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12.10: Maiocco's matchups to watch



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Mon, 14 Jan 2013|

49ers reporters Matt Maiocco and Mindi Bach talk about the difficulty San Francisco's defense will have limiting Julio Jones, Roddy White and Co.


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Now -- coming box here at the 49ers training facility on Monday as they head to the NFC championship game in Atlanta against the Falcons we just heard from head coach Jim Harbaugh not much to talk about anything other than direct preparation for Atlanta. And I can understand that mainly because you have Matt Ryan and has bigger receivers for Atlanta her very explosive and that's going to be probably their biggest challenge on Sunday. Yeah I guess he wasn't wanting to give kudos to like bill for building the team and -- held on and off him I think about it a lot of the nucleus of this team a lot of very good players remain from the Mike Nolan -- you know with that anyway we can take through all of them but I mean just think of Frank Gore and Joseph Staley and Patrick will test in Justin Smith and guys that were acquired during that. That Mike Nolan Scotland run the forty -- focused on the scene. Pretty deep team. That has a lot of offensive weapons mostly in the passing game -- -- for the 49ers secondary big chore for the front seven to get pressure on Matt Ryan. To kind of minimize what Julio Jones and Roddy White can do because. When you look at it and what that Falcons can do 49ers I thought faired pretty well facing Calvin Johnson. And Larry FitzGerald a couple times but this is the first time where they faced. Two receivers on the same team either he's getting guys who can go up and catch the ball so huge challenges. For Carlos Rogers throw brown and really the entire 49ers defense. The 49ers not caught a break but obviously they faced the Patriots there's only one big -- and they're Hernandez on the field gronkowski was out against the Saints though they face to face when they face the Saints last year and this year that's a pretty big receivers so what's the biggest difference -- -- from this Atlanta. Game that they're going to be playing on Sundays opposes some of those other teams -- good passing quarterbacks receivers and say I don't think there too. And I don't think there's a team in the league that can put out two big. Receivers. Who are threats all over the field like Roddy White and Julio Jones and these guys are both thousand yard receivers. That they feed the ball too long. That that he they're able to make plays outside the numbers. Deep down the field I just think these two guys is -- as a threat and dual threat are or better than any other team in the league and seeing you factor in Tony Gonzalez deal. And it might be one these gains are they say Patrick Willis that's your guy now and Tony Gonzales though not much of a blocking tight -- at all anymore really not much that cost blocking tight end. So I think that would be an advantage for the forty hours of when he comes in you know he's actually be a target and not really do my -- yeah I mean it helps them but. Yielded them. Falcons another thing the Falcons did not do during the season was run the football. We'll Michael Turner not a good season for him especially coming -- after -- the year where he had thirteen hundred yards. But. Against the Seahawks have very good defense. Granted playing without Chris Clemons. The Falcons are able to run the ball and -- kind of look at some of these teams in the years that -- don't. Don't run the ball as well in the regular season but then they make a playoff run because they're able to run the ball the Falcons kind of fit that mold so. If the Falcons the Falcons want to be able to run the ball and not get one dimensional like partners were able to make the Packers a tee times that you of the season. Those guys like -- turner and job as Rodgers and Snelling. The Falcons have some potential there in the foreigners can't underestimate. That -- their ability to run the football on Sunday. Let's switch to flip flip the -- that is 49ers offense of course. Crabtree as a receiver that the Atlanta Falcons are are going to want to stop and they have Frank Gore. More than a hundred yards rushing against Green Bay that was really great to see the post season is he kind of tailed off toward the end of this season. But is Michael Crabtree now too predictable and process meaning that we know he is cap for next guy on third down fourth down second down anymore receiving yards -- pointed out at all the other 49ers. Receivers and tight ends combined. Coming from cabernet -- Crabtree but do Falcons have the DBs to stop them. They have that depth to DBs in very big names Scottie Robinson who's. Maybe not as good of a cover guy as a Asante Samuel as Samuels a good cover guy but that guy can't tackle. And so that's a very difficult matchup for Samuel because anytime that they Crabtree gets the ball in his hands and Crabtree he said. Got his hands are about the only hands I think -- that receiving corps who can catch calling Japanese passes consistently. We can talk about another guy who hasn't had. Much success catching them on the team but what he's been able to do is once he catches the ball he's able to make huge plays. -- a running back -- mentality. And I just don't see Samuel having much success trying to bring down Colin. Crabtree I don't have you won't have much is that kind of got caught happening here. But. Crabtree could have a big game he's tied up for as being predictable they're predictable against the Packers in the passing game. And the Packers didn't do much to stop Crabtree so I think you can carry over but they'd like to get. -- more from. From Vernon Davis yes he had 44 yard catch Saturday united but you know they need Moss to step up and and -- -- -- and Delanie Walker is a player that we were referring G has difficulty catching cavernous has -- he's seen during the regular season two drops in the end zone. And then against this the Packers game another drop as well and that's something that. That -- need every one of the post yet but Jim Harbaugh giving giving us and asked him about Delanie Walker's problems are busing de I have problems catching. Don't Japanese too I'm catching passes from a pre game. But the other gonna get blame walker out there on the jugs machine that the machine that spits out the balls they can turn that thing up and ended. -- says he has seen guys adjusting and him being getting better in catching those passes visits. You know it's here here this stuff and even even Crabtree is let one slip through his hands are tied -- in fact he didn't. Saturday night the only thing that he did wrong Saturday night and getting easy birdie Davis having some problems and in times of getting -- Delanie Walker didn't latch on those balls because. He is such a force in the run game as a blocker. That the prayers don't wanna take him off the field what you get Delanie Walker on the field and now that -- -- -- is multi dimensional they can run they can pass. But when they pass and they throw it to come -- he's been open. He's got a latch onto it. Actually had a chance to speak to land Collins had teammate from high school who also played at Fresno state Anthony Rainey said in the offseason when they would go. To college quarterback coach Roger -- -- would dread it sometimes to get his hands of these so sore. After catching cap for next passes holidays and -- forgot his gloves that I will never do that again so that's where these receivers are just yeah you know I think his early in the season I asked Rodgers theater about. You know it is just kept have to take a little bit off his passes his -- 49ers guys are actually this is last year he'll have heard about it -- where guys are having trouble catching and he says. You know there there NFL receivers they've got to -- they got a deal to catch the ball so. But we did I thought. And and Jim Harbaugh reference to that Monday that pass he made it to Frank Gore was perhaps the biggest play of the game. He had already on the interception pick six going the other way 1032. And and if they don't convert that first down there putting it right back to the Packers and who knows what happens and you don't know what's what's gonna happen with the complexion of that game. But he's got a plus out of pocket and -- race. Teamwork aware -- the scramble drill was on. Gore who's running into the flats turned it up the field and Kapanen put in beautiful pass on him. Don't let let him perfectly past Woodson and a big was 45 yard gain that right there might -- in -- -- game with a lot of big plays. That could have been the biggest it was a good touch pass and that was something and it Frank Gore had talked to cap -- think about before during the season gets Haley drags me ease up a little bit meaning he got on. Have to throw the dark green wrapping up here Justin Smith and I and Saturday played 91%. Of the defensive snaps. For the 49ers I was greeted he has got 505152. Snaps or so for him. He seemed to come out of it fine we don't know the results of his -- Tracy took just to make sure no further damage was done to that partially torn. I triceps tendon in his left elbow. But all signs looking pretty good and that that will certainly help. On Sunday against Hopkins and he last final spot. Yeah no I think you're right I think that defense -- even though. You know -- -- it getting sacks -- getting pressure on the quarterback he did move the pocket. He did a very good job in the run game a lot of tackles five or six tackles. And I think even Morse. More important than that everybody's team seem to tight lipped out because of that secondary played great. Inside land back linebackers play great and now they gotta get all the Smith going and I think that defense we'll be right where velocity. All right no player availability today on Monday but they will be available on Tuesdays and Matt I'll be back here on CSN Bay Area dot com with another. 49ers update is that -- ready for the NFC championship game.

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