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Darryl Blackstock

12.2: Raiders practice -- Darryl Blackstock


  1. Welling0:27
Fri, 2 Dec 2011|

Blackstock talks about possibly replacing Rolando McClain and that he needs to get the job done.


Machine Generated Transcript

Like all the sudden you find yourself just personally you probably. -- it. It's just roll with -- -- at this late we've sentinel that all year you know home. And every week you go prepare for instance -- He knows when it's time. -- school new job. We this situation. You know Welling up and went away. It's -- -- late season since this just shot it well obviously. For me it is unfortunate. Mean good night in the today it was -- Oh yeah. We've got an -- known him. Would assume this is wishing you were down. -- -- the teams and right now I'm proud to be -- go -- with all that I mean you guys feel like call -- and say hey what's up towards -- situation -- -- -- And you would do for as a whole lot. Uniform and his team. You know one of the situation you know it's no but you know what there -- room. -- mean response team as he's got his back and assists and support right now there's a lot of missed them.

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  1. the game we tend. And 45 guys just kind of thing facelift you can't sorry you can't Wear. That I play with four Daryl Blackstock and some other guys that you go back to three so to get me through. Feels good to be back in your hand it to us it's an

  2. neck and neck and that that should free up things for the middle linebacker. That's from on the planet is good to go is Blackstock right there should be plenty of room right in there and make plays because if you're gonna run right at the middle of the