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Aldon Smith: 'Everybody came out and played their 'A' game'

Sat, 5 Oct 2013|

After tasked with trying to slow down Lions running back Reggie Bush in Week 4 it won't get any easier for the Bears' linebackers on Sunday as they will try to contain speedy Saints' back Darren Sproles.

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  1. Harbaugh on Smith & Kaepernick: 'We need them both'

    caught the ball there's no yards after the catch. That's huge especially when you're talking about the guy like Darren Sproles . Having the ball. Not to mention. Colston and the others and Graham. But there was and always picture perfect

  2. 1.11: 49ers roundtable

    almost equally. You know take and they will say that Darren Sproles is raises fassel fifty running back. But everybody ..... offense revolves around Drew Brees who can throw to Darren Sproles and can take up forty yards on the field. I think

  3. 1.6: The Lo Down -- NFC Wild Card Playoff preview

    the game they got a couple of the guys coming back Darren Sproles expect for the Saint Louis and here. I look for that ..... are what's nickel that's five DP. Every time Darren Sproles come in the game look for the linebacker to leave

  4. 1.11: Bill Romanowski calls Saints-49ers 'stretcher game' *COURTESY 95.7 THE GAME*

    They got away some people out this is got to be a stretcher game I'm darkened. Bring out the stretcher and Ed today Colston to the hospital. Take Darren Sproles to the hospital because he got knocked out.

  1. LB Viewers Guide: From Bush to Sproles , no relief


    Sat, 5 Oct 2013

    After tasked with trying to slow down Lions running back Reggie Bush in Week 4 it won't get any easier for the Bears' linebackers on Sunday as they will try to contain speedy Saints' back Darren Sproles .

  2. Battle of 'genius' head coaches Sunday at Soldier Field


    Tue, 1 Oct 2013

    According to Bears tight end Martellus Bennett and Saints running back Darren Sproles , the Bears-Saints game on Sunday will be a battle of 'genius' head coaches.

  3. James helps 49ers coverage unit prepare for Sproles


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    The 49ers coverage units appear to have things figured out after a tough start, and head coach Jim Harbaugh says second-round draft pick LaMichael James is a big reason.

  4. And tackle physically the entire game and our and our defense. Did that really all tough guys to tackle for me. Their backs Sproles . Their receivers and those are hard guys to bring down in the open field to recruit him. Time period in India we have tremendous

  5. offense that we really hadn't seen that a quick strike offense and they drove in the final four minutes of the game after the Sproles touchdown. They drop behind you're in 65 yards to score two touchdowns in four minutes. Reminiscence of the Philadelphia

  6. back in coverage and he just picks them apart with underneath game and that's where Sproles and Graham and added another dimension. Is now they've got Sproles on the back field. And Graham over the middle for those short little dump offs and

  7. think two of the key players are the foreigners. Two of the best players. Patrick Willis on defense huge game for him against Sproles in Jimmy Graham. I was in as the matters our energy that's matchup Imus intrigued by Patrick Willis has been taking on tight

  8. 1.11: 49ers Central extra -- Saints


    Wed, 11 Jan 2012

    practical involvement they can now match it would Sproles every time Sproles how many game. Look for Sampson before national ..... linebacker Branyan and safety or corner and imagine what Sproles feet. So I look at this game is a good matchup for

  9. 1.10: 49ers practice -- Vic Fangio


    Tue, 10 Jan 2012

    not. You know one of the reasons they do that is because they have versatile players you know brain Graham can be receiver. Sproles can your receivers. You know they've got versatile guys out. That is using the they're fine. Justin Smith. Like I

  10. mean they have. An outstanding tight end. And Jimmy Graham they have a guy out of the backfield who can catch passes Darren Sproles so the 49ers. It's been a lot of we'd go up there week last week preparing for the season for good reason because

  11. any chance harp on it search using Kendall Hunter like Darren Sproles . In New Orleans. Give them a nice 12 combo I say yes ..... later where. Yeah I don't know they can hundreds of Darren Sproles type them back but. I think look the point is you can

  12. policies. There's going to be no moral certainty is going to be quick enough for actually. I just try to get better person Sproles who threw to line. Surprise victory. For surgery. A sense of pride crossroads in England. That it that it humble system

  13. moment ago. You rent and I'm going into. Yeah. Every anybody who runs and delivering these guys. Have been that hit on Sproles San Diego we never got talked about the oh yeah equivalent program Was I mean it's just funny because it. Q did you read

  14. our minister and I. That is if I was. Up there can't recover and your job but or play I sort. Murton for him. Her four Sproles who do Is expected to play you know you the history as I usually used it twice. Who don't personal thing distinguish it

  15. doing some things that. Period a legacy he's always been around to play he's always been you know Coles. But Darren Sproles and in on some plays in and really becoming a playmaker and it's it's great to see. We're gonna continue to

  16. intriguing matchup to keep an eye on Raiders kicker Sebastian genachowski against the Chargers return specialist Darren Sproles . Sproles may be the smallest guy in the NFL. But he comes up huge in kick returns last year the home opener for the Raiders

  17. 4.21: Toby Gerhart on Chronicle Live


    Thu, 22 Apr 2010

    re happy went with that. What team's told you about if they do take Q the one of these teams maybe San Diego they Darren Sproles they may use you what do. Another role. It had tartar teams saying that whether to give you a chance to be. The

  18. thank you learn from an excellent. Oh yeah yeah it's it's nice and it generates that you have you done an excellent itself Sproles . About the entire. So first. And it's simply. long to realize accomplished the Olympics to. That's much commotion

  19. that they can play with the big dogs of the AFC but they still lost when he when he against the San Diego Chargers Darren Sproles . Capped a game winning drive late in the fourth quarter and the Raiders did not answer JaMarcus Russell. Wood 208

  20. 9.8: Tom Cable, RAW


    Tue, 8 Sep 2009

    tough to defend him first vulnerable so and then have all of those passing weapons in receiver corps that I didn't. You know Sproles screen these are just so much. Out there are terms that dynamics noble thing and so did your hands full terms of them. What