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8.22: 49ers training camp -- Daniel Kilgore



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Sat, 10 Aug 2013|

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This is -- -- me -- go from Candlestick Park with your daily three announce. -- McCoy had an MRI on Friday after injuring his right neck and throwing shoulder in Thursday's exhibition opener and he's apparently okay Jim Harbaugh said in talking Nicole. That he believes that he'll be able to play Friday night when the 49ers return action against the Kansas City Chiefs now McCoy was on the practice field. On Saturday if he participated in some of the individual drills that he is wearing a blue non contact Jersey which means this course. He was off limits to all contact. But then again all quarterbacks are off limits. For non contact no one guy who returned to the practice field. Kendall Hunter he was on the physically unable to perform list with the Achilles injury -- a half months later he's been cleared to practice he had a very short day on the practice field didn't take a whole lot of reps. 49ers had some of their injured guys from. Thursday night remained back in Santa -- to to get treatment there and they didn't show up here at Candlestick Park. Joseph Staley Terrelle brown were -- them. Safety Eric Reed heat pulled himself out of practice on late in the the forty hours practice session looks like yet some lower back issue -- when asked him Harbaugh about a he said he was unaware of any injury with Eric -- Jonathan good in -- returned to practice he was can Wear it and not contact Jersey. 49ers offense struggled a little bit. On the practice field also Quintin Paxson remains wearing the blue not count contact Jersey but he actually -- a few passes on Saturday. About 101000 feet and showed up for fan -- to watch the 49ers practice -- Candlestick Park and they weren't exactly treated to an offensive -- And the 49ers first team offense on Thursday looked very good on Saturday. Not so good. Now some of that can be traced to Jonathan good and returning to the practice field. He had some issues with the quarterbacks with some bad snaps and some faulty -- quarterback exchanges with a lot of balls on the ground. But I also Daniel Kilgore the second string center also had his share problems Scott -- -- dropped a snap there are just issues all over the place for the 49ers in fact Jim Harbaugh said simply wasn't good enough. -- there's anything that he could put his finger on on why the 49ers. We're so -- on offense he said there's no justifiable reason that that should have happened -- the 49ers they always aim to get 1% better each day. Well the 1% shouldn't be too difficult to attain going from Saturday's practice to Sunday's practice. Still hunter returned to 49ers practice for the first time since his season ending Achilles injury got on November 25. On the same play that Kyle Williams tore his ACL against the New Orleans Saints of course. Kyle Williams's back on the team he was cleared to practice when the 49ers full squad showed up several weeks ago. Can 400 for the forty that they just wanted to take it slow they want to make sure that he was 100%. No questions asked before they got him on the field. And now the working him in slowly. Well La Michael James has been taken most of the snaps for the -- the fact he started Thursday night with Frank Gore resting. But I think Kendall Hunter is clearly the team's number two running backs whereas have a lot of confidence him. In as he's -- pass blocker running the ball between the tackles running outside catching the ball there's a lot of -- it can all hundred does very well for the 49ers so. I still think if he's gonna be the number two running back. And Michael -- we battle and to get on the field and find some way to contribute this season.

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  9. seeing green big packages but the Brandon Graham and packages as well. More to the big package Leonard and will and Daniel Kilgore . You put a guy that size and with his power and strength behind that offensive line. I don't think you see them

  10. different things we've seen it with the offensive lineman. It was. With the back guys like did Leonard Davis and Daniel Kilgore we see was on the defense of guys like demarcus dobbs will take a walk through. Now you've seen it with a backup

  11. saw some a different alignments offensively to help in that area just because BC with a good Leonard Davis and and Daniel Kilgore Ramirez's and you I'll certainly weren't in Red Sox for a rainy. Free can Hamas in this stadium and it I remember

  12. blocking by putting Leonard Davis and Daniel Kilgore in new positions. Love this is ..... as senator so. It's an engine Kilgore played a wing back for the first ..... formations he's creating UC Davis and Kilgore strains that will be sure to see

  13. I mean obviously the skill position players and Moss and and Manningham but also the guys who are coming off the sideline. Kilgore got some quality action as did Leonard Davis both of those guys were on the field for that big Frank touchdown run. In the

  14. going the same process that. Person Derrick hall. Daniel Kilgore went through last year with offensive line coaches to ..... seven offensive lineman. For games and you figure that Daniel Kilgore and Leonard Davis will be the other two. In addition

  15. going the same process that. Person Derrick hall. Daniel Kilgore went through last year with offensive line coaches to ..... seven offensive lineman. For games and you figure that Daniel Kilgore and Leonard Davis will be the other two. In addition

  16. played at a higher level of competition. Magicians young man that has the traits that we're looking for much like we saw. In Kilgore and person last year he's a guy young man who played left tackle in college. And now he's he's gonna move inside the

  17. starters. They did reach for a guard. As I suspected that they might because they feel located. Between now excluding Daniel Kilgore there's a starting guard their self. That the team's depth is improving and this pick. In a lot of ways is a

  18. guys that they're looking at that that might be able to transition their such as Alex Boone. The other holdover teeing it Kilgore who really was inactive all last season as a rookie. But when you look at the 49ers scheme and on the offensive line they

  19. made that decision. But we feel very good about the young guys that we have on this team Alex Boone deserves an opportunity. Kilgore deserves an opportunity is this Mike person so. We've got some guys on this team that we feel very good about whether we

  20. inside as well. Really added a lot of talent and overall depth of the class of foreigners guy like that last year. Daniel Kilgore they traded and fifth round to get him Appalachian State. They moved him to guard. What do you remember about him