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8.13: Raiders practice -- Jason Campbell



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Sun, 14 Aug 2011|

The Raiders' QB said he was happy to see himself on film as he prepares for the team's second preseason game.


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Be. -- because. As a tennis side of the field for him you know sort of Monica some guys a chance to -- -- -- four days to get them today. It was certainly going in the right area and things so there's more to -- it is so they present. -- Just the. Just really you know it up to loosen up the makes -- decision -- the ball I guess completions and anytime you do you play makers on the outside chance that. Pitching around him on the big plays for us up about this love is a good job of taking him. I -- -- -- the team you were an own conclusions about penalties and who can't go backwards and move forward but that was it near you right. But we've you know we've been honest. Through Hilton. I don't know one thing you know you don't want that because one -- of chemistry. And everything them mentality game going on the road on all cylinders. The Rangers do have in his game against continue to move forward and with me yet it was -- that you bay -- you know you've been healthy. That. Other guys get -- to get reps with the probable Q it was a regular season we'd -- -- take on the road so bright as this opportunity for me. Learn what to do. Early in camp and have a good scenario for me that. You know but it felt. I think on the -- -- from the president today or. Bodiford. They were you when. We just brought in. Vernon Hagan running Chad Jackson and you know they picked up on the system really quick so there's a lot of young guys an opportunity to work him. As -- I feel for because they -- -- -- I don't want to hear them a lot of guys injured and but did they don't give up they keep fighting because in this room sees them -- That is that the a's especially footer and I made a big third down play him you know -- your that the kids. And I was being and then the punt return and kind of take one almost to the house and who got called bad -- you can see flashes. It is talent and ability. Going back and only thing Bryant became the reports that you view -- that about him being out there and see thing. Out of -- each other papers He got here and how much. The -- probably He would be giving us. And figure things seriously. You know difficult -- hurt us last year. A lot of areas and the one thing you don't wanna do is make that ahead and no -- dedicated. And get rid of the penalties -- zoning him. Especially league procedures -- else and encroachments of those things that we don't wanna give the team five yours but you also don't want to Honduras where. And we all understand and get better at. As a whole group as a whole unit and we don't. And -- first game it happens that we just put it behind us and. We'll keep bonus that we improve and coach also penalties and the other area human being doesn't just let them -- there. Played. Will be at -- at the next couple weak indicator as. Well Lorenzo guess and Rizzo just want to keep moving forward and they wanna. She informs us main thing is getting points. If -- can't -- -- -- -- but we rather have service. Once had a I would give more to stuff and keeping. An excellent and it hurt as a places those penalties again but. But Lugo we'll get better -- get better and an area first receiving game in museum for coach Jeff repetitive that that was definitely games and how I play. Oh yeah on LL let -- the fact that He generated. -- you know our coaches. You see if our game from last season's and capitalism. Was that a a close. You know they booed throughout the game just something that you know him and see guys -- move a spot described work on technique things. Which He was getting pretty soon and like the first game is to promote discrimination against another team alive atmosphere in front of fans and opportunity better than they still win the game because you create winners have. Guys did play hard golf course there's going to be mistakes made them stand you know early on -- pre season and that's what we're doing just doing that team. And McLean -- -- in a field. -- As a guy who lines up across from. You guys need to do you see you -- as mine working together as well as the competition to name me. Here I was. And is fun this is one part one got that I sometimes as well and sometimes -- That's what training camp we're here -- make each other better -- work. You is that -- because you can see how He brings fumbles and missed the net -- Understanding of the game. And yeah. You guys talk like -- -- -- to. What you're thinking what it sometimes it looked. Nothing -- yes without these yeah sometime I asked them you know. Would give the rot away it would youth and has quarter then that you know keep on. And sometimes -- from the -- you know we rotating coverage really quick. -- us. Positively and those those those things that we communicate -- We know why you compete but on Sunday -- -- -- him so.