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Thu, 25 Jul 2013|

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We got a sports is really good on line for a couple different things number one if you like fantasy sports they can take care -- -- all the -- and -- take care breaking down that. As well as news information stats mean basically the whole thing covered also. Yahoo! Sports will always tell you what's trending as we will here on Yahoo! Sports talk live you bring in LA Collins from. Yahoo! Sports headquarters in Sunnyvale how are you now -- I'm Brett carried that I'm doing all right hey I watched the whole hang over Georgie and there's one thing that I learned and taken away. And that is. Tigers don't like cinnamon. What do you know -- tiger likes. And they like Stafford -- and I think. That's about. Arizona cardinal defensive tackle Darnell Dockett has a pet tiger named a little buddy you want to bring it to training camp -- you take a look at this adorable picture -- -- it. So this is funny how all very still very playful he's about sixty pounds. And he's not gonna let -- bring in the training camp is open at least one day the election for double a hundred. Fueled by anybody William and our military. It isn't hard true oddly enough I'm gonna have captured the kind of experience I was taking gives you great tiger -- two years ago my -- favorite tiger and you'll love it. I knew that that Tigers that was in the hangover -- convinced -- visited him. -- looks just like that guy this is the baby names that rotten shot. By the same side Darnell Dockett tiger but I have an amazing day with the Tigers up by backup plan in life has always been to beat tiger trainer -- them off. I shared Darnell Dockett -- Tigers. All the -- you name drop by the way oh yeah I just hanging out with the tiger that was in the hangover god every day oh did you get -- did you see that tiger I didn't happen that obviously he was kind of about that it that it might -- pat them. -- -- From a tiger -- a king James and I'm LeBron is where it in China and he's got a special. A personalized service going on what is that third pick apart from Miami all the way to sign that he has his own personal point -- And -- need to get out some proof actually got to answer Graham are buying he's saying he's day The W. Hotel in China and he has 824 hour DJ name's DJ Bears go to the video. Don't always want to go man -- to roll. It's. Got a -- I got my -- Forsett. DJ. Talk about the birth the video that just improve it every day whenever you want it more how there's more -- needed another video eight hours later at the still have a bag -- elected. They don't know that I really one place him among those seven. Still here and he's steel -- and yeah. All I I that you don't rock and at that point an idea. You know what I've got a bottle service before I've got the VIP area all taken care of but I never had my own 24/7. DJ that's all that's your -- About the battle. Plus what type of music would would you go with that they had the 2470 -- Yeah I have and -- rock and a girl. They -- it might not all of that. I won't even venture tell you what I'm interested in because -- glow sticks in the a lot of smoke machine and I've figured out -- to announce today we -- it didn't knock out later. I'm on pace pop Warner football. And somebody's getting popular look like the nutcracker drill. Yeah that Portland nine year old kicker out there he may not -- nine years old and they look like the miniature Bobble heads they're so cute I am practicing -- -- -- tackling -- all the -- you get out wager out. I Arabic coach that does all the background laughing but possibly the next digging beyond cloudy and -- -- the same colors. And Melanie this is video evidence of why I grew up never playing that game I was not tall enough. To play football and that's why you lose respect for her hip area exactly what I've -- concussions and their from baton. Very good point eight Melanie Collins that's what's trending thank you for joining he's ready.

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