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Wed, 30 Jan 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

He thinks he's the greatest receiver to ever play this game and while he doesn't go by numbers most everyone else does and all you have to do is compare his numbers of Danny and Jerry Rice and you'll see that. Rice did pretty darn well in his career and won a few Super Bowls along the way already Moss is still looking. For his first let's bring it on in here chronicle live presented by Farmers Insurance. We bring it back to New Orleans you've got -- class say hello list of guys who wanna talk about this including Matt -- -- he was there he's a 49ers insider got to play the game for sixteen years the Roman -- ray Reynolds senior insider there as well -- certainly do you interpret. What you think Randy Moss means this is inflammatory wearing a forty notre -- say he's the greatest receiver of all time. Yeah you know I guess is as an NFL receiver and to be a great player you have to have a lot of self confidence -- that's clearly what he was saying. Is that he believes that he's the best now. He said the best wide receiver if he'd said the best guy at running a go route. He has a case but the best wide receiver Jerry Rice. Did everything. And yes Jerry Rice had two hall of fame quarterbacks throwing to him throughout his career but also. Randy Moss has some pretty darn good quarterback still Randall Cunningham Daunte Culpepper and of course Tom Brady's so I think -- missed the mark on this one. All right you played the game you watch this guy play can be explosive and phenomenally maybe changed the game in ways that guys defend him. But does he have a case the two guys were -- amount I've played against both of mom and I played will want a bomb. One guy as Randy Moss he had the ability to be. I'm really really good OK in he was for a lot of years but guess what he also had the ability to be really bad and what I mean by bad. Is he would -- it like no other so you we give you this unbelievable play and then this turnaround the next play in just like. Jogged two steps off the line and quit. And that you never got -- Jerry Rice and you know this that's. Say it all your right but also the way you prepare the way you play every single play. Jerry Rice hands down the greatest ever and -- the beginning of the distraction -- the 49ers don't really need it. I who pops off at the wrong time and he's gonna get a lot of eyeballs and a lot of writers are gonna wanna follow up on the stuff where is he what why do this today raised. Well my my argument would be doesn't really matter. I mean it's sort of like the Tim Brown thing last week. Much ado about not much because it's not a defensible position. You know -- right he he basically took the Oakland here all off. If he wants to say if you need one completion to save your life yet throw it to me. But as a body of work no he's not first he's not second. He you know he's somewhere in the top ten maybe in the top seven. But as a factual matter no he's not close to rice almost nobody gets so. This is gonna dissipate like almost every other stories Super Bowl week we're gonna talk about it for a day and then tomorrow we're gonna forget it. When somebody else says something you know well I was a cannibal when I was twelve sellout I think there's not that would be that would ever since -- this is today's AFC that. Dancing monkey and then tomorrow they'll be another. One and I think he also made the point for why he isn't the greatest receiver of all time because he also says that he wished he prepared better. In his early years so nobody ever said that about Jerry Rice nobody ever said man if you only worked harder he that are really being great no Jerry Rice. Did it leave. Any stone unturned to meet dubbed the more titillating thing did that Randy Moss had to say today was that he wants to play again. He didn't say for the 49ers it back when he was asked you wanna play for the players next season he said next question. And then he also said that he doesn't like his role with the 49ers but that he except sitting understands that that's a role that the Warriors need for him to be a Super Bowl winning team -- -- hit on the key issue and -- if you. A guy who's getting -- to prepare for the Super Bowl and your teammates says -- -- to play here next year in fact you know I'm not really happy with equipment used so far this season. You are one win away from winning your first ever Super Bowl what's the message in the locker room well. You know I -- it it comes on if he's got a good relationship with the guys in the locker room they understand that there is a business side to this game. But clearly he thinks he's better than he is right now. It is mind he's still playing in his prime right do any really is it we know that self. But the guys in the locker room their -- of them because in the locker room he's real. To the press he's not. He's using this as his rehab year to try to show other shooters look I still got game. I mean so that is really what the issue was about did you like being thrown to twice a game now. I don't get many receivers would especially one with his -- and it's a strong -- I don't think anybody would deny that. So. Ultimately he's right in his head he knows what he's trying to set up for next year and again it's -- at last today. This is not a big deal it's not a distraction it's not meaningful in any real way except. Today tomorrow it'll be something else to watch me turn this around this adventure you guys there -- a veteran guy who knows that there is an enormous amount of pressure on the most important guy in the field Colin can't predict. And instead of -- can't -- being talked about today and tomorrow and maybe the next day. Randy Moss is so Smart. He got all this talking about Randy Moss I'm unhappy they're not throwing me the ball and I am the best receiver all time. This is a cagey veteran that I want on my team he's taken all the pressure off the young guys like Colin cap predicament Michael James tell me how right I am not that I'm right but how right in my view are soaked into the and I think how good you are also very -- that. I'll tell you why you're wrong he's. Because Randy Moss yes he might be the smartest guy in our room but he also has no idea how to handle the media. He's made missteps with the media every step of his career if he knew how to work the media. He would be far and away the most popular guy in America because a guy is engaging when he gets it from a camera he's one of those guys you'd have to listen to what he says. But he has mishandled the media he doesn't know how to how to create a good public image. -- let me say one other thing you know we way overestimate our importance at this level I mean somebody says something to us on media day. That dissipates it literally it's it's like he's there it just goes off into the atmosphere. This is not the same. As him saying Joseph Flacco is a disgrace or John Harbaugh couldn't approach Jim Harbaugh as a coach there's no bulletin board material here. This is just Randy Moss saying I wanna be used more because I'm Randy Moss and that's it and in the corners are gonna change anything about their game plan. Can't jeopardy is not gonna prepare any differently this is. This is a lot of gas -- and that's about it it is the ten hours later we're still talking about it you don't get that thought process are on him Jimmy. You gave him a little too much -- too much credit you know they -- even a team guy today that he can come up with -- that savvy 'cause. You're right. He hasn't been very savvy in the press he just wanted to hear himself talk. And he wanted the limelight on him for a day and again like he said tomorrow it's going to be something else.

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