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11.8: TEN/SF Postgame- Takeo Spikes



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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

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We're standing in front of the potting shed here at the grove in Hartford sure England and that's for Jim Harbaugh and the rest the 49ers will hold their press conferences before their practices which are held just a short distance from here. And out of practice map we saw air greed and Donte Whitner for realistically giving their -- -- -- -- seven Jaguars they really need to play this plan. Do they need to play probably not -- in the Jaguars are the worst team in the NFL. -- in the NFL seeming quite a long time but they will play and they're out here. Early in the week full pads and we saw what happened win both Reid and Whitner were on the sideline there on the -- like to gather for one play. Against the Tennessee ties and what happens Chris Johnson takes the short pass and the rest of the 49ers secondary. For a touchdown so regional -- have combined to be one of the better CT units. In the NFL and we'll see that -- Wembley Stadium Jim Harbaugh did intimate that he could activate one of three players Eric Wright take Kerry dean or Mario Manningham for this Sunday's game. Which player do you think is most likely it's an not the yeah that's gonna happen I think after the bye week there even meeting him is not quite ready. But with another week after that bye week I think there's a chance if you'll step in and even number three receiver I think Eric Wright right now there's no spot for him. You know even if he were healthy and he what he is ended but acclimated to the NFL team -- giving him football shape. The way. That the starters are playing at Rogers and brown and but also the third guy Jermaine brought there's no spot right now for Eric -- to make a contribution again he'll have a couple extra weeks and be ready after the -- One of the most popular players of the 49ers this week is the one on injured reserve Lawrence of Korea actually speaking before the starting quarterback this week. He's seen a lot of attention mostly because of athleticism and he of course he's a British Olympic athlete. Yes absolutely and that's -- the attention is being here. He created a lot of tension in the exhibition season too but this is -- guy with tremendous physical attributes and the corners are getting give him another shot next year once he gets healthy to see if he can be an NFL player and Matt and I will be inland in all we can at Wembley Stadium for the game so be sure to watch. Comcast sports net Bay Area all week for your 49ers update.

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  2. three weeks com where he's. You know he's done a better job of of preparing himself early in the week. For what he's Tennessee on Sunday in and I think you've seen the results of that and the it's. It's it's really no secret take a guy with

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  4. got a lot of good work in but they pretty much the same just prepare now for defense watching film you know. Chassis and Tennessee here you know it's that last. I was three years on the line up her mind mean I'll tell you think it differently.

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  7. resulted in a short catch long touchdown run by the Tennessee Titans due to the 49ers defense. Well rest assured it looks ..... Jaguars both left the game due to injuries against the Titans but both were in full pads practicing with the forty

  8. win both Reid and Whitner were on the sideline there on the like to gather for one play. Against the Tennessee ties and what happens Chris Johnson takes the short pass and the rest of the 49ers secondary. For a touchdown so regional have combined

  9. 49ers aren't looking to replace them because they like that he's been reliable. And look what happened to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday the forty there's still very good about having Kyle Williams back there. Being as sure handed as he

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  15. This is that me when Nashville Tennessee with your 49ers three and out for the day. Well the 49ers 3117. Victory over the Tennessee Titans exhibited some really good balance from the 49ers offense

  16. consecutive and as a special teams really closing this deal I do you look at this game as a whole. We don't give credit to Tennessee and they're they're tough team and not gonna lay down and that's. It's beyond just that they're great teammates

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  18. and do it in the games and Sunday. those cabinet processing more decisive and then read option situations is that what the Titans . We're giving defensively or something that you change in him in his game. Week to week usually it's all on the look the

  19. football team an the Any time we do that we win and pretty good reason they were more. Had a to get that big play Chris Johnson . What's that the ability to give up the big play on team just three points on again. I won't say easy but you

  20. I stayed in London. home that's one. Does it actually. Yes Crabtree out there and here we can't fully loaded. To Tennessee we'll follow it say. Hmm oh. Yes. Well. I am. I'm hopeful but I'm not a definitive. Source. And that any announcement