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11.19: Raiders Practice -- Chaz Schilens Takes Some Reps



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Thu, 8 Sep 2011|

Schilens says he is ready to go on Monday.


Machine Generated Transcript

Have -- about the stuff that's. -- -- yeah Morse and you have an -- outside Chicago there's some moves back and I think will be here in the heart to. Pick your poison kind of thing so I'm excited was He was first names like and it's it's in the past. Duke you know yeah pocket I do a little slow and baffling. Not on the top top. His receivers. It's business to have those guys it's all well. And -- you -- man but if and when Jacoby. I can injury run in the past him to him and Jacoby. Man it's makes me Fulham -- -- we've got. It's not a rookie Q more he's an amazing amazing expected big things from and I'm excited -- -- -- -- first game first and tonight. But He could be open. Even so. That's good and we've done a couple couple times in a row so that's good and hopefully we can. We expect to win those things and we haven't done them and then I know we came close in the Chargers. Turn -- instance. The excellent care that. An incompetent rookie when viewed game twice last year -- Songs and beat on any of them and I. It was a good year -- -- -- their -- team I think their improved Washington defense of Oklahoma offense but I think they've improved on defense always going to be. Are expected anything like like last are expected to be. A little more per game and another improve another and be ready for us will be written it.

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  5. Had 99 yard eight catches a lot of receivers had great games today I disappointed that you points on the board yeah. Which you can got a few more especially in the red zone but. take care of the ball and we obviously we have couple turnovers that was the difference but enough we played well in

  6. Each Shell and he's usually the number one target for JaMarcus Russell he's right now uncle had. and still it's it's now you got the game winner take us through that final play. That is good Colts simple underneath route in the press and and got to sign great throw. Once I cut us on muscle bound to

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    Offense is clicking the harbor resentment and was burned so what it's just the start first preseason game. And we get better. So. Really this is just the starting point. Guards are going through. Body's own good on its own good and take care of and smart. Wait a little bit today but hopefully play