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Carlos Rogers: 'I don't buy into (Packers) momentum'



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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

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May practice his third interception and this season and it's not just -- this -- that is able to do against players. They're so tall and Summers are how you use out leveraging your athleticism and you go up against his receivers are a few inches higher than you. I just. But much they need to lose much speed in accordance. It is the first interception that Jake Locker is round you play receiver you actually read his eyes a little bit he can obviously with the deep ball that right sideline to -- -- of the quarterback. In his there's a drop of possibly up then let's go to the -- him. Neon name Roger laughing because Carlos Rogers is crazy critiquing his interview skills as well. -- -- How would you critique prose writers performance tonight. Really a lot to us. I can't critique you know he's he's a veteran so those things -- learn a lot of notes of. Not so much our team defense came into this game alliance and the fewest passing yards in NFL what is this DB unit doing so well right now how you are clicking. I was just playing together let you know we just communicate this to this revenues. We just go to them playing together and just. Go without -- -- to do. But it's tough though because you help us this team to just three points than a big. The big play to 66 yards as an exercise is -- hard for the defense -- shut -- you -- big plays are gonna happen. And -- -- -- play an NFL team so everything over to my air play we know that we got to come here play. So that's without folks come out here on its away game of this but simply physical Smart. People see you play the way -- playing now they say you're in the zone last night I promise you can't say I. Do you feel like your -- in his -- right now either in this clicking -- -- yes. We have more coaches this keeps telling me to stay focused and just play our play and do my sons and do my -- what's -- -- so that's that's my focus and inning thanks so much that kind of money and I think it is thank.

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  1. and he what he is ended but acclimated to the NFL team giving him football shape. The way. That the starters are playing at Rogers and brown and but also the third guy Jermaine brought there's no spot right now for Eric to make a contribution again he

  2. quarterback. In his there's a drop of possibly up then let's go to the him. Neon name Roger laughing because Carlos Rogers is crazy critiquing his interview skills as well. How would you critique prose writers performance tonight. Really

  3. outstanding. or caused a fumble and Navarro Bowman was able to recover than Eric Reed. Got an interception force. Carlos Rogers got an interception coroner get a sack result of that in the safety and you know those are those plays were were huge

  4. As that is at this first interception and this season and it came right after Troy Brown had a near. Interception as well but both of you covering Larry FitzGerald anyway talented receiver here is how how you that playing how are you reading Mary. we had a covers well I'm underneath him I got

  5. result Curtis brown and Jamie baker joining us live from Rogers arena in Vancouver thanks what did you take away. From this contest because did seem to be several positives the Sharks beyond

  6. season was the cornerback position but through five games they showed very good depth at that spot. Behind starters Carlos Rogers and Rob Brown is to remain Brock. The reigning NFC defensive player of the week that he took the job held by veteran

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  8. basketball. I'd be selling Jarrett Jack's short I'd be selling Landry show I'd be selling Brandon Rush Richard Jefferson Rogers Beatrice show. They meant a lot to us that team was tied together. This team. Say let let us develop let us develop a unity

  9. Matchup number three. 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers against Rams wide receiver to Avon Austin now the Rams ..... he can make. Now that's a big responsibility for Carlos Rogers Rogers always matches up against the slot receiver and

  10. Aaron Rogers he's the ultimate gunslinger he was dealing you feel like you feared ultimately prevail what is your assessment. You know you

  11. off the field that affects him on the field. In week one he has no bigger mess than facing Aaron Rodgers and the Packers passing game. The last time he played the Packers he intercepted a pass against Rogers in the NFC divisional playoffs.

  12. It. The names on the packers' roster may have seen since the two games they played against the 49ers last season the San Francisco scouting report on Green Bay remains the same. After all. Long offseason everybody has little wrinkle here and there they do so I'm sure we'll see something. That maybe

  13. time inside you know it's in my in my career football. know when McCain may you know it I learned to laugh and put Carlos Rogers and also. It's it's it's hit me out out of nowhere you know where my. From Columbus is going to be and I know

  14. here you know bringing in non BR that's that was gonna kind of kind of sure up that that secondary. But you don't Carlos Rogers two seasons ago he was saying he was a pro bowler last season had some struggles with some those faster receivers those

  15. Nominated is working you know we have a lot of mis time a lot of lot of thing you know a lot of walk through so we have to talk and communicate. Individual duel thread is. And you go to to me you know just routine. Going though we've been through this trial work it out is going to be different is

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    On anymore once. Would some and to me so again. Even some have won clauses like two years ago. It's guys gain through again. And go play right and peca that some of them and if so. On this as much unknown if the long third down views that didn't know with the Cologne just in case one line that one

  19. It hurts. Now I am her sixteen. Like coasted. You know I don't know Rangers come you know in this guy that is that book. As a team we got to pick up space in the sitting here the semis that was. You know start go to their cars coming off the base. They'd be role on this team not on the defense does

  20. season the 49ers still have four guys on the roster who were there a year ago. Of course behind starters brown and Carlos Rogers there's other quarterbacks Cox and remain Brock. Nnamdi Asomugha in the picture he'll be competing for a spot