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3.7: Matt Maiocco on David Carr's Reported 2-Year Deal with 49ers

Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Here's a look at how the 49ers' hunt for a No. 3 quarterback has gone full circle since Jim Harbaugh became head coach in 2011.

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  1. 8.12: 49ers' David Carr is the new kid on the block

    a couple of plays at practice and get some periods superiors Arlington your own thing and that is helping a lot but. David Carr prepared to keep the field with the 49ers for the first time at Indianapolis at Tottenham is better to help he injected

  2. 3.29: 49ers QB David Carr on Chronicle Live

    You've been will it start to notice his words like him specifically those words have said you know what they have said that. Competition is what they around here it makes you better answers things is iron sharpens iron so. But the thing that I wanted to hear you know all those guys is. Now have a

  3. 8.1: 49ers Training Camp- David Carr , RAW

    Personally interval training camp offers an injury keeps him. Around here that Yeah when that in my opinion. It's been physically and don't let the record don't hit my laser burning you know would I just he is ready to three hours of practice. But I see them you know it's been hell yeah yeah yeah

  4. 10.11: 49ers Practice- David Carr

    I was told. Us sojourn has yet. As a warmup than. There's and so we get ready next series. Gotten some. Of the guilt me. And accuse him and went on until it's. Restricted them when your own. You Finally get a W Soviet Butler. I was you. Are here. Well I mean I was Rodrigo and the I had a series of

  1. 49ers, Bethel-Thompson back where they started


    Thu, 10 Oct 2013

    to select Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers added McLeod Bethel-Thompson to the initial 90-man roster of the Harbaugh regime. The 49ers wanted to add a veteran, but were not interested in either David Carr or Troy Smith from the 2010 roster.

  2. locker is cleaned out. And the Raiders are now looking for another starting quarterback to B Terrelle Pryor's backup David Carr came in on Monday. And veteran more of an athletic quarterback in Pat White is here on Tuesday. And after that the

  3. It seems like this it's so the routes so. That's all that's come. Just in the you verbalize guys these are things and this terminology. As He had done one similar to this Houston was a little like this. Nixon. Greg so. Lot of history. Very similar that it offers so. That's that's easy but it's just

  4. have a new offensive system and they have no idea who the quarterback is going to be a one quarterback under contract David Carr there's no chance he's going to be a starting quarterback. He could really get the. The pretty hard and yearling

  5. 2.24: NFL combine -- Jim Harbaugh


    Fri, 25 Feb 2011

    the quarterback situation you guys that are on our roster there's there's. One quarterback under us and that's David Carr . You mentioned Alex Smith is an unrestricted free agent. So and decisions to make you. And then evaluate free agency

  6. let's be honest Troy Smith as the quarterback. The fourth string quarterback Henry what part I mean the next night David Carr can't do it but Troy Smith. The teams the beginning of the season I don't even know how much of it not offense and

  7. 10.27: 49ers Practice in London


    Thu, 28 Oct 2010

    Alex Smith is Al. Al David Carr was and the but that state can now officially be considered great with Smith injured shoulder expected. About two to three weeks

  8. to see how that works out and we'll go there yeah. are. I don't know just. It's. I think we wanted to do win David Carr came in the game is well because of limited reps and everything else is good. Try to eat and run the ball try to get

  9. It was. to finally make more plays on us they mean when when you Gibbons is officially it's. We try and not think about affecting him it got reps do you have any how wonderful Williams your team you know and we just didn't make enough and make enough plays for my guys and you just went. So we that

  10. obviously he's got the option to David Carr hasn't really gone with it yet ..... pull out the victory. What does David Carr say about all this I mean obviously ..... he saying about that situation. David Carr has has experienced this from both

  11. There yes yeah like WR. Has handled the situation. I didn't go home I think the fact that at the very beginning. David Carr was told the truth about. What his responsibility is here and we're not changing and he's not changing. How he

  12. m not afraid of the consequences that come along with those choices. Problem. The one thing that. You have into a David Carr or Internet or Troy Smith you you have guys. That can't do it. I was just tapped the guy that I felt was best for

  13. hole to me. As far as confidence level I when I look at David Carr . I speak Davey could obviously and do a good job. But ..... Alan Schwartz. before made that decision. Hum I told David Carr know Gordon and then warm up ready to go. And as I begin

  14. 10.11: Radnich Remix


    Mon, 11 Oct 2010

    Campbell high you may step down. sit in the stands. I was at I was on the floor last night when tired of yelling for. David Carr I could feel the earth move. On your that's certainly better than sitting you know hotel lobbies and you know you

  15. it up and a school there. But I do want to understand this is our quarterback and at no time. I think about putting David Carr in a football game. Home. But I want you to understand their side you'll Alex will grow from this too. I know our

  16. settlement with the addition Troy Smith of the the roster and Eric do you think that this really is more of an indictment on David Carr there anything. How well you've really got got to have them on the field experience and I think that's important

  17. 9.8: 49ers QB Practice Footage


    Wed, 8 Sep 2010

    Alex Smith, David Carr and Troy Smith take reps in Santa Clara.

  18. 9.8: SEA/SF-Mike Singletary, RAW


    Wed, 8 Sep 2010

    be identical situation. It would be tough and we do David Carr and but I wanted to go. The guy that is due to her quarterback ..... do go back you news I wanna make sure you understand David Carr never. Ever words considered to come in completely they

  19. job protecting us starting. When it comes to me David Carr I think David Carr good guy that. That that I could grow you'll call ..... to get a rhythm and all bogey. But I think good David Carr . You know I had to go to hell yeah. yeah. What

  20. 8.30: 49ers Training camp battles


    Mon, 30 Aug 2010

    point second 150. That's not really very good to develop talk about the battle to be the backup quarterback David David Carr we talked a probable. Michelle Nate Davis rule and everybody that broadcast the NBC gave the other night but and I