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Alex Smith clears air on bad offseason press

Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

Five QBs were selected before Colin Kaepernick in the 2011 draft, including Tennessee's Jake Locker. The two square off Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Allen on Newton : 'He presents some unique challenges'

    well as part overall record yeah. No I mean hey you know he's he's he's got some of those same skill sets is. As Cam Newton and so we've used him in that role. You know this week of practice.

  2. 1.11: Morning Minute -- Jim Harbaugh gets to work; Auburn is No. 1

    thriller point two. To nineteen all over Oregon and eventually west Byron nineteen yard field goal as. Time expired. Cam Newton threw a couple of touchdowns and helped his school capture its second ever national champ. It's really hard for me

  3. Bair and Smith: Step back for Pryor, Raiders' offense

    anybody else and we have a situation like that. Sometimes guys get hurt you with RG three is you end up before with Cam Newton and you see a west prior here in Denver so I think that that is just part of the danger but Dennis Allen said hey anybody

  4. Paul & Kate: Leinart's shaky audition

    doubt this is this guide us out here Cam Newton is with and and at practice a lot ..... ready so. Yeah I don't know cam Cam Newton you know. Daly did in and did not ..... controversy a little did add that Newton because like he got his out on the

  1. but I how to talk to the warrior people. Part of the game last night they were concerned that he did not shoot the ball well Newton in the pre season out from two pointers shoot threes inning. He was fortunate last night scored so we're not concerned about

  2. Kaepernick has not forgotten teams that chose other QBs


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    the 2011 NFL draft and watched as four quarterback-needy teams hand-picked players to lead their teams. No. 1, Cam Newton , Carolina No. 8, Jake Locker, Tennessee No. 10, Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville No. 12, Christian Ponder, Minnesota

  3. Well loses we just happen period became just glad there's just fight fight hard to keep stretching. Clothing and just doing Newton 's time how big was this that it was really now it's only three. It's charges this and confidence. In our division to

  4. I'm happy in the us I think this whole team was helped by frank tonight what can you just say about his performance 953. Newton didn't. Francoeur he was Austin he's he was you did a beautiful job tonight. Applaud him in his efforts he definitely

  5. He's been new as well equipped do you give us like we just came off of and Cam Newton . Big strong fast and terrific arm. No great mobility courage. Willingness to run all of those things. You know they give you

  6. things through that. You'd become. Chemistry it's nice. Hours. Your bills passed them. It's things in its place. Newton center and you can you you were on strong these there theories out there. It is a little bit different in the last couple things

  7. Wizards' exec Milt Newton new T-Wolves GM


    Wed, 28 Aug 2013

    The Timberwolves have at long last hired Wizards' VP of director of player personnel Milt Newton as their GM, CSN's Chris Miller reported on Wednesday.

  8. quarterback and I would think you may really even. Re write the book on what the prototypical quarterback is I think he. And Cam Newton two quarterbacks of the future will remain the greatest ever. Who could say that Ron Jaworski can say that to mark crime

  9. Newton might leave for T-Wolves after all


    Sun, 11 Aug 2013

    The on-again, off-again rumors about the Timberwolves targeting Wizards head of scouting Milt Newton for their vacant GM position are back on.

  10. Bochy on Romo: 'He's earned this'


    Sun, 14 Jul 2013

    do. HM complaining on got injured. You know I was concern here. Holiness as many issues. Work closer and you know Cam Newton for a pitcher like their quarterback coach so. It's. Where right now whatever. So you don't necessarily have to

  11. T'wolves never requested to speak with Newton


    Mon, 8 Jul 2013

    A report a few months ago stated that Milt Newton , Wizards head of scouting, was on a short list to become GM of the Timberwolves but they never requested an interview.

  12. antics and get away from us and you know You know take. Him learn from us and you know take those things and then work on on Newton and Rex Moved slightly planning and getting. Do it yeah this week's guest writers. We put it there for years it was handling

  13. a deep as a guy had a green. Was in my some last year where you go you look at the emergence of and Tebow and then. Cam Newton ended common RG three and all those different guys. You see that did these seeing different ways teams have approached

  14. Newton on Vick: 'I know he's unbelievably fast'


    Thu, 30 May 2013

    Cam Newton isn't worried about whether he's as fast as Michael Vick. The Panthers' QB is more focused on being smarter with the football.

  15. and there's a lot of different faces. I agree with that. Part. To say that we're. We just don't take our lumps and Newton play ball. That's that's not to go here we go is. This to compete. They each and every week and win games. And we

  16. more take the lead 75 and that was it ever do it back up You know ES you're pretty good about what happened there. And nick Newton 's first start in the big leagues he goes three for five and you didn't have a throwing error but feeling you lose. Flawless

  17. effective pitcher TV grit of this of the the saves. They have scored ourselves. What do you see the new now the RG the cam Newton 's and the guy we see on Sunday coming predict this is a different type of quarterback what do you see from these

  18. s why he's so Smart thinking man was so Smart you know it's two things that you do it's you know. Things that Cam Newton minority through your game better and do my short soon you know. commend them that is you know I'm just trying to

  19. Newton flashes 'Cam' and 'Scam' against Raiders


    Sun, 23 Dec 2012

    Cam Newton certainly flashed his athleticism in the Panthers win, but he also showcased his immaturity on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for the Raiders, he got away with it.

  20. Instant Replay: Panthers 17, Raiders 6


    Sun, 23 Dec 2012

    Cam Newton threw a touchdown and ran for another, Caron Palmer was knocked out of the game in the first quarter, and the Raiders fell to 4-11 following a 17-6 loss to the Panthers.