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Scott Bair's Raiders Breakdown: Specialists



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Tue, 23 Jul 2013|

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Where it comes to the Raiders specialists Sebastien genachowski. And Shane Lechler have always gone hand in hand. The kicker genachowski has been -- -- sixty yarders for years and Shane Lechler the punter was always known as the best punter in the NFL. Now he's no longer here. Chris Cooley maybe outspoken with the press but his most important job is on the field at the potter. He needs to get distance -- accuracy and -- opposing offenses back just like Shane Lechler -- done for years and years and years in the Raiders have a new home run hitter in the return game and that will be just as important for their offense Josh Cribbs is coming from the Cleveland Browns and he brings an explosive element that few other players do that's going to add an explosiveness. To the raiders' kicking game that they haven't had in recent seasons. And I wouldn't step away from your television during the kicking game because you never know when he might run one back.

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    Former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley has signed a multi-year deal with ESPN 980 and will join the team's radio broadcast team next month.

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