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Fangio: 'Those guys just whipped us'



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Thu, 27 Dec 2012|

Not even five Justin Smith's would have helped the 49ers in Seattle.


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Well he's a great player you know one of the best defensive players in the NFL anytime you lose one of those guys it does have an adverse effect on. But I I don't think the problems we've had. In the last game in particular. You know could have -- word because it just them not being there and that they just outplayed us out coaches in that game and we weren't very good no we could add five Justin -- maybe. Know what that that wasn't the issue in the last game. How we just didn't play good hitting coach good and those guys just whipped us. Okay. Yes. Now another run game is their run game and they're gonna block at the same all the time. They told me he's getting better each and every day that. -- that's really all I know he says is getting better. Not really. The you know it's like anything you know you can lose anybody early in the game and he's just got to go. Notes were too far along here to change -- system because of one guy -- out and will we find. I don't know that you know that -- Better question for him in the medical staff I just know he's getting better. Bob's happy for them for all of them you know very well deserved -- in other parts. They'll just always happy for the other guys success in happy for these guys in particular they've they're good players they go about your business the right way. And then then rewarded for. That would mean two guys on the right -- Yeah. Well. Yeah. I think it's just more coincidence than anything else you know. They're good players. Each you know in their own rights and playing next to those other guys. Just helps the situation. Well they just gotten better within our system you know we got we signed him last year. After camp and -- started. You know he was on the fast track to learn what we're doing and they're good job -- last year I think he just picked up where left off last year and feels that much more comfortable with the system and what we're doing. And I'm happy for him it's his first time making it like you said in his seventh year he didn't quite have the success in Buffalo. That. People thought he would have but he's been able to find a home here and excel here. I don't know and it's always hard to quantify something like that. You know I don't know the answers that. I don't think so we just didn't play good. Seven did here. You know he's I've played a lot horse he's our nickel which is a stressful position and -- are left corner in our base package which is a stressful position. And I think he's handled that well. Well obviously and FitzGerald. Is your biggest concern now they have Beanie Wells back he's a good running back. They've got a good group of receivers. They have the ability to be an explosive. Attack with their receivers. They got a new quarterback it's gonna start who did well last week when he came in late in the game and probably will do a lot better this week because they'll get the bulk of the snaps in practice arguably more prepared and ready to roll. So you know these types of games happen every year and NFL. And we've got to go out and be ready to play it like it's the first game at the sixteenth game. Well I'd like that because that would just. Probably lead to a victory that's really all I want right now as a victory but we always want to play good every play you play you wanna play at your best. Then them. And we just got to play good and you know whenever we lineup next week. Against somebody in a playoff game we just got to line up and play. I can be but. You still got to go out and play you know. You know look at Baltimore last week they had no momentum they had lost three in a row probably should have been for a row you know the on the fourth and 29 they converted. Zero momentum and they blew out the Giants last week and now they got momentum so I mean momentum is great but it's tenuous. You know you get it back real fast for you to lose your real fast so he's got to keep playing.

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