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Branch in Raiders' fold; who's next?



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Tue, 8 Jan 2013|

Matt & Mindi discuss how the Packers might be able to neutralize Patrick Willis.


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Having upcoming -- here at the 49ers training facility on Tuesday at the teams on the practice field preparing for the Green Bay packers' divisional round playoff game -- Get a chance actually speak to defensive coordinator experience it -- let's speak with him we saw the different. Packages he had to Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay Packers. In game one of the regular season and that meant a lot Patrick Willis on the sideline -- that a dime package means he Navarro Bowman switch that might. Linebacker position there but. If that's something that we're gonna see the same in this game with a key matchup to -- his defense against their writers often. Well that the Packers are healthy now that the wide receivers are healthy so they can put those four wide receivers out there Jennings. Nelson and two games. Eric Jones James Jones and help me out and battle top. So they put those four guys out there the Warriors have no choice but to figure out what they wanted to do do they want but Patrick Willis. On one of those receivers to me. It seems like a pretty good matchup for the Packers to at least dictate. That they can keep Patrick Willis on the sidelines. So I think I did I'd be surprised if that if the Packers don't do that they they did that a lot we won. Since then they haven't done it as much but I think when you look at. What they can accomplish. Yes the running game is better than it was even even though Cedric Benson started the season as their number one running back -- is lost for the year but we want -- is now the the running back they seem to be doing better that team. As far as in the ballroom. Effectively on the ground. To Michael Finley as a tight and he should be on the field just got every plate to -- -- they can split him out. So I think it generally did the office dictates what the defense does or at least puts the personnel out there -- forces -- in of the defense. That's going to be one of those matchups to watch are the 49ers going to counter -- it. Patrick Willis on the field. Or with pairs Cox field her -- the fourth quarterback right now obviously Patrick Willis justices sometimes he Navarro both. Have what would be the Mike position Mike linebacker position in that dime package and we -- Navarro Bowman had his first career interception. In that game against the Packers that. White Navarro then they say it's more his natural position and that's package that why Nomar over Patrick let's just because of that because they have to -- there's fewer new moving parts. If they just have. -- it's more his natural position that one linebacker spot remaining. In the dime packages and I mean sixty at bats of prayers of the four linemen. The one linebacker. That's seven defenders and it's all right you know 455. And then six defenders at sixty that's an accident he loving guys. So they have that just fell one spot in essence -- fox plays a linebacker type of role. -- he was pretty much on Randall Cobb. The entire game. In Randall Cobb if you remember had nine catches nine passes thrown his -- nine catches but not. It's huge number of yards note Cobb is usually up around that twelve yards per catch market nagging is about even half so. The forty now with the foreigners did well that game was it yes the Aaron Rodgers completed passes in the cases of Randall Cobb. Yes he -- pretty much every pass thrown his way but the four and didn't let it get behind him they did a very good job securing the tackle so. I think that's a huge key in this game to. Regardless of what kind of defense corners are out there if and when those guys that I need to Jennings Jones Cobb and Nelson when they catch the ball. If the players are tackling and immediately then the foreigners will probably win this game was interesting Patrick Wilson. Patrick Willis often out that dime package it in on the dollar package -- -- -- usually third and long and that's what's very interesting to me so. But talk about green Bay's running game I mean the 49ers defense hasn't been as stout against the run. To close out the season obviously they -- Marshawn Lynch twice this season and you're at and everything -- season with the biggest difference even seen. The 49ers run defense. That's a good question I don't I don't know I mean it's it's so easy it and it all lineman Justin Smith being out a lineup but. AME those running backs are good Marshawn Lynch is one of the best when he accidentally Stephen Jackson has given the -- problems do but he gives everybody problems. Before you should be able to handle this Packers running game you know they did it we whine when it was Bentsen. Yes -- Harrison is doing your job but that's a patchwork offensive -- that that the Packers have a lot of new faces -- right now. And 49ers should. Along those pars and dominate but the -- fronts that. Needs to win that battle against the Packers offensive line. Not only the running game but also in the passing that guy get -- on -- on Aaron Rodgers and let's face it -- Rodgers. Is not a difficult guy to sack and 51 sacks on the season that's a league high. 49ers have to get after him put him on the ground the problem is on those times where you don't get to them. -- five stats seven step drop he can make huge plays down the field so that's one. Battle you know the -- front seven against the Packers. Offensive linemen in pass protection around like they -- -- -- -- -- that and speaking of. Getting the ball out quickly dispatched the 49ers offense is that something that this office is really struggled with. Recently you know the timing wise -- one of the slowest offenses in the league getting to the line is averaging -- you play called and we ask Greg Roman. About that the offensive coordinator that was concerned as we saw the last few games blowing timeout he delays the game in Seattle. Even against Arizona as they didn't have the play correctly they weren't ready for the players that play was changing so many different reasons. Isn't and I didn't think it was any of her workers than the rest of the season. Cannon and he's playing nice but that's something that they really can't change against a quick pace offense clicking. Well I don't think it's a bad thing if they can take the entire play -- to -- on the -- -- this isn't that situation and it's Austin but I I would say that. You guys we've we've tied a certain teams at that pride themselves on getting the ball he'll get the ball snapped with 615 seconds left on the play clock. I before there's a lot of milk and all the way to the end -- most occasions but he added that the that time outs you know. On offense that was inexcusable those happy and singing he did indicate that we get better against the defense agreement. Well I think against the Cardinals they were much better in the in the final game of the season now against the Seattle Seahawks it was a absolute failure but I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that it was so loud in Seattle that -- -- -- -- make the same play call. Two or sometimes even three times. Within that huddle because guys think hearing so he had to get to tell you three guys over here in two or three guys over there two or three guys right there. What the play call wasn't so that was part of the reason that was really you juries one for ever so late getting out of him getting to the line of scrimmage. I would think he Candlestick Park. It should it be -- factor. If they win. In the Falcons win and they go to two. Atlanta Vinny could be a factor again but I don't think this week I'd be surprised him. If that's a factor this week and speaking at Candlestick Park of course pictures surface that Billy -- it. Practicing there on Monday we had a chance to speak to Billie today you're -- conversation I was speaking to someone else at the time when he Billy say. About his time again so I know he did say that stadiums in California are very old yes yeah yeah -- these -- idea that's Candlestick Park. Yeah it's it's not exactly an aesthetically pleasing. Being you know. And it says it's not exactly. I think gorgeous. No he said that he thought the footing was was better at candlestick. That it is on the practice field here game he says he feels very good about the way he's kicking. As far as David Akers you know what he thinks about how David Akers is sticking him in watching he has been watching. His own. Job and let that. All the -- -- stance that we take that David Akers we know he is kicked. At candlestick before Billy kind of hasn't been dating is not part of that work -- -- or anything to be taken from. I think so I mean -- innocence that is if the 49ers. Really felt like Akers was the guy. You mean that was -- have been in need to go there and have Billy Cundiff kicked in Candlestick Park. So old I mean yeah it certainly adds added fuel to that speculation that. It kind of is the guy did that Jim Harbaugh was talking about as being the leader in the clubhouse. And certainly Watson can't. You know we've talked about this before I don't think there's any question that kind of his hitting the ball better. And David Akers -- world watching the warm ups were not watching the actual practice it. You know right now as we stand here on Tuesday with the game. Four days away -- this way I think -- I think there's a pretty strong chances Billy Cundiff is out there hit for corners on Saturday evening. Had a chance as Greg Roman about that -- it would depending upon which kicker is active on Saturday how will that affect. This offense incidents of the that he Brad -- would get together and -- and all the coaches and decide because it's true if you. You know they don't know what they have really kind of they actually don't know if they haven't David Akers right now either quit. It is hard to say how much pressure for lack of a better word -- -- it can really change some offensive decisions when it comes to certain down. And distances you -- you can you just don't know which you can get from your kicker I mean you go for the long field goal and -- just -- the short pooch punt him so many things could change. I would I you know I I don't know how it would I'm trying to think about how it would affect how the offense calls plays his. I mean the goal every time you get the ball as to get a first down or hit the ball to the end zone and where it would affect them and -- you have some ideas -- how it could affect. -- of their they're always gonna try to make a first down on third and three from the forty year from the 35 from thirty. But yeah I mean from the -- front if you're talking up the 36 yard line where you're looking at a 54 yard field goal. I think you do more -- you know depending on the game situation. So to punt it or maybe even go for it -- it for him. -- -- -- So maybe that against me that's player's idea that's what you're talking about as opposed to actual play call you up to me we try to you know. Go for all right here or something like that so. And if there's four foreigners kick it there's really no reason for the team to have confidence in the for our stickers -- -- you -- but I'm on instead being honest. James I think the play calling and the decision making. Well I mean. Does it and he did they just they wanna put the ball the end zone regardless. -- so he thought that I don't know yet there's no reason less and it would what's gonna be difficult is. Those places where do you where -- headed off to me it's. Remember now when -- missed field goal occurs the team gets it from where the ball was on the ground so that's eight yards behind him. So I mean they might be more options to go forward. In those kinds of situations. It means to. I get a little bit of injury update is is really nice to see Kyle Williams and -- -- both here practice but of course they're working out they're just on three come the bikes. And the first time Kyle Williams's working out there working out and had not practicing with the team but yes there were to have both on the cabinet bike they're very cute side by side. Become the bikes you know they're not sitting up there sitting down. -- -- -- And that Kyle Williams they get only have such as a few days and that was it. Mario Manningham had to speak to him he is on crutches still has not had surgery which surprised me -- they're waiting for the swelling go down. At the freaking -- surgeries that you think he's gonna be on crutches for a little while longer but after seeing how eating Peterson rebounded. So quickly thinking you know I think they're going to be just fine. Let me give you my just -- Adrian obviously gators might -- that the injury update he will try to play he will play. He's gonna start. Saturday night. But we don't know how he's how long he will play or how effective he can beat nobody will know that. Until the game starts that's like Justin Smith injury update for today we -- -- yesterday Avery lines. And that visiting us use your last two months you asking -- the same thing though Vick educated -- and there's -- on and on and on. You just that obviously if he's going to be the one that's gonna make the call if Justin is not playing well he said I would much rather have a player 100%. That a player at 80% 85% even even even if that's just it's so that -- disease that I've seen he's not be as effective as he normally is. If the next guy. Eating out -- Matt I'll be here again tomorrow of course. We're live tonight. At six. 630 at NBC seven on 49ers essentially to seven tonight at 55 on proper -- out by the chronicle live and also do remember -- forget. Hash tag quest for six you get a chance to win some tickets to this Saturday's divisional playoff. We don't resell them if the MR.

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