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Cal Center Alex Mack, pt. 2



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Thu, 23 Apr 2009|

Alex Mack says more NFL Teams scouted him than colleges did.


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The guy who are more trips for the NFL that college which is on me down -- one recruiting trip to -- cal let's and then four. Over the past month or so that the that both teams. But basic -- that some teams that. Just kind of skipped over rent so -- huge improvement. And -- got. So and so or even Baltimore Atlanta Pittsburgh Cleveland yes eventually AFC north as a radar and virtually makes. Are -- the we can handle the the big. And most of that division players at 34 defense they have sort of take its nose tackles and -- And football meant in that division Casey Hampton in Pittsburg and a lot of notice and in Baltimore you can never went up against him when you were him I don't. Once snap against them when stars an issue came off. If that's how to do had to go -- I think the athletes. Very accurate and have a way it's.

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    Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James, Anthony Dixon So what happens if/when the 49ers sign fullback Owen Marecic? Dixon's role as a backup and special-teamer might be in jeopardy. Jewel Hampton could be ticketed for the practice squad.

  2. late last season so the forty hours we'll certainly give him some action but keep your eye on a couple of unknowns. Jewel Hampton who spent some time on the 53 man roster last season we'll get his first playing time with the 49ers he was on the pup list

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    all of them really I think Michael has come. A long long way. In the off season. And you know your chance to watch jewel Hampton out there real game. And all those guys. You know they're all doing really good job up to now but. You know we get we

  4. Crawford sport but it and it's pretty good class different been. Wanted to play with these guys alone. That class was certain Hampton and There's a lot of guys in the class that are played in the big leagues and you know it's Kent couldn't be happier

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    Frank Gore is the 49ers' undisputed best running back, but competition remains behind him. Could Jewel Hampton grab a roster spot?

  6. has some other guys who have very intriguing as well. Jewel Hampton was an undrafted rookie last year 49ers really liked it never ..... teams like. Marcus Lattimore he could see these years jewel Hampton . I don't expect him to be ready for the start training of

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    Former Bears Dan Hampton and Richard Dent are among a group of Pro Football Hall of Famers scheduled to appear at the Chicago Salute to Greatness dinner and golfing event next month.

  9. don't need him for 200413. Still they they have Frank Gore they have Kendall Hunter Michael James. Anthony Dixon jewel Hampton was on the team last year they like him too so they just want Marcus Lattimore to make sure that when he comes back. He comes



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    Harewood, LB Adrian Hamilton, WR Deonte Thompson and DT Bryan Hall. Inactive for San Francisco: QB Scott Tolzien, S Trenton Robinson, RB Jewel Hampton , LB Cam Johnson, G Joe Looney, DT Ian Williams and DT Tony Jerod-Eddie. ---

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    New coach, new starts. Fifth-year senior defensive tackle Maurice Hampton joins three freshmen in the defensive starting lineup. Watch the Terps take on Towson today at 3:30 p.m. on CSN.

  12. the second half thanks in large part of refreshment. went looking scary moment but it will be not. Corner kick for the has Hampton on globally there is there about it over the crossbar. Under ten minutes luckily with the chancellor group of lives that way

  13. played the playoffs at all it's never Emmys keep him around as a teacher. I think we might have a better chance seen jewel Hampton had last via Australia and I think. Jim Harbaugh. What is Jim Harbaugh say the team the team the team and with Brandon Jacobs

  14. this and the area dot com yeah. Good morning everyone I'm Henry well over winter morning minute for Friday August 24 the Hampton roads business journal is reporting that Virginia Beach has joined the list of proposed. Destinations for the Sacramento Kings

  15. different level from college and you know it's been time. Shuffled to the and we kind of off the love it looks like Hampton fell in love with the much like when they come back going and kind of elevate my game from that point in time.

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    Larry there there's a track record of pitchers who don't deliver with the nine figure contracts. Guarantee you brown and Hampton even Zito here. What was the danger factor if any with Matt and what what was that any different when the thinking that came

  17. In the area dot com yeah. Good morning everybody had done and is that there at their morning minute big news reporting niners fan says they're team made the first blast of the off season. You at the age of 35 and Randy gathers no Moss. 49ers reportedly agreed to a one year deal of seven time pro

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    Derrick Rose was a passenger in of rafts and not that the Chicago. Bulls quake I was riding what his personal assistant Randall Hampton was pulled over the suspicion that at bat driving of course. He failed. I'm going to that. Half Romo didn't practice

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    little bit more bowl songs and it is kind game we pitch him. Just need some help Terry deduced. One out there and anything Hampton 's done such a great job. He had to. Put zeros and we weren't scorn and He did you answer. Team that can't say enough

  20. there any nose tackle. Prospects that they could look at. I think in the second third round range competent and Ellis from Hampton University former South Carolina kids transfer and also Terrelle from Mississippi. Big physical guy you know blocks inside