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Reid: We played physical, got back to basics



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Sun, 27 Oct 2013|

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Every says that to pay a fine for me a little bit late that lets -- visiting the defensive performance ceiling at the Jaguars cross fifty yard line once in the first half. What is really the key -- defense beginning Chad Henne and and that Jaguars offense. You know as this point physically that's been a model for the whole year home -- has -- as Tom some -- Tom -- again to get back to basics alone stone -- -- not -- -- his call advances they've sold. No just coming out. That when Justin Blackmon came and you really changed dynamic of this jags offense have really Maurice Jones-Drew. Certainly seem like this team pressed her hand it was that what this defense is playing for. Yeah well we knew they had some great weapons and there was even -- running back home. Drew definitely it's definitely so that he's a good run and I mean just bounces all the tackles and no no fumbles thought we did a good job with the width of their receivers. -- got the job done that's most important. Not a pressured them I Henne was that by design obviously because you have his DBs in the back thinking you have those coverage skills even. No -- -- a blue B look a little more pressure on the secondary -- linebackers to cover receivers -- the Saints followed. Express all the linebackers up with a little zone nearly had the kind of double duty tonight nothing -- still -- The defense known for forcing turnovers -- I think anyone expected danced and got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And those cars because we had a couple in the thousands and nobody's -- -- there's only you know the one the biggest gallery film is the -- would actually knows this profit him. We had to a problem and we needed it on this season moment. Home. -- haven't won five straight wins for this team now is the bye week and how much needed what do you take from the first half from this team in this defense. No we still have room for improvement on the would play well but no we still can eliminate some mistakes and get better zone. We'll say -- -- -- rust though and -- better end of combat ready if we none. Ready for -- suddenly had to win and I think -- --

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