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Three and Out: Woodson's message to offense; Pryor's TD set tone



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Mon, 28 Oct 2013|

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After Raiders when Mondays are always better in Alameda for all parties involved and I think Scott their what are Greek but Monday's started off with a Jason Tarver statement apologizing for flipping -- officials now did it sounded really wanna get into all of that. But is that could be kind of just forget about -- under the rug just because of how well the defense has been playing. It's something that he shouldn't have done sure but I don't think it's a mortal sin by any stretch it was one of those things where yeah you should have done it might hit you in the pocketbook. But it's not the end of the world I think more focus should be on this Raiders defense which is playing so well right now. Yeah and Terrelle Pryor and his big players in 93 touchdown run kind of I guess you could see overshadowed. Dig deep it's a little bit and that's been the story all year for the defense has didn't the backbone of this team. It's crazy to think that unit with ten new starters over last season is now a top ten defense. This unit can. It makes everything difficult from first downs just two points not that now they're taking the ball away and it really seems like this defense has taken on the personality of free safety Charles Woodson. He's got some swagger he's got some confidence and while some people don't think he can play very well he's showing game winning game out he deserves a respect and recognition from a national audience I think the same thing can be said for this defense as a whole. Coach Johnson his defense is playing with a chip on the shoulder and he definitely could see that all so Dennis Allen said -- -- -- -- down in LA seeking medical evaluation now realistically though impact can he make coming into -- week eight week nine. Actually I think it can be huge if he can get back on the field I'm of the opinion that he's their best Raiders player regardless of position that's how good this guy is. That's a physically tough he can be he can change what they do. In pass protection and also in the run game problem is when is he gonna come back we still don't know. And it's a lot is going to depend upon what this doctor says in Los Angeles right now and really the big key here. Is going to be how fast can he get back because what he does he will help he just a matter of win. I'm looking ahead to Philadelphia. Questions around the quarterback situation can win this game any -- they must win game for the Raiders. It's definitely need to win game -- because you can start to feel some momentum being built here and if they can win two games in a row. Going into a stretch for they have four out of five games on the road if they can -- this game down. It would go a long way towards really kind did not swagger for on both sides of the football field that might be easier if -- that sounds like Michael Vick is not going to play. Nick -- the back up he was can -- two weeks ago. He might not play and it's a rookie in USC got Matt Barkley Eagles could be in big trouble.

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  1. Scott and Fallon: Defense taking on personality of Woodson

    now they're taking the ball away and it really seems like this defense has taken on the personality of free safety Charles Woodson . He's got some swagger he's got some confidence and while some people don't think he can play very well he

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    having guys that have done it in been through and I think that's. That's positive. You know when had this in the Charles Woodson game And John you know that's what the real good teams do and so hopefully he'll bring some of that. With the

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  1. It was something new pieces on this as a player Africans. You know what are you guys maybe even better than I thought carrier in the and that's it nothing really that we There was still a lot of room for improvement yeah. Well suited Fo who don't go admitted yeah. We practice what and yeah do good

  2. other parts of the country. There is one clear message that Dennis Allen said and it was expressed the free safety Charles Woodson . And at this half have a good time guys but I don't wanna see your name in the headlines especially a big negative

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  4. QB and equally guys that are answers for the game you guys measure so where you. Based on that all those things. They were clueless you know. But you know you play good football teams. Group books in America zone judgment. The reason why there's six point. Because. Undergo season long they people's

  5. the secondary and stay balanced on offense. This Raiders defense doesn't have much star power beyond free safety Charles Woodson . But you can tell that it's getting a lot better now early on in the season they were good at open field tackling

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  7. can get better. With the will stay active oh I was having without the protective of us have been. How fun was that the play Woodson on the pollutants that briefly for you let it was competitive comfortable with the. People were running after a long time

  8. and I'm proud of those guys. You know as we've been talking I've heard some beeping in the background is that Charles Woodson backing up the truck to more money into it. With the performance he's done I think he's making a ton of money

  9. He got to give the game ball to him between four Charles Woodson really the entire starting eleven. We'll talk about Charles Woodson Nate Collins. and any steps did anything we don

  10. On the game alone you know made a bunch of plays and and one of the greatest doubles players is great and he knows too good to sort of reverse almost did the wind and to be able to do. Things like that. That are in the history books you know throughout. History this denizens really. Really big time

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    Charles Woodson tallied his 13th career defensive touchdown Sunday, tying the NFL record. After the Raiders' win, he explained the significance.

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  16. Just frustrating you know losing and zero. You know frustrate. Especially when you. Feel like your. You know in control of the ball. You know things happen and of course today. We didn't get momentum but momentum is a hard thing stop. Today. Hotels and about the good defense and special teams

  17. concussion Guss Scott and on locker room he's looked Charles Woodson but what impact will be if you don't. It's doesn't play. And Charles Woodson really summed it up well and that. No matter what

  18. Peyton Manning and free safety Charles Woodson . Guys have known each other ..... with an ankle injury because. Charles Woodson is gonna have to run that defense ..... the field and let's be honest Charles Woodson can have that same type of presence

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    DENVER -- Charles Woodson and Peyton Manning crossed paths 15 years ago at Radio City Music Hall. The NFL draft wasn't such a sideshow then, with dozens

  20. involved. Moving that's secondary around more than he really wanted to he probably could have Charles Woodson already deadly bright young. Who is Woodson is back up in on the strong side because he's played there extensively. Especially over the