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12.4: STL/SF postgame -- David Akers



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Sat, 17 Aug 2013|

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This is Matt -- from Arrowhead Stadium with your 49ers three and out. For the day college cabinets up very short night the corners don't need to see him they don't want me think freakish to happen. -- him to their starting quarterback so what they did what they broadens got souls seem. And Colt McCoy to have them battle for the backup job neither one of distinguished themselves but. Today was the emergence of BJ Daniels a seventh round pick from South Florida he engineered the go ahead touchdown -- you looks very good I asked Jim Hart by afterward if he has now inserted himself into the conversation to be the backup quarterback and Harbaugh says absolutely so look for a lot more BJ Daniels this exhibition season. The 49ers defense of starters only played one series but the reds beat back -- scheme and and they got a very good opportunity gets the Chiefs starting offense they've faced Alex Smith. They sacked him three times Parys Haralson a guy who. Missed all of last season with a torn triceps really showed up he's going to be the 49ers back up outside linebacker. 49ers defense has not allowed a touchdown. Through the first two exhibition games that bodes very well for the team's depth. It was a case of good and bad for the 49ers special teams. First the good. Phil Dawson looks like he is going to be a very good kicker for the players at least based in the exhibition season to 55 yard field goals as he takes over for David Akers also Parys Haralson -- -- blocked. Punt he says probably the first blocked punt that he can remember -- -- -- Korea. Including high school college pro whatever. Now on the bad side of 49ers gave up pay 104. Yard touchdown return it brought back memories bad memories of Super Bowl 47 when Jacoby Jones burn them at the start of the second half to the tune up on -- any yards. Also the corners gave up a long punt return and added extra point blocked so there's a lot of tightening up for the corners to deal on special teams.

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  1. very good kicker for the players at least based in the exhibition season to 55 yard field goals as he takes over for David Akers also Parys Haralson blocked. Punt he says probably the first blocked punt that he can remember Korea. Including high

  2. in the position feeling good about their specialists right now remember a year ago this time everybody was talking and David Akers actually had a great season. 2011. Well he struggled mightily last year before you have to replace him with Phil Dawson

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  6. the big get for the 49ers they get that they didn't get but that the Rams lost and that largely lost and I because David Akers could make it kick he should have made cost him yeah I lost center which is maybe a good thing The NFC west is it the

  7. to Gholston is nowhere near what shot are cycles of things the market will be for I think the corners are ready to move up from the struggles and may need look. For us safety. In the draft last question they released David Akers last week.

  8. he can be a starter. Also believe they need kicker in and that's not a big money position but after the releasing David Akers a week ago they're going to get it kicker I think in the start of of these free agent period I don't think you want

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  11. And about thirty got a later Sharks turned the puck over Jarome Iginla scores school in his last five games the play. David Akers has been given the boot the 49ers release the six time Pro Bowl kicker on Wednesday after two seasons in San Francisco

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  15. quickly after a first down they don't have to settle for David Akers field goal and ultimately what this team down 20. Was ..... end zone. Unity they had the for a settle for a couple David Akers field goals they have the 49ers you know stopped on the

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  20. very wall foreigners come out close game defense about. Niners win niners went under slow scoring game going about it David Akers field goal in overtime that would ruin what you say you know I'm rooting for their manners. But I really do believe