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10.20: Chronicle Live exclusive -- Carson Palmer



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Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

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That tip number two -- 49ers outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks I -- right tackle Eric Winston -- Winston has kind of struggled for the Arizona Cardinals at right tackle. Coming over from the Houston Texans he's allowed five sacks in five games. The 49ers have liked everything they've gone from Ahmad Brooks who is really their big pass rush threat with all the Smith out of line up. 49ers coach. Jim Harbaugh says that he does it without fanfare he plays the run he plays the past the 49ers will need him to get pressure on Carson Palmer Sunday against Eric Winston.

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  1. 10.18: Henry and Paul -- Carson Palmer press conference

    in and obviously hue Jackson as long as you. Carson Palmer is convinced that Carson Palmer is the right guy used to be the wide receivers coach in Cincinnati. While Carson Palmer was there. Here's the question do you think

  2. 10.18: Raiders press conference -- Carson Palmer and Hue Jackson Pt. 1

    have an coming here and get the second player we've acquired since he's been. There currently suffers. And now Carson Palmer obviously you know people more significant occurred because the quarterback. There's no question about that in Hitler

  3. Paul & Kate: What did Carson Palmer say at halftime?

    talking about coming into this game especially since we just got the playing here I think in Cincinnati every talking about. Palmer returning to the team that house perhaps this season and then it came to the Raiders that was when it reception would be like

  4. 1-on-1 with Carson Palmer , Uncut: Part 3 -- "I feel my best is yet to come"

    And when you look back on your career where you're at now is the best of Carson Palmer . You know still to come here how are you feeling your rat because I would get. Years help with the veteran leadership that the

  1. tonight click a little bit of an off night and that people like that down Did excel against Chris Paul I think bring it on Chris Palmer aggression while wearing your post secrets dress up as football for the entirety. I was that they but he will definitely car

  2. Bears shuffle roster, add QB Jordan Palmer , LB Larry Grant


    Mon, 28 Oct 2013

    The Bears added quarterback Jordan Palmer and linebacker Larry Grant to their 53-man on Monday morning. The team waived tight end Steve Maneri and C.J. Wilson to make room for the duo.

  3. Report: Bears re-signing QB Jordan Palmer


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    Quarterback Jordan Palmer is reportedly re-signing with the Bears, following Jay Cutler's groin injury which he suffered in Sunday's loss to the Redskins.

  4. Lemonier: 'We were more hungry'


    Sun, 13 Oct 2013

    I do I the two guys who haven't seen 255 since they were ten years. Let's let's be honest about that when you sacked Palmer didn't do you know it was a safety. On a mania because we were down there and you realize that when you got up bomb in the

  5. big pass rush threat with all the Smith out of line up. 49ers coach. Jim Harbaugh says that he does it without fanfare he plays the run he plays the past the 49ers will need him to get pressure on Carson Palmer Sunday against Eric Winston.

  6. But. Part of predict that right now. Culture affect an entire season. He feels good about the doctors feel good about they're valuation and we'll trust and hard to predict the future and. Good. For well being told yes and without. You're always higher risk of making it worse. I'll be. It's. Are

  7. you had a close. person personal with this guy playing quarterback so when you bring To be a guy this gonna replace Carson Palmer . As a GM. You as a Raiders organization you don't have time for a lot of mistakes does this team is very Bolton

  8. Bears with two quarterbacks after release of Edwards


    Fri, 30 Aug 2013

    Jordan Palmer was cut early Friday, and the Bears followed that up by cutting Trent Edwards, meaning the team will against head into a season with just two quarterbacks on the roster.

  9. Bears' Palmer makes statement against Browns


    Fri, 30 Aug 2013

    Reserve quarterback Jordan Palmer played well during his first start with the Bears in the preseason finale against the Browns on Thursday.

  10. Palmer announces release via Twitter


    Fri, 30 Aug 2013

    Quarterback Jordan Palmer tweeted news of his release Friday morning, not 24 hours after an impressive performance in the preseason finale, which figured to land him on the Bears roster.

  11. Webb, Palmer , Hardin cuts begin early 'outs' for Bears


    Fri, 30 Aug 2013

    Offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb, quarterback Jordan Palmer and safety Brandon Hardin were some of the more notable names cut from the Bears roster Friday after Thursday's preseason finale.

  12. Bears Viewers Guide: Finding an emergency QB who can manage game


    Wed, 28 Aug 2013

    After the injury to former Bears third-string quarterback Matt Blanchard, Thursday night's preseason finale could be a roster-maker for either Trent Edwards or Jordan Palmer .

  13. cares. They waited for track. Practice take he's very straight thing is he's doing it doing it Philly. The masters. Palmer wrestling coaches and everybody instilled in me back right away but you gotta get him. You got to be stronger and everybody

  14. Bears sign former Bills QB Trent Edwards


    Sun, 18 Aug 2013

    After showing interest in Jordan Palmer , the Bears went in a different direction to add quarterback depth, signing Trent Edwards to a one-year contract on Sunday.

  15. QB or not QB? That was the question for Bears


    Sat, 17 Aug 2013

    Matt Blanchard suffered a fractured knuckle on his left hand Thursday against the Chargers, forcing the Bears to sign Jordan Palmer to replace Blanchard for the time being in training camp.

  16. everyone wants to see what's gonna happen with at the Helm of the quarterback position. Guess I'm getting ready Carson Palmer and bring in another guy plan. Reggie knows very well so it's some interest to see what happens but they do have

  17. personal on Air Force One en route to the all star game. And Saint Louis and then today he had a one on one meeting in the Palmer and with the Willie Mays gave him uprising against San after the team was announced on the south Willie Mays received his own

  18. The guys you put so much time in studies all the hitters and and doesn't really good job of you know just knowing what mr. Palmer situations. And that's it's paying like that you can put a lot of trust on the takes a little bit of the stress off you

  19. is mostly the same roster. With a few additions. This year it's a completely new roster and that position. like Carson Palmer unfortunate he's gone. Joba back. So I don't know a lot about. Any of these you these quarterback to the millions

  20. National Football League. Arizona's going to be better I believe they've they've got yourself a quarterback Carson Palmer now control the ball down the field one of the best receivers in the National Football FitzGerald. And inside and