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Matt & Mindi -- Are the 49ers that good or Bills that bad?


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Mon, 14 Oct 2013|

Bill Romanowski gives his thoughts on Matt Flynn moving over to the east coast to join the Buffalo Bills.


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It honestly is gonna play for the Buffalo Bills signed with the Buffalo Bills not too long ago and now. He's got to play for a team that's been. Up and down this season would definitely have some talent on that team what do you think of this signing could fit then. And I don't know Palin away to the top here's a guy who's constantly get -- beat out my number one quarterbacks. It is Manuel as their guys are gonna be either number one quarterback for long that's their future how do you think he fits in with the Buffalo Bills. You know -- I think here's here's a guy that's been in a number of different systems. I'm not sure with the office coordinator is up in Buffalo maybe he's familiar with a map plan. Maybe he's having him along his. His journey here in the NFL so hey hats off to them I'm glad he's landed on -- team and he's able to go out there in May be. Prove that he can still play quarterback. In this league.

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