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9.9: OAK/TEN- Cooper Carlisle, RAW



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Sun, 13 May 2012|

Henry Wofford and Paul Gutierrez report from Alameda where the Raiders' rookies were in action in front of the media for the first time.


Machine Generated Transcript

Dinner Wilford and Paul Gutierrez hanging out in Alameda what were followed the Raiders of course. Date to over three day rookie mini camp what did you take from this Dave Ball. -- that is really a lot of news that comes out here it's its -- just come out here and take. Take attendance of this vacancy whose that is if there's any interesting names. To -- -- what was the most noteworthy is the fact that their top draft pick. Tony virtually nothing right tackle at the University of Utah is moving to left guard and we saw that when they lined up for drills and he was. Working at left guard now. That answers a couple of questions that it brings up a couple more you know what you think -- that Cooper Carlisle is going to be the guy there entering camp. Well his older. He's a veteran longer in the tooth and he's only played right guard. In his career now that you get this rookie draft pick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Said that moving was in his deep inside. I mean he's going to be -- or any other rookie out here contract yeah -- just from a physical standpoint Jauron -- the wide receiver from Arizona -- also from Las Vegas. In you think that -- you take a gamble on the kids from Vegas. He was physically a lot bigger than I than I expected this yet done do you see -- numbers easiest measure wasn't OK but when you see him physically he's a big imposing. Receiver whose reputation is he's a physical guy especially the red zone. That's -- than the Raiders have missed the best of years they got the tracks are thinking -- and run down the field and romo's quick slant. But once they get down to the reds on the offenses bogged down of late. So I think he's a guy that could potentially be that third receiver and be that top red zone threat. And he's looking forward to being a threat in the red -- the thing about him not just big but he has a 39 inch vertical that would make life a little bit easier for. Carson Palmer he needs someone with that type -- leaping ability yet what's most impressive about that Henry's it's only an inch or two shorter than your vertical right and had a pick at right back at -- look at it. Glad yet and that's another thing of of looking back at this draft class a lot of have basketball backgrounds and now that doesn't mean that they're looking for basketball players. They just in the scouting process they look and see. How does that translate onto the onto the football field and and Reggie McKenzie and self said he says it's like when you're scouting. Defensive back if they played center field in baseball more than they already know how to track the ball so to speak. So the fact that this guy has ups he's got hops. -- could be a big physical threat down there. That is something the Raiders have missed in and maybe they found that they jammed it there Reggie McKenzie is known for finding later in the draft -- sixty rookies out here thirty of Lamar out here on a trial basis only but still that's a lot of work for Dennis Allen. Trying to gauge. Who can do one out here. Yet that's fishing thing is you get the six draft picks to get the thirteen undrafted and signed rookies yet thirty guys that here on tryouts so there's a lot of guys trying to make a name for themselves and in three -- time so. There's a lot of elbows being thrown into an SEC thing is -- in these camps they literally cannot compete against each other offense against defense they just have to make a mark for themselves. On the field. And catch somebody's got a little rookie minicamp wraps up on Sunday give us a taste of what's coming up next week for the -- really got OTA is in and -- again those are voluntary offseason training. Organization activities. So we this year have pretty much a lot of veterans should be here. Did the wanna keep an eye on though as Marcel Reese he's still he's tendered. But he hasn't signed it yet Taiwan branch signed his tender. Both sides are still looking to sign a more lucrative. Cap friendly long term contracts so. As far as the OTAs beginning next week that's against the a lot of the more familiar faces and going to be some guys that were here this weekend they won't be answering my question for you speak to vote DA's. Who's the number two quarterback. I think it's getting that -- if for no other reason then Terrelle Pryor still working on things I talked to. Court records John people who voted in and he thome point blank Terrelle Pryor is a quarterback -- me and I know -- hasn't had any question about that a lot of fans the wonder when they gonna move to tight end running enemy cameras 09 -- he's working at quarterback. Matt Light though knows this offense mean that he was with the offensive coordinator Greg Knapp. Last year in Houston so he's got a leg up there and piazza said was something that was that struck me from the quarterbacks coach Dick LeBeau was that. There is this rumor than that Carson Palmer is not a good athlete he said nothing could be further from the truth that he's picking up this offensive system fairly quickly. Paul Gutierrez working hard out here and Raiders territory. The shorter read his stories of CSN Bay Area dot com and of course we'll have many more video updates for you it. Throughout the year and you 48 inch vertical ordinance 4950. Somewhere in there okay but I don't wanna brag all right it hit it.

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  4. at left guard now. That answers a couple of questions that it brings up a couple more you know what you think that Cooper Carlisle is going to be the guy there entering camp. Well his older. He's a veteran longer in the tooth and he's only

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