss to the Padres Bruce -- -- Davis started the well deserved day off but. Following the game he said to expect -- normal starters in the lineup from here on out. The 49ers up. For their first defeat of the season moving toward -- thirteen for the Vikings Vikings QB Christian Ponder threw broader in 98 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran for a touchdown -- 23 yards out the Vikings were just too strong for the 49ers on this day. Improvements from game had a game plan. You know I thought. From there but I don't really good I don't. They can run and and executed better than us I mean flat but that's it -- they executed better than us and you know open up thirteen points confidence it's that she's an operators that. But the writers get their first win of the season rallying late to beat the Steelers 3431. Sebastien genachowski kicked a 43 yard field goal for the win as time expired. Carson Palmer threw for 409 yards and three scores Darren McFadden had a 113 yards and a score on eighteen carries. If it feels good you know for me I was -- myself but -- -- meanwhile as I always feel good in -- like the zone -- way to Minnesota so. Feel good about they know just wanna go out -- keep working hard -- to keep getting better each week. Of the avoid being swept by the Yankees went five to four Sunday they had the Texas for a very important four game series. That's it for this edition of the morning minute. Have a great day. That was the windy this morning minute CSN Bay Area dot com.

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