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11.17: 49ers Practice -- David Baas



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Tue, 19 Jul 2011|

Matt Maiocco joins Jim Kozimor in "The Scoop" to talk about potential moves the 49ers could make when the lockout presumably ends soon.


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-- So Larry and the NFL loses the daytime for us to get the 49ers Cooper 49ers insiders man male kodi read and -- CSN Bay Area dot com and that. When always over the priorities for the 49ers once this lockout -- and well the first thing they gotta do is just resigning Alex Smith and we've known Alex Smith is coming back from the time that Jim Harbaugh brought his wife flowers in the hospital. So Alex Smith is a priority and Deion and I think the foreigners are gonna make and -- big priority re signing their own free agents are you look at their own free agents they have that 72 hour window to kind of formulate things. Any guys that they really are gonna look at right now on target yeah I really think the first got to get a look at to target is David boss. He's a -- they really have no center on the team with Eric Heiden eating out for the season also safety Dashon Colts. Behind him have a few young players I think the players want to keep shot blocks in the couple things I didn't. Manny Lawson Aubrayo Franklin. Why did not get those next well the main reason is because the foreigners drafted many losses replacement all the Smith with number seven overall pick. All the Smith will be a start. Also Aubrayo Franklin I think the nose tackles gonna get away he's gonna get a big contract elsewhere they'll honor re sign Ray McDonald. Moved Isaac Sopoaga -- the nose and starting left defensive. I know there hasn't been much to talk about it comes to actual NFL stuff the fans like. But the 49ers management has had some time now are they ready to pounce and action as soon as they get the Green light from the NFL. The 49ers and every other team in the NFL has had at least four months to prepare for free agency remember free agency was supposed to start. March 3 so they are ready. They know how to act they'll have to read that CBA figure out all the rules and they'll build -- spring and action once the lockout lists. Is there a possibility the 49ers could be in a position. To make a splash and maybe look at a free agent nobody has mentioned an attached to the niners well one of the good things and -- are a trend -- is that -- Jim Harbaugh has done. They've under promise so I think maybe that theory is under promise over deliver I don't know I don't think they're going to spend big money on a free agent. But we will see they've done a very good job of keeping their cards close to the best it's interesting because the offseason has been. More than just your typical off season they haven't been able to monitor -- Is there any concern with being practice ready ones are able to get Jim Harbaugh with a bunch of football players and teach the game. I don't think there's any question that around the league you're gonna see coaches who are gonna take a couple days to assess. The physical condition of their players there might be the the jeopardy and jeopardy of having a lot more. Hamstring pulls a lot more injuries and teams are really getting had to keep a close eye on the physical condition of their players.

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  1. Matt Maiocco joins Jim Kozimor in "The Scoop" to talk about potential moves the 49ers could make when the lockout presumably ends soon.

  2. I'm really excited. And not open them. We were and you can you know and we'll break. None of handling it achievement boys. All the sports from the commitment deal. Where you go back there. Stick around on the back there. And I think there's been talk. You At the end of the week. Well department

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